Blendworth was established a very long time ago, 1921 to be exact. This means that they've had time to gather incredible knowledge in their journey to provide for some of the best interior design available on the market. The collections that the company offers are rather unique, with flowery motifs and bold designs. They offer all kinds of interior design products, but they specialize in fine cloths and linen, bringing your sofa to shine thanks to the inner qualities that these materials have. Originality is key to the brand and distinction is the goal to reach in the end.

One must be aware of trends, but one should also never look to imitate or mimic what others are doing and, instead, one should stay true to their roots and their passions. This is what Blendworth does, they provide us all with designs that aren't your next iteration on what's been already seen a thousand times already, they provide for what's natural and for what falls into their bucket of experiences, meaning that you will always receive a genuine and well though-out piece, one that doesn't pretend to be what it actually isn't.


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