Aeris is all about the evolution of sitting at your workplace. In fact, they claim that sitting for long periods of time is a modern-era invention and that everyone should re-adjust their sitting positions to better fit their back health and their lives in general. Backache, lack of movement and general health are all areas in which Aeris strives to bring innovation with their stools and their special products, especially because of the knowledge that they've been able to gather during the years.

This German company has had time to not only re-invent what it means to sit, but also to innovate on what is called "3D Ergonomics", meaning that all their products allow you to naturally move around in your environment while also keeping the ergonomics stable and correct. There's no need for a person to execute any particular movement when using Aeris's products; all there is to know is that they are custom made for the modern person who doesn't want to wake up one day having to go to the doctor for the atrociously bad backache they've been growing over the years. Aeris is all about innovation over convention and that definitely shows in the way their products speak to the masses.


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