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Flexform History

Based in Meda, Brianza, the furniture manufacturing centre of Northern Italy, Flexform is a designer furniture brand that was started in 1959 as a Galimberti family affair. Initially a small workshop, Flexform grew into a powerhouse brand that became known for its elegantly upholstered sofas. The company name - a genesis from the phrase “flexible forms” - is a notable departure from the Italian tradition of using family names for businesses. However, the brand continues to embody the family spirit with the Galimberti family still at the helm.

While sofas are the flagship products at Flexform, their range of contemporary furniture includes armchairs, coffee tables, consoles, daybeds, stools, ottomans and more. All of these products fall into one of three unique umbrella Flexform collections - Indoor, Outdoor and Mood. Authentic, distinctively Italian craftsmanship is at the centre of Flexform’s design philosophy. They aim to create items that are simple yet sophisticated, for an elite audience whose demand for their products is driven by want rather than need.

Flexform prides itself on its Italian heritage. After so many decades in business, the company still has just one production plant in Meda near Milan. Their products are not just made in Italy; they are made exclusively in Meda.

About Flexform

Flexform is the very definition of a family business. Now in its third generation, the company was founded in Meda in the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Northern Italy in 1959. Since the early 1900s, Brianza has been a hub of artisan industry. Small workshops with master craftsmen working furniture made from wood, metal and upholstery intersected with some of the grandmasters of Italian design, fresh from the nearby School of Architecture in Milan.

It is here, in this creatively compelling environment at the start of the liberated ideologies of the early 1960s, that the genius of Flexform took shape. The Galimberti brothers, Romeo, Pietro and Agostino, opened an artisan workshop in 1959 called “Flexform di Galimberti.” Soon afterwards they opened a showroom to display their signature sofas and armchairs and from there the company took off. In the postwar era, Flexform became the brand of the moment as their beautifully upholstered sofas and chairs found their way into Lake Como villas, elegant mansions in Milan and even the foyer of the Teatro alla Scala.

The Galimberti children transformed their family workshop into an industrial facility and decided to collaborate with some of the most prominent designers of the time; names like Joe Colombo, Rodolfo Bonetto, Asnago-Vender and Cini Boeri. In addition to the big names, they made the bold choice to invest in up-and-coming talent with a view to forming a creative partnership that would firmly imprint the brand’s signature style on public consciousness. That decision led to a connection with a young architect-designer named Antonio Citterio and the rest was match-making history over a 40-year long collaboration.

In the 1970s, Flexform shifted its vision to more original, contemporary designs, choosing not to repeat past styles. They also expanded their product exports into new markets beyond the borders of Italy, finding great success in Germany where their signature understated style paired with perfect comfort was warmly met. From there Flexform grew wings and in a few years their products could be found in the most exclusive furniture showrooms throughout America, Australia and Asia.

Flexform Expertise

Flexform’s flagship product range is their iconic sofas. With a focus on beauty, elegance, refinement and comfort, their furniture collections are gracefully uncluttered and timeless.

Flexform is committed to only using sustainably sourced materials and supporting local businesses. All leathers, fabrics, woods and metals are respectfully chosen from environmentally ethical local suppliers. Known for their discreet elegance, the word “ostentatious” is not in Flexform’s dictionary. It’s this understated style along with the consistency they’ve built through their long-term collaborations with great designers that makes them stand out in the luxury Italian furniture crowd.

Flexform Designer Sofas

Flexform sofas have been redefining living room style for more than 60 years. From their classic styles of the 1960s to their more contemporary offerings in the present day, much about the Flexform sofa has actually remained the same. Characteristics like simplicity and minimalist yet perfectly constructed designs are threads that have been woven through the years.

Flexform sofas are designed with varied compositions in mind and the option for perfect pairings with many of the brand’s companion pieces.

The Flexform Groundpiece Sofa is the unchallenged best-seller in an otherwise closely matched collection. Groundpiece has revolutionised the concept of sofas by introducing several innovations. The deep and low design is all about relaxed functionality – you can read, relax and watch TV, but also comfortably work from a computer or eat dinner. The structure is made of metal clad completely in cowhide in a range of Flexform palette hues. It’s available in 2 depths for ultimate customisation.

With its beautifully curved back seat slanting gently into the armrests, the soft lines of the Alfred 8 Sofa is a dazzling example of “New Classic” design. Available in sections or as a stand-alone, it offers sophisticated versatility and, with its generously filled goose down cushions, ultimate comfort.

The charming kidney-bean form of the Drop Sofa can be upholstered in fabric or leather and is a wonderful addition to any living room, bedroom or entrance hall. It has a substantially padded backrest which provides both comfort and support. The stylish solid ash base is available in a variety of stained finishes which can be ordered to suit your colour scheme.

Reminiscent of an old-world formal drawing room, this petite two-seater Lysandre Sofa is both unquestionably genteel and easy on the eye. It is ideal for small spaces, quiet corners or as an add-on to a larger suite. Available in a range of luxurious fabric options or leather, it lends a chicness to any space.

With its geometric design and discreet quilted seat cushions, the Lucien Sofa is a subtle fusion of classic modernity. Flexform also offer an array of optional cushions, all plumped up in sustainable goose down, which add a touch of colourful class to the overall aesthetic. A striking, graceful piece that’s sure to wow.

This high-backed Altea 2 Sofa with its distinct, slender base is a distinguished, regal piece perfect for living spaces of grand proportions. A definite conversation starter, it is impressively oversized, accommodating an abundance of lavish cushions for extra comfort. Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, it is the epitome of high fashion.

FAQs about Flexform Luxury Italian Furniture

Where can I buy Flexform in the UK?

At FCI London we stock a wide range of Flexform sofas and other Flexform products. As the official UK supplier for Flexform, we’ve been working closely with them for many years and we can request customisations on many of their products that may not otherwise be available to you. Get in touch and chat with us about your requirements.

What is the best Flexform sofa?

The Groundpiece Sofa by Flexform is their best-selling product. The Groudpiece revolutionised the idea of sofas by introducing several methods of use. The design can be adapted depending on your desired function, such as reading, watching TV, working from your laptop or eating dinner. Designed by Antonio Citterio, the Groundpiece was created in 2001 and has been the jewel in the Flexform crown ever since.

How much does a Flexform sofa cost?

Flexform is a designer furniture brand with a reputation for premium quality and high-end, timeless products. Flexform sofas are not cheap but, as with any luxury furniture brand, you get what you pay for in terms of quality, durability and stylish elegance. They are an investment and they are worth their price tags.

Where can I find Flexform ex-display furniture?

At FCI London we have a range of clearance stock that is ex-display furniture from our showroom. The range is constantly updated and at times will include Flexform items. Take a look at our ex-display products and let us know if you see something you like.

What makes Flexform sofas great?

Flexform sofas are characterised by extreme comfort within a simple, elegant style. All their sofas have generously padded cushions without appearing overstuffed. Even their most minimal products feel snug and welcoming. Flexform’s skilled artisan crafters work with sophisticated, state-of-the-art machines, combining priceless human expertise with technical exactitude. They use only the best quality materials sourced from local suppliers and every piece is made to order.


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