Jori focuses on the art of fine seating. Their operations revolve around providing value to customers who want nothing but the best in terms of sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, lounging chairs, and more. Jori is a Belgian company that develops seating furniture since 1963 and does so in cooperation with international top designers who take time to craft their own projects.

Jori is extremely invested into the so-called "customised flexible seating comfort", a custom system that allows clients to create their own furniture and enjoy the felxibility of them by swapping colours, materials, layout. There are countless possibilities and all of them are prepared with top-quality materials and 100% Belgian craftsmanship. The company isn't globally operational, but it has a unique position in the international furniture market, with various showrooms across Europe.

The products can be described as "innovative while based on tradition"; this is something that resonates with everybody at Jesse because of the traditional techniques used to work with beautifully modern pieces. This innovative seating comfort is the most important aspect in chairs for Jori and that shows through their masterful use of high quality upholstery.


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