How do you choose furniture items for your home, office or other living spaces? Without a doubt, relaxing and comfortable are two things that you’d usually associate with furnishings, regardless of where they are placed. After all, a living area does not translate to living without the furniture pieces that make it liveable, cosy and homey. With items from Saba, however, living is easy and creating an atmosphere that feels like home is just a sofa away

The Saba History

Since it was established in 1988, Saba continues to research and experiment with furniture design and manufacturing concepts to create furnishings that are relaxing and ergonomic. From the selection of materials to the finishing touches, Saba guarantees a manufacturing process that is guided by excellent workmanship without overstepping into excess. Quality and ergonomics make up the trademark of Saba.

The Saba Craftsmanship

Design by Saba standards goes beyond the technical aspect. It also responds to the needs of a consumer, thus the need to create ergonomic and relaxing designs. Aesthetics, on the other hand, should stir emotions, making every piece of Saba furniture a wonderful and appealing masterpiece.

This is achieved with the level of accuracy afforded to every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, whether in the details or measurement. The use of ultra-high-precision machinery makes it easier to control and optimise every stage in furniture production, including the selection of materials and in completing tailor-made projects.

Skilled craftsmen are still part of the Saba furniture production process, which results in an unmistakable style that showcases expertise in combining different materials to achieve furnishings with a distinctive design and meets ergonomic requirements.

Saba also offers tailor-made products, which start with clients choosing the fabric that appeal to their personal preferences, and a style that satisfies their needs and expectations. When it comes to dressing a home, Saba can guide you throughout the entire process, from the selection of materials right through to placement in any interior.

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