"Design without boundaries from an Italian company". This concept is carried through every product that Magis introduced on the market, and stays true to what the Latin name means in English, which is "more than".

What started as a step towards building an international design laboratory also marked the beginning of Magis. It was founded in 1976 by Italian designer Eugenio Perazza, which the world will know as the "one of ten who will change the way we live". As someone who embraced the cutting edge, he definitely lived up to his description. Most of Magis’ products are unique and contemporary, but are made using less energy and materials.

Their product Step gained enormous success in 1984. It may have been snubbed when it was first introduced, as it was considered less worthy, but it eventually gained ground and took off.

In 2004, Magis ventured into the realm of young children, producing furniture pieces inspired and designed for the little ones. The idea was borne out of the lack of appropriate children’s desks on the market, which his granddaughters really need.

Today, Magis is one of the most awarded furniture companies. In 2016, it bagged the German Design Award 2016 for Sam Son, a low chair with a very unique design and made to offer all-around comfort. The company was also nominated for two other furniture pieces – Traffic and Cyborg.

Magis Expertise

Magis’ success is mainly due to how they embraced the creativity of leading global designers and then combine it with leading technology used in mass production. This resulted in unique objects and furniture that are useful outdoor, indoors and in children’s rooms.

Magis has a team of designers that adapts with ease to the vision of the company, which is rooted in the sense of utopia and reality. Most of their products start with a good idea that the company and its designers work to develop until it gets the approved. For Magis, a design is just “a simple exercise in style” without a good idea.

Magis Products

One of the most popular products of Magis is the Me Too collection for children. What started as a need to supply his children with the appropriate desks, inspired Perazza to go out in search of designers who can think like a child. Every design must first earn the approval of his granddaughters before it goes into production.

Me Too Puppy Dog

This furniture piece is an abstract of the puppy dog, designed by a Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. It is made of polyethylene and designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Available in different colours, it served as a charming toy for children that doubles as a witty piece of decoration.

Other abstract designs include Pingy Penguin and Rocky Rocking Horse.

Sam Son

The furniture piece that brought Magis its latest award, the German Design Award 2016, is a low chair with a wrap-around backrest that resembles a bolster pillow. Made of rotational-moulded polyethylene, it can withstand the outdoor elements.

Magis has other unique and playful furniture pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

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