10 Luxury Italian Furniture Brands To Fall In Love With

10 Luxury Italian Furniture Brands To Fall In Love With

Whether we're talking about the fashion industry or luxury furniture; the ‘Made-in-Italy’ tag has become synonymous with high-quality products of the most refined taste.

As luxury furniture experts, we know the best Italian brands as we've been working with many of them for nearly 40 years. We asked our interior designers to pick their favourites and tell us why they love them. Here are 10 luxury Italian furniture brands in 2023 that will make you want to empty your savings account.

The Journey of Italian Furniture

The legacy of Italian furniture is as rich as the history of Italy itself. Since the Renaissance movement, this fashion-forward country has transformed into one of Europe's most recognised centres for art and design.

Patron families like the Medicis and the Sforzas fueled the country’s most prominent creative minds; encouraging them to achieve even greater heights as painters, architects and sculptors. By the 20th century, Italy became famous for yet another art form that seemed to be a symphony of all others: contemporary Italian furniture.

Over the years, Italian designers have completely redefined the way we perceive modern interiors. Using centuries of culture, unique materials and innovative techniques created by skilled local craftspeople, they continually bring us furniture items never seen before. In fact, these days, it is hard to imagine a fashionable home without an Italian presence.


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What Are The Top Italian Furniture Brands?

Classic, contemporary or a hybrid of both: there is an Italian furniture brand out there to suit everyone, no matter what your preferred aesthetic. Read on for 10 of the most popular Italian furniture brands making waves in the luxury furniture sphere. 


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1. Cattelan Italia

Elegantly minimalist furnishing options

FCI senior interior designer, Ben Ibanez, has an enduring passion for the classic Italian brand.

Founded by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan in 1979, Cattelan Italia is one of the biggest names when it comes to Italian furniture today, under the care of their son Paolo Cattelan. From beds and bookcases to dining tables and dining chairs, they boast a vast range of furnishing options that will transform your interiors into lust-worthy spaces.

Ben believes the secret behind Cattelan Italia lies in their collaborations with illustrious designers such as Yoshino, Favaretto and Rinaldi. "The austere simplicity of their designs allows their high-quality materials to shine through as the protagonist, making them a favourite among interior designers and design-savvy clients," says Ben. "Their presence in over 100 countries is an ode to their utmost dedication to maintaining their renowned 'Made-in-Italy' label."

With ranges like the revered Skorpio dining table, available in nine formats that include wooden, glass or Keramik tops, their offerings set them apart from the crowd. And, with an almost endless list of customisation options available, you’ll always get a unique return on your investment.

You can learn more about the quality and craftsmanship of Cattelan Italia in our article everything you need to know about Cattelan Italia.

cattelan italia furniture
cattelan italia furniture
cattelan italia furniture



2. Gamma and Dandy

The Italian leather sofa experts

FCI interior designer, Lauren Austin, has an abiding love of leather, and no one does leather better than Gamma & Dandy.

Combine tradition with innovation and then finish it off with Italian craftsmanship - this is the blend that brings to life the perfection that is Gamma and Dandy. So it stands to reason that what began as a humble sofa manufacturing company in 1974 soon blossomed into the Italian furniture giant it is today.

Lauren is a Gamma aficionado and has a deep admiration for their approach to design. "Gamma and Dandy are experts at constantly rebuilding themselves according to the latest trends without compromising on their signature quality. Their collection of leather sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, beds and accessories cater to a variety of tastes, from classic to contemporary and eclectic modernism. No matter what product you choose, Gamma and Dandy will greatly enhance your interiors with their refined appearance and excellent functionality."

Their sectional Soleado sofa, for example, offers a timeless yet modern aesthetic and a plethora of customisation options, allowing you to accommodate a variety of living spaces.

For inspiration, take a look at this list of our personal favourite Gamma and Dandy sofas.

gamma and dandy bed
gamma and dandy armchair
gamma and dandy sofa



3. Fiam Italia

The Italian curved glass furniture specialists

FCI senior designer, Cristina Chirila, has an affinity for Venetian blown glass, making Fiam Italia a firm favourite of hers. 

This brand is perhaps the most well-recognised in the world for curved glass furniture. Fifty years ago, Fiam decided to risk manipulating the delicacy of glass to create stunningly sinuous forms that are equal parts breathtaking and functional. They launched their first product in 1973 – the Onda pouf – and never looked back.

"The fact that Fiam Italia has maintained their hold over the glass furniture industry lies in founder Vittorio Livi’s meticulous attention to detail. He merges longstanding Italian glasswork traditions with an innovative approach to design," Cristina enthuses. "Noteworthy designers such as Philippe Starck, Enzo Mari, Xavier Lust and many others continue to collaborate with Fiam Italia and bring their own unique take to the brand’s vision."

One of our longstanding favourites is its extraordinary Ghost armchair which beautifully balances technological manufacturing methodologies with great ergonomics. Aiming to highlight the end user over perceived functionality, this brilliantly conceived piece won a Lifetime Achievement award in 2022.

fiam italia furniture
fiam italia dining table
fiam italia cabinet



4. Jesse Furniture

Contemporary Day and Night collections of modular furniture & wardrobes

Ricardo Jarjoura is our resident expert architect with a passion for the perfect placement of pieces. That's why Jesse's modular designs are right up his street.

At Jesse, it is a widely understood fact that furniture pieces do not have to be loud to be captivating. Rather, it’s the subtle detailing and elegant discretion that allows your interiors to exude luxurious charm. 

"Jesse furniture blends laconic modernity with unique modular functionality. The individual pieces are expertly designed to fit seamlessly together, making them an architect's dream to mix and match," says Ricardo. "Their elegant lines and intelligent designs mean they can work with any type of interior regardless of size and style."

With almost a century’s worth of experience backing them, Jesse continues to play with the highest quality of materials and a range of versatile designs to suit different environments. All Jesse products are purely made in Italy and exported to over 80 countries globally.

Their Stage collection comprises a bedside table, dresser and chest of drawers and features minimalistic, simple lines that fit in seamlessly with any aesthetic. Fully customisable to suit your needs, each piece lends a touch of class to the modern interior.

jesse tv wall unit
jesse double bed
jesse coffee tables



5. Foscarini

Breathtakingly beautiful, hand-crafted Italian lighting solutions

Anyone with even a minimal understanding of interior design will agree that the right lighting solutions are an essential part of creating beautiful interiors. Foscarini designs contemporary lighting that channels their passion for shaping illumination effects, much as an artist plays with paints.

For Ben, lighting is one of the most exciting parts of interior design. "Foscarini treats light as a physical object. Their objective is to allow the very nature of light to shine through in their choice of materials and techniques."

"Initially they started with traditional blown-glass techniques and over the ensuing decades, they expanded their range through international collaborations. Today they continue to astound and inspire designers with their truly one-of-a-kind creations."

Foscarini's exclusive collections of lights often venture into the realm of functional art with their exquisite forms. For more lighting inspiration, take a look at our complete guide to contemporary interior lighting design.

Using a gorgeous chandelier as a focal point above a dining- or coffee table is a wonderful way to create visual impact in a room. And, if statement pieces are what you’re after, Foscarini’s Big Bang suspension lamp will tickle you pink. Available in either red or white lacquered metal, its chaotic profile brings both dynamism and a sense of ingenuity to your spaces.

foscarini lighting
foscarini lighting
foscarini lighting



6. Gallotti & Radice

Blending the delicacy of glass with the strength of wood and metal

Few brands manage to express their love for materials in as pure and poetic a manner as Gallotti and Radice have. Their use of the purest glass in combination with wood and metal is their signature in the world of luxurious Italian interiors.

For Lauren, this juxtaposition is one of the most sought-after characteristics in interior design. "Design is all about contrast and balance. Using materials that have opposing properties creates a visual interest that sets truly great design apart."

"Gallotti & Radice is not the first brand to incorporate glass into their interiors collection, but they are one of the most skilled at doing so. They work with creative designers and talented craftspeople to create products with unique feats of engineering. All Galotti & Radice products, including their mirrors, glass tables and trolleys, are as sturdy as they appear fragile and are perfectly suited for day-to-day usage."

A perfect example of their exceptional ability is their Isola storage unit. Made from high-quality tempered glass with tilted plated brass shelves, it gives the illusion of suspension in space, adding a touch of magic to your environment.

Gallotti & Radice desk
gallotti & radice sofa
gallotti & radice bed



7. Bontempi Casa

Expansive range of contemporary interior solutions

When two brothers with a talent for metal handcrafting techniques brought their vision to life in 1963, Bontempi Casa was born. Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi created one of Italy’s oldest contemporary furniture houses that quickly became known for their high-quality, stylish kitchens.

From there, Bontempi evolved into the modern furniture powerhouse of today, offering a wide range of furniture pieces for every room in the home. From sleek, modern designs to more traditional styles, they have grown with the times and the changing rhythms of modernity. In fact, one of their best qualities is their focus on environmental and social responsibility at each step of the manufacturing process.

Cristina is a big fan of Bontempi, having used their pieces in countless interior design projects. "With Bontempi. I can guarantee my client's satisfaction with every piece. Their vast range includes tables, seating, beds, storage, shelves, desks and more. No matter what I'm designing, I know I will find the perfect piece in their collection."

"Bontempi’s unbridled dedication to innovation shines through its products. Years of research, hundreds of sketches and multiple prototypes preceed the exquisitely crafted product that every client receives."

If you’re refurbishing your bedroom, we’re absolutely certain that you’ll fall in love with their Fantasy bed range. Its intricate iron head and footboard will infuse your space with old-world charm and it includes hidden storage in its base for blankets and linen.

bontempi casa vanity console table
bontempi casa dining table
bontempi casa coffee table



8. Silvano Luxury

Contemporary furniture with a twist of Italian classicism

Many perceive contemporary furniture as being exclusively minimalist, with the phrase "clean lines" being a key calling card. Silvano Luxury takes the concept of contemporary and blends it with classical, opulent details and sinuous forms to create a unique symphony that is versatile enough to enliven any interior space.

Ricardo picked this brand for their flexible pieces that add an easy yet noticeable luxury. "Despite having a wide range of furniture for every room, Silvano Luxury’s sofas and armchairs are a clear favourite among our clients who cherish the fusion of modernity with tradition. Their Chesterfields, Cabrioles and Lawsons, in particular,  are great examples of the skilful use of the capitonné technique."

Silvano Luxury has managed to maintain a distinct design profile with its enthralling products that continue to inspire in terms of design and quality.

Beautifully upholstered and fit for a queen, Silvano Luxury’s First Lady armchair perfectly balances a timeless aesthetic with everything you need in terms of ergonomics and functionality.

silvano luxury dining table
silvano luxury sofa
silvano luxury bed




The unchallenged specialists in extending tables

Very few furniture brands have successfully executed a risky vision while maintaining unmatched quality, but then, not every brand has the bold self-assurance of Naos. Since 1984, they have established themselves as specialists in exquisitely crafted coffee tables and extending dining tables. Glass-top dining tables unfold with whimsical, visible mechanisms and coffee tables rotate and adjust in height with unbelievable ease.

As an architect, Ricardo is naturally invested in the innovation of Naos' engineers. "Naos has created a furniture collection of diverse materials and styles that instantly become the focal point of a space. They are a furniture company, but they're also engineering whizzkids who have studied the science of movement and brought it into furniture manufacturing in a way previously that was unheard of."

"Naos designs tables that are not bound by the laws of fixed ideas. Their staying power in the industry is due to their intelligent and faultless Italian craftsmanship and unique designs. Watching their tables unfold and extend is like watching art in motion. It's no wonder that Naos chooses to describe their flagship table as 'the inimi-table'.

Fearlessly candid when it comes to exposing every working part, many of their offerings are glass-topped, allowing you to admire the ingenuity of their craft. Take, for example, the Volare extending table where the gorgeously sculptural base is perfectly enhanced by its state-of-the-art inner workings.

naos sideboards
naos table
naos dining table



10. Dom Edizioni

The designer's choice for luxury yachts and hotels

Launched in 2006, Dom Edizioni is the brainchild of Domenico Mula. He started the company as a way to materialise his creative visions for furnishing solutions. Right from the conceptualisation, every product goes through extensive research to ensure that its clientele receives the highest quality, as is expected of the brand.

Lauren has not yet designed a luxury yacht, but she's hoping she'll get the opportunity one day - and Dom Edizioni will be her first port of call (pun intended!).

"Dom Edizioni has cemented their reputation as hustlers in the world of Italian furniture. What distinguishes them is that they don't follow the rules. They take inspiration from various art movements spanning multiple eras such as art deco, Italian modernism and the Victorian era. Their impeccably stylish collections are instantly recognisable, making them a top choice for uber-wealthy clients who like to stand out in a crowd."

If you’re looking to infuse your dining space with a touch of class, we highly recommend their gorgeous Philippe Medio sideboard. Beautifully elegant and refined, it’s sure to become the epicentre of your ensemble.

dom edizoni armchair
dom edizioni bookcase
dom edizioni bar stools



Top Luxury Italian Furniture Brands at FCI London

When it comes to furniture, we recommend trusting your instinct and buying only what you love. We are experts in all things Italian furniture and we've been working with these brands for the best part of 4 decades.

We know the best pieces to recommend and the best way to customise them. For a peek at our design style and creative process, take a look at our completed design projects portfolio

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