10 Luxury Italian Furniture Brands To Fall In Love With

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10 Luxury Italian Furniture Brands To Fall In Love With

Whether we talk about the fashion industry or the furniture industry; the ‘Made-in-Italy’ tag has become synonymous with high-quality products of the most refined taste.

The Journey of Italian Furniture

The history of Italian furniture is as rich as the history of Italy itself. Since the Renaissance movement, Italy became one of the biggest hubs for art and design. Patron families like the Medicis and the Sforzas fueled the country’s artists; encouraging them to reach even greater heights as painters, architects and sculptors. By the 20th century, Italy became famous for yet another art form that seemed to be a symphony of all others: contemporary Italian furniture.

Italian designers completely redefined the way we perceive modern interiors. They utilized centuries of culture, the skills of local craftspeople and the ingenuity of unique materials and innovative techniques to create furniture items never seen before. Today, it is hard to imagine a fashionable interior space without an Italian presence.

What Are The Top Italian Furniture Brands?

Classic, contemporary or hybrid: there is an Italian furniture brand out there to suit everyone no matter what the preferred aesthetic. Read on for ten of the most popular Italian furniture brands making waves out there.

cattelan italia furniture

1 - Cattelan Italia

Elegantly minimalist furnishing options

Founded by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan in 1979, Cattelan Italia is one of the biggest names when it comes to Italian furniture today, under the care of their son Paolo Cattelan. Beds, tables, seating, bookcases; they boast a vast range of furnishing options that will transform your interiors into lust-worthy spaces.

The secret behind Cattelan lies in their collaborations with illustrious designers such as Yoshino, Favaretto and Rinaldi. The austere simplicity of their designs allows their high-quality materials to shine through as the protagonist and continues to make them a favorite among design-savvy clients. Their presence in over 100 countries is an ode to the brand’s utmost dedication in maintaining their ever-famous Made-in-Italy quality. You can learn more about this brand from our post on everything you need to know about Cattelan Italia.

cattelan italia furniture
cattelan italia furniture
cattelan italia furniture



2 - Gamma and Dandy

The Italian leather sofa experts

Combine tradition with innovation, finish it off with Italian craftsmanship and you get Gamma and Dandy. What began as a humble sofa manufacturing company in 1974 soon blossomed into the Italian furniture giant it is today.

The secret to their success lies in their dedication to constantly rebuilding themselves according to the latest trends - without compromising on their signature quality. Their collection of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, beds and accessories cater to a variety of tastes from classic to contemporary and sometimes, even eclecticism. No matter what look you decide upon, all Gamma and Dandy products will greatly enhance your interiors with their refined appearance and excellent functionality. Here's a list of our personal favourite Gamma and Dandy sofas.

gamma and dandy bed
gamma and dandy armchair
gamma and dandy sofa



3 - Fiam Italia

The Italian curved glass furniture specialists

This brand is perhaps the most well-recognized one world-over when it comes to curved glass furniture. Fiam dared to utilise the delicacy of glass to create stunningly sinuous forms that are equal parts breath-taking and functional with its first product in 1973 – the Onda pouf – and never looked back.

The secret behind their continued hold over the glass furniture industry lies in the founder Vittorio Livi’s steady attention to detail especially when it comes to design. Noteworthy designers such as Philippe Starck, Enzo Mari, Xavier Lust and many others continue to collaborate with Fiam and bring their own unique take to the brand’s vision.

fiam italia furniture
fiam italia dining table
fiam italia cabinet



4 - Jesse Furniture

Contemporary Day and Night collections of modular furniture & wardrobes

At Jesse, it is a widely understood fact that furniture pieces do not have to be loud to be captivating. Rather, it’s the subtle detailing and elegant discretion that allows one’s interiors to exude luxurious charm. Their furniture follows the trends of modernity and blends quite gracefully with any interior space thanks to the modular nature and high-quality finish.

With almost a century’s worth of experience backing them, Jesse continues to play with the highest quality of materials and a range of versatile designs to suit different environments. All Jesse products are purely made in Italy and exported to over 80 countries globally.

jesse tv wall unit
jesse double bed
jesse coffee tables



5 - Foscarini

Breathtakingly beautiful, hand-crafted Italian lighting solutions

Anyone with the slightest understanding of interior design will attest that even the most interesting of interior spaces can get dulled down if not supported by the right lighting solutions. Foscarini offers lights that channel their passion for playing with illumination, much as an artist plays with paints.

The brand treats light as a physical object and focuses on remaining unbridled when it comes to materials and techniques. After starting with the traditional blown-glass technique and expanding over the decades with international collaborations, the brand continues to astound and inspire. Their exclusive collections of lights often venture into the realm of functional art with their exquisite forms. Here's our complete guide to contemporary interior lighting design.

foscarini lighting
foscarini lighting
foscarini lighting



6 - Gallotti & Radice

Furniture that blends the sleekness of glass with the strength of wood and metal.

Few brands manage to express their love for materials in as pure and poetic a manner as Gallotti and Radice have. Their use of the purest glass in combination with wood and metal is one of their biggest identifying marks in the world of luxurious Italian interiors.

They are not the first or last brand to incorporate glass in interiors, but they are certainly one of the most skilled at using creative designers and talented craftspeople to create unique feats of engineering. All Galotti & Radice products including their mirrors, glass tables and trolleys are as sturdy as they appear fragile and are perfectly suited for day-to-day usage.

Gallotti & Radice desk
gallotti & radice sofa
gallotti & radice bed



7 - Bontempi Casa

Vast range of contemporary interior solutions

When two acclaimed designers brought their vision to life in 1963, Bontempi Casa was born. Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi thus created one of Italy’s oldest contemporary furniture houses that continues to evolve with the changing rhythms of modernity. In fact, one of their best qualities is their focus on environmental and social responsibility every step of the way.

Their vast range of interior solutions includes tables, seating, beds, storage and shelves, desks and more. Bontempi’s unbridled dedication to innovation shines through its products. Years of research, hundreds of sketches and multiple prototypes proceed the exquisitely crafted product that every client receives.

bontempi casa vanity console table
bontempi casa dining table
bontempi casa coffee table



8 - Silvano Luxury

Contemporary furniture that delves in the world of Italian classicism.

Many perceive contemporary furniture as being restricted to completely bland, minimalised forms. Silvano luxury blends classical details and sinuous forms with clean lines and sleek forms to create a unique symphony that is versatile enough to enliven any interior space.

Despite having a wide array of furnishing options, Silvano Luxury’s sofas and armchairs continue to be a favorite among clients who cherish the fusion of modernity with tradition. Some of their popular seating types such as the Chesterfields, Cabrioles and Lawsons make great use of the capitonné technique.

The brand has managed to maintain a distinct design profile with its enthralling products that continue to inspire in terms of design and quality.

silvano luxury dining table
silvano luxury sofa
silvano luxury bed



9 - NAOS

The unchallenged specialists of extending Italian tables

Very few furniture brands dare to limit themselves in terms of variety while successfully focusing on quality - but then, not every brand can be Naos. Since 1984 they have established themselves as specialists of exquisitely crafted coffee tables and extending tables. Their range works with diverse materials and styles that will not only enhance any environment but become the focal point of the space.

Naos aims to create tables with a flair of movement and succeeds in doing so through Italian craftsmanship and unique designing. Watching their tables unfold and extend is like watching art in motion. It is no wonder then that Naos chooses to describe their tables as 'the inimi-table'.

naos sideboards
naos table
naos dining table



10 - Dom Edizioni

Classic-contemporary interior solutions, enveloped in the luxury of Italian-made quality.

Launched in 2006, Dom Edizoni is the brainchild of Domenico Mula. He uses this brand as an opportunity to materialise his creative visions for furnishing solutions. Right from the conceptualisation, every product goes through extensive research to ensure that its clientele receives the highest quality, as is expected of the brand.

Dom Edizoni has cemented its reputation in the hustling world of Italian furniture. What distinguishes them is the inspiration they take from various art movements spanning across eras such as art deco, Italian modernism and the Victorian era to name a few. Thus, they succeed in the creation of impeccably stylish furniture that will enhance any dwelling be it in the domestic or the hospitality sector.

dom edizoni armchair
dom edizioni bookcase
dom edizioni bar stools



When it comes to furniture, it’s always best to go with your instinct and buy what you love. So, if these Italian brands' qualities and styles resonate with your distinctive taste, get in touch with us because at FCI we have the best collection of the most exclusive quality pieces by designers who are at the top of their game. This means that we can always help you find something that doesn’t just belong in your home but also tugs at your heart.

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