Is VitrA a good brand?

At FCI London, we have been working with hundreds of luxury furniture brands for decades and all these brands are very carefully selected to be a part of our showroom and online store. But when it comes to bathroom fixtures and tiles, our standards soar even higher because, in these areas, quality is non-negotiable. 

This is why we’re extremely proud to introduce VitrA as the newest kid on the FCI London block. VitrA’s dedication to detail, top-tier quality, and the perfect blend of artistry and functionality caught our attention and we're excited to announce that we can now source all VitrA products at unbeatable prices for our clients. 

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vitra bathroom tiles

The VitrA Story

Since its inception during World War II in 1942 as a humble ceramic workshop in Kartal, Istanbul, with only eight employees, VitrA has evolved remarkably. Initially producing tableware and ornaments, the post-war era saw a rapid expansion into bathroom ceramic production, leading to the establishment of a larger facility in 1958. 

Today, with a strong emphasis on research and development, collaborations with renowned designers, and the majority of revenues from international markets, VitrA stands as a celebrated global brand, revolutionising bathroom design and garnering acclaim from the luxury design and architectural communities worldwide.


What makes VitrA Special?

VitrA aims to redefine modern bathrooms as "rational, aesthetic, and equally luxurious" while transforming them into functional living spaces.

Some reasons why we love the brand are:

  • From design to development and manufacturing, VitrA is one of the very few companies producing complete bathroom solutions.
  • The brand is driven by a commitment to sustainability and has developed its own set of Blue Life principles to ensure an integrative, eco-innovative approach to production and design.
  • We’ve seen VitrA continuously evolve over the past decades as they continue to adopt the latest technologies and innovations and skilfully combine them with comfort. 
  • The product range is extremely versatile which allows our clients to shop a wide variety. VitrA offers a number of ranges with Nest, Plural, S50 and Frame being just a few of the most popular ones. 
  • For its intelligent designs and unbeatable product quality, VitrA has been the recipient of several prestigious International awards such as the Reddot Design Award, Iconic Award, German Design Award and Interior Innovation Award.

vitra bathrooms 


VitrA Bathrooms 

VitrA is a one-stop bathroom shop where you'll find everything you need - from bathroom furniture to tiles and even accessories.

The product range can be broadly classified into the following categories: 

  • Bathroom sanitaryware: washbasins, WCs, Smart WCs, bidets, urinals and sinks.
  • Bathroom furniture: washbasin and bathroom units, mirrors, counters and other storage options.
  • Taps and mixers: basin and bidet mixers, bath and shower mixers and brassware.
  • Shower systems: shower columns and shower heads, built-in shower sets, hand showers and other complementary products.
  • Accessories: soap, toothbrush, toiler roll and towel holders, waste bins and other accessories.
  • Bathing areas: bathtubs and accessories.
  • Flushing solutions and flush plates: flush plates, frames, cisterns, load-bearing frames and complementary products.

Amongst this amazing range, one VitrA product that stands out for our interior designers, as well as our clients, is their Smart WCs. 

These super-intelligent WCs allow you to truly experience the future of luxury bathrooms. They’re designed to redefine comfort and cleanliness and they also feature customisable, remote-controlled, water and seat temperatures so they can seamlessly adapt to your preferences, all year round. 

They also offer various washing options that can be personalised for individual experiences. But they’re not just about functionality as they also boast the most sophisticated designs and over the last few years, this has made them increasingly popular for both luxury home and hotel bathrooms. 


VitrA washbasins are another product that we feel we must talk about as they're incredibly popular amongst our clients. VitrA offers an extensive range of designs in this category, including countertop, semi-recessed and inset options - giving us plenty of room to experiment and get creative to create a personalised product for your bathroom. 

VitrA Tiles

What makes VitrA stand out from its competitor brands is the fact that it knows how to combine aesthetics with functionality, in the most skilful ways possible. The V-safe technology used in VitrA’s bathroom tiles, for example, makes their products slip-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to clean and hygienic. 

These tiles are not just suitable for the bathroom but also for other indoor and outdoor areas where extra safety is required such as nurseries, kitchens, SPAs and swimming pools. And needless to say, you can find these tiles in all sorts of designs and styles be it minimalist, Scandinavian or something with a pop of colour. 

vitra bathroom collection
vitra bathroom collection
vitra bathrooms tiles
vitra bathroom tiles


Shop VitrA at FCI London

VitrA has been around for several decades now and the brand’s success and growth are a testament to its devotion to producing quality products. With VitrA, the future of luxury bathrooms seems brighter and more responsible than ever before as the brand aims to convert bathrooms into wellness sanctuaries. 

If you would like to place an order or learn more about the VitrA product range, get in touch on WhatsApp for a complimentary design consultation. 


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