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Nothing brings panache to a living room quite like a beautifully made contemporary sofa. At FCI London, we have spent over three decades procuring the finest Europe has to offer, bringing you a wide range of sofas that will leave you feeling spoilt for choice. Encompassing the full spectrum of opulent living, our collections will meet your every need, from quality finishes and sophisticated colour palettes to unquestionable style and long-lasting durability.

Fresh off the press from our design experts, here’s our inside story on the latest luxury sofa finds from Gamma & Dandy.


Why we love Gamma & Dandy

Employing the best craftsmen in the world to uphold their esteemed “made in Italy” label, Gamma & Dandy are, quite simply, masters of elegance. From small beginnings in 1974, Gamma Arredamenti has grown to become a modern icon of the furniture world.

Their three most fabulous attributes:

1. Edgy and fashion-forward: They are noted for their highly acclaimed innovations, each one oozing bags of personality.

2. Sticklers for detail: Every last stitch is loving hand-crafted with passion and precision, making them sought-after acquisitions.

3. Rare materials: They are famous for their consummate use of exquisite, carefully sourced leathers, bringing out the beauty of every unique hide.


Our top 6 favourite Gamma & Dandy sofas this season

The ultimate sofa should be the perfect balance of style, functionality, shape, size and quality. A piece of art that will befit both your space and lifestyle. Here are 6 trending Gamma & Dandy sofas that we think hit the mark.


The Saks Collection

Available in an extensive range of customised modular units, the Saks Sofa is an elegant fusion of practicality, supreme comfort and sensational design. Its boxed shape and beautiful, detailed stitching make it a bold choice, begging the question: Why wouldn’t you want one?


Denny Sofa

The refined and restrained Denny Sofa is reminiscent of all things vintage with its pure lines and classic charm. Offering a sectional seating solution and state-of-the-art headrest mechanism, it is sumptuously soft and invitingly comfortable.  The base and seat cushions in exquisite leather upholstery can be ordered in different colour schemes, giving you the option of attractive two-tone combinations. 


Richmond Sofa

Conceptually sophisticated, the Richmond Sofa sports elegant, gently contrasting leather straps with striking chrome buckles, giving the overall aesthetics an edge that is tasteful, contemporary and utterly desirable.


Cadillac Sofa

The Cadillac Sofa, a feminine haute couture piece that exudes softness, is made from a leather upholstered shell and boasts generous, customisable feather cushions. The beautiful piping elegantly frames its shape, giving it a design edge that puts it at the top of the Gamma & Dandy leader board.


Jack Sofa

The Jack Sofa, a medium-sized sofa perfect for more intimate spaces, embodies all that comprises a luxe lifestyle. Modern and tasteful, its slender base and reed-like feet accentuate classy discipline. It features handy magazine holders on the sides and a chrome-plated zip detail giving it a fun twist.


Sunset Sofa

Like Vanessa Williams, we've saved the best for last. The Sunset Sofa is by far our most popular Gamma sofa and also our personal favourite. It is modular, adjustable and made of the softest leather. It is as pretty as its namesake. And finally, it has an ingenious seat depth controller that adapts to your seating position and not vice versa, like icing on an already delicious cake. 



Gamma & Dandy’s inside edge

For a complete look, pair Gamma & Dandy’s bespoke sofas with their archetypal Tulip Armchair, a trendy T07 Coffee Table and a couple of to-die-for leather Smart Footstools.


Shop Gamma & Dandy sofas at FCI London

Pop into the FCI London showroom and let our on-the-ball design team wow you with more stunning offerings from our Gamma & Dandy sofa collection.




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