Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design

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Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design

Lighting interior design is one of the most important elements in styling your home. It defines both the luminescence and shadow in a room, creates ambience and generates warmth or dramatic effect. 

Our comprehensive guide to modern lighting introduces you to different types of lights and gives you guidelines on how to use them to their fullest potential.


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Different types of light

There are two types of indoor lighting: natural and artificial.

Natural lighting is the concept of bringing daylight into your space through windows, skylights and the way you decorate the room. It's dependent on climate, time of day and room orientation.

Artificial lighting is man-made and is easily directed and controlled. There are 5 types that should be considered when planning the décor of your home:

1. General lighting is uniform and functional, brightening the whole room. It's usually generated by a central pendant and  emits flat and nondescript light. 

2. Ambient lighting is generally used to create drama. It produces soft, indirect light in the form of wall sconces, coffer lighting, spotlights or backlit panelling.

3. Task lighting is used for focused work like reading. It has a higher wattage than other light sources, so should be combined with soft ambient lighting.

4. Mood lighting is used to create inviting pools of light that counterbalance the shadows in a room. Table and floor lamps are perfect examples.

5. Accent lighting is used to highlight a room feature like artwork or a cabinet so that they stand out and are noticed.

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design
Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design


Room by room interior lighting guide

Lighting is a dynamic way to add dimension to your home. Consult with one of our design experts to help handle all the technicalities like positioning, wattage, concealed wiring, adequate outlets, light fittings and a dimmer system. Also, consider these key aspects.


Kitchens are multi-functional spaces that require carefully focused layers of lighting.

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design

Dining rooms

The right lighting in your dining space is critical, perhaps more than any other room in the house, as it creates atmosphere for the most unifying event in your home - sharing a meal. Here are contemporary lighting options we recommend.  

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design

Living rooms

Living rooms are social spaces that are used for multiple activities; therefore they need contemporary lighting options that will accommodate the various pursuits. 

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design
Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design

Home offices

With many people now working from home, this space holds new importance. Remember that anything too dim will make you feel sleepy and unproductive. Here are contemporary lighting tips for home offices. 

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design


A place for deep relaxation, contemporary bedroom lighting should accommodate all times of the day.

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design
Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design


Create well-lit ceiling and vanity areas and aim for a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere.

Contemporary light fittings and designs

Explore FCI’s range of designer light fittings and find feature lights, contemporary ceiling lights and just about everything you’ll need to illuminate your home. Here are our 6 hot favourites.

1. This Romeo Soft Floor Lamp by Flos provides a gentle, diffused light regulated by a built-in dimmer. Its beautiful Plissé cloth shade and painted steel stem bring elegance to any room.

2. Heathfield has designed this ultra-cool Delius Brass Desk Table Lamp, ideal for when you’re focussed on reading or work. It’s practical and contemporary and epitomises Italian refinement.

3. Available in black, white or red, this Tress Wall Lamp by Foscarini is crafted to look like a basket. Its construction from glass and compound material allows it to stream light through and around it.

4. Inspired by water droplets, this beautiful chandelier is part of the Glamour Collection by Serip. The bronze structure, reminiscent of tangled branches, supports exquisitely delicate floating glass pieces.

5. The Lucciola Series by Vistosi is one of their most versatile collections. Featuring a mouth-blown, oval satin glass shade available in different sizes and formats, it brings design synergy to your home.

6. This versatile Anish Suspension Lamp by Terzani emits a soft, uniform light. Custom-designed in strands of hand-blown opal glass, you can choose the perfect configuration for your space.

Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design
Guide to Contemporary Interior Lighting Design


Interior lighting brands

We are proud to stock some unbelievable interior lighting brands and we love sharing with you just what makes them so special. Here are some of our top picks. 

Terzani is renowned for creating shimmering pieces made from crystal and glass. Their legendary “fairy-tale” chandeliers are embodiments of abundance and luxury. 

Flos Lighting creates modern lighting inspired by geometric form. They are driven by functionality and believe in the importance of environmental sustainability. 

Foscarini is famous for their Murano glass lighting and strive to use their exquisite creations to transform space into tangible masterpieces.

Heathfield produces an incredible range of striking, decorative light pieces that are made to be timelessly cherished and appreciated. 

Vistosi gets their inspiration from all things flamboyant. Their famous designers are obsessed with producing eye-catching pieces of the finest quality. 

Serip adores objects of beauty and has a flair for creating the extraordinary. They seamlessly blend furniture and lighting together in bespoke creations. 

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