IMM Cologne 2024 Review: The Evolving Landscape of Design

IMM Cologne is an international furniture and interiors trade fair held annually in Germany. It is one of the leading events in the interior design and furniture industry, providing a platform for manufacturers, designers, and other professionals to showcase their latest products and innovations. 

Last week, the IMM Cologne event graced us with its presence yet again, unveiling the latest trends and innovations in the world of interior design. However, this year's show diverged from its predecessors, presenting a different experience that may signify a shift in the landscape of international design events.

The CEO of FCI London offers a reflective take on the event's unique atmosphere, “Imm Cologne 2024 was a very different experience than previous years. This edition felt more regional, with a noticeable shift towards presentations in German and fewer international visitors. The overall attendance seemed lower, a stark contrast to the bustling global energy I've come to expect from this event having attended many in the past. It's intriguing to see how major design fairs are adapting to new trends and preferences in the industry. The reduced Italian presence and the new regional focus this year bring to light a changing dynamic to a once popular global event." - Firdaus Nagree

This introspective commentary from a seasoned attendee and industry leader gives us much to consider about the direction of international design events. Are we witnessing a strategic shift towards localised showcases, or is this a temporary adaptation in response to broader global circumstances?

Londons Best Luxury Sofas Where to Find Them and How to Style Them
Londons Best Luxury Sofas Where to Find Them and How to Style Them


Design Trends at IMM Cologne 2024

  • Eco-conscious Design: The green imperative was more pronounced than ever, with a spotlight on sustainable practices and materials.
  • Smart Home Integration: Technology continues to weave its way into furniture, with smart features becoming a standard in home design.
  • Artisanal Resurgence: Handcrafted pieces received their well-deserved limelight, bringing the art of craftsmanship back into focus.
  • Modular Living: Designs catering to space optimization reflect the need for versatility in urban living environments.
  • Nature-Inspired Furniture: The biophilic trend continued to flourish, reinforcing the bond between nature and well-being within our interiors.


Our Top 3 Picks of Design Trends on Display at IMM Cologne 

1 - Bubble Inspired Furniture

The bubble design trend continued to flourish. Characterised by the use of rounded, organic shapes and forms reminiscent of bubbles - this design approach incorporates soft curves, smooth surfaces, and playful aesthetics, creating a sense of whimsy and lightness in the overall design. 


2 - Ceramic Tables

Ceramic dining tables and coffee tables took centre stage, capturing widespread attention for their timeless appeal. The popularity of this material was evident as more people and brands embraced the use of ceramics in furniture design. The material's durability and versatility have been the key factors in its prevalence, contributing to a sophisticated yet enduring aesthetic that resonates with contemporary tastes. 

Londons Best Luxury Sofas Where to Find Them and How to Style Them
Londons Best Luxury Sofas Where to Find Them and How to Style Them


3 - Bespoke Rugs

The exhibition witnessed a remarkable array of customised rugs, reflecting the growing inclination towards personalised and unique design solutions. More individuals and brands are recognizing the value of bespoke rugs in creating distinctive and tailor-made interiors. 

Londons Best Luxury Sofas Where to Find Them and How to Style Them
Londons Best Luxury Sofas Where to Find Them and How to Style Them


In conclusion

The imm cologne of 2024 may well be remembered as a transformative juncture for design expos worldwide. As the industry continues to evolve, so too may the nature of these global showcases, mirroring the resilience and adaptability inherent in design itself.

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We welcome our readers to delve deeper into these trends and join us in a conversation about the evolving narrative of international design events. Your insights are a vital part of this ongoing story.


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