Italian furniture designers have always had a strong focus on using quality materials and world-class craftsmanship, Cattelan Italia is no exception.

Cattelan Italia’s Origin and History

Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan set the foundation of the brand back in 1979, with a small marble-based furniture company in Italy. But their love for furniture making can be traced much further back in the Cattelan family heritage as Giorgio was only the youngest of seven siblings, five of whom were also part of the furniture industry.

By 1995, Giorgio’s sons Lorenzo and Paolo Cattelan had also joined the company that now specialised in wood and glass tables. By this time, Cattelan Italia had already become an internationally-recognised brand and their products were being exported to more than 100 markets around the globe.

Today, more than 40 years since its inception, Cattelan Italia continues to reign supreme across Europe, America and the UK. With the transition to the next generation, a new-found ingenuity and creativity has been infused in the remarkable designs and products today. Here are a few reasons we believe Cattelan Italia products have been able to maintain their prestige even after all these decades and will be an excellent choice of furniture to consider for your next project:

Timeless Design

Every home needs a ‘wow factor’ that can transform it into an exquisite sanctuary and every Cattelan Italia product certainly has the potential to do so. The furniture is beautifully-crafted and has a timeless appeal, which ensures that it never goes out of style, which is great if you’re not looking to switch out your furniture to buck the latest trend each year but are instead desirous of a piece that will ‘live’ beyond these trends.

Remarkable Quality

Cattelan Italia is a brand that has always been known for combining impeccable style with unmatched quality. Take a closer look at their products and you’ll be impressed with their solid construction, sturdiness, durability and amazing craftsmanship, all of which are important things to consider when buying luxury furniture.

Inspiring Collaborations

The “made in Italy’ philosophy of Cattelan Italia focuses on maintaining the quality and attention to detail, but the creative aspect requires the skills of experienced designers. For this, the brand is not bound by borders. Over the years, some of the world’s most talented designers have collaborated with Cattelan Italia to create products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also functional for a contemporary lifestyle. Some notable designers who have collaborated with Cattelan Italia include Aldo Greco, Raffaello Galiotto, Brogliato Traverso and Oriano Favaretto. These collaborations also ensure that there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon geared to set new trends and keep their customers enticed.

At FCI London, we offer a huge range of Cattelan Italia products and, with the brand design being so versatile, we’re sure you’ll find something that will appease any taste – whether for yourself or your project.

Unmatched Versatility

Cattelan Italia has always demonstrated a high level of versatility by developing and combining different materials to create unique designs that has allowed the brand to stay ahead of its competitors. The jaw-dropping designs are not made to blend in, rather, they are purposefully designed to stand out and to become the focal point of any domestic or commercial space that they’re placed in.

Technological Innovation

Being one of the most influential Italian furniture brands, it comes as no surprise that Cattelan Italia has always chosen to experiment with the most unconventional materials. From designing and rendering to production and distribution, the latest technologies have been adopted to ensure that the finished pieces exceed the customer’s expectations.

As an example, the brand leveraged the popularity of its Keramik products and developed a new technique that allowed ceramic surfaces to appear as marble but with enhanced qualities including being heat-proof, water-proof and scratch-proof.

Here’s a look at the Cattelan Italia product range:

Dining Tables

Cattelan Italia offers a wide range of dining tables in many noble materials and exclusive finishes that speak to the heart. To offer multifunctionality and ideal space management, many of the tables come equipped with the latest extension mechanisms. The Ceramic dining tables focus highly on aesthetical sophistication as they prominently stand out in any ambience. On the other hand, the glass dining tables bring an element of airiness to the space while the wooden dining tables are replete with their own classic appeal. For those who wish to have both, the lightness of glass and the elegance of earthy colours, the Crystal Art finish is the perfect alternative.

No matter what finish and design you choose, every Cattelan Italia dining table is designed to fit into any setting – bold or simple, traditional or modern, these tables work well with any decorating style. So whether you’re planning on placing the table in the dining room or the kitchen, or place it centrally or adjacent to the wall, you’ll never need to worry about how it will fit in with the overall room design. In fact, the tables are so tastefully sculptured that you would even want to pull up a chair and use it as a workstation.

One of our best-selling Cattelan Italia dining tables has been the Skorpio dining table. Designed by Andrea Lucatello and Paolo Cattelan, the Skorpio table comes in an iconic design and it won’t be an exaggeration to consider it as a work of art. In the age of modern minimalism where everyone wants simple but statement-making furniture, the Skorpio table responds to this demand by offering a classic design with a modern twist.

The main highlight and distinguishing feature of this table is its metallic base with distinctively interlocked legs. Choose your table top finish from wood, glass or ceramic. Whatever your choice, these finishes make this table the perfect base for some fabulous, and insta-worthy, flat lay photography. If you’re someone who loves to entertain and host soirees, then this table is going to be the showstopper for many dinner parties.

You don’t buy a dining table every day, so it is best to go for one that’s not just attractive but also practical and versatile. The Skorpio table looks great no matter how many chairs you set it up with; you can easily set it up with two to 14 chairs, depending on your need and the table size that you choose.

If you’re still shopping around, there’s a good chance that you’ve found similar contemporary tables that look great, but perhaps its configuration wasn’t as comfortable as you had hoped it would be. That’s the thing about Cattelan Italia tables – it’s been meticulously designed by ergonomic and design experts who have selected the best material and consider every angle to ensure that the base of its tables doesn’t impede its seating.

Keen to know more? Here’s how you can create the perfect luxury dining room with Cattelan Italia.

Beds and Nightstands

A true Cattelan Italia bedroom is the perfect balance of refinement, comfort and quality materials. Complementing the beds, the nightstands feature practical shelving or drawers for maximum functionality. Every bed caters to a different kind of environment so you’ll find everything, from glamorous to retro and from modern to contemporary. We’ve put together a guide on how you can create a contemporary bedroom with Cattelan Italia.


If you want to increase your work productivity, a tidy and functional desk is a basic requirement. Whether you’re decorating a home office, a meeting room or a corporate office, Cattelan Italia offers desks with great design allure and functionalities. They also offer a number of minimalistic desks that are ideal for home offices or to be used in those awkward corners of the home. If you’re short on space, the multifunctional desks with mirrors can be a great addition in the bedroom where they can serve the purpose of a work desk as well as a vanity. Multi-purpose is the new fit for purpose. Problem solved.


Oftentimes, a modern console is all that you need to create a simple but sophisticated entryway. These consoles also act as the perfect canvas to elevate your most-beloved accessories and planters in an artistic manner. The stylistic excellence of these consoles allows them to blend harmoniously with a wide variety of spaces including living rooms and the bedrooms. Some of these consoles are also fitted with extendable tops that can be customised in a choice of materials including glass, wood and keramik.


Characterised by their distinguished design, Cattelan Italia offers a collection of modern, high-end sideboards. From entryways to dining rooms, these sideboards can add a touch of luxury to any space. They are available in a range of materials including graphite, embossed wood, keramik and extra clear glass for those who want to put their belongings on display. Almost all of these sideboards offer some level of hidden storage ensuring that it doesn’t only exude charm but also offers thoughtful functionality. Want something that is really unique to you? Well, you’re in luck as the sideboard doors can also be customised with sliding, swinging or glass doors.

Here are four of our favourite Cattelan Italia sideboards that are practical for storage purposes but don’t compromise on their luxurious exterior. It doesn’t get better than these sideboards to add a touch of glamour to any room.

Absolut offers a unique combination of electrifying quilted leather doors and a metallic base, which means that it can give any room an elegant touch. The sideboard is available in white, black or graphite-painted glass top and wooden frame with internal shelves in clear glass.

It offers ample storage and since it is a low sideboard offering a sleek look, it would be ideal for smaller spaces or hallways.

With its wooden frame and stainless steel base, the Labyrinth sideboard features a mesmerising maze on its doors. The texture of the maze gives this sideboard such a fresh and fun look, that it would even fit beautifully in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. The Labyrinth is a must-have for anyone who is tired of the same old, boring looking sideboards.

If you prefer something that truly stands out with a slightly retro feel, we recommend Dakota. You can choose from either Canaletto walnut or burned oak doors, with an extra clear glass top and graphite embossed steel base. Select the dimensions and number of doors – varying from 3 to 4 – according to your taste.

Perfect for modern environments, Dakota gives you the additional advantage of having both open and closed storage.

If you like the idea of fancy embellishments, then the Royalton sideboard is what you are looking for. As its name suggests, Royalton is a spectacular piece of art that belongs in a castle! It comes with lacquered polyurethane doors featuring a bold but easy-on-the-eye diamond-cut design for which you can choose your favourite finishing in matt white, graphite or titanium.

Plus, you have the option of adding an internal drawer in each door. We personally believe that it would make a picture-perfect hallway sideboard if set up along with the Cattelan Italia Egypt mirror which comes in a mini-pyramid patterned wooden frame that’s pretty similar to the Royalton.

These perfectly crafted pieces truly have the potential to make your home look and feel as luxurious as a five-star hotel. And it can be safely said that the right Cattelan Italia sideboard can create the feeling of warmth and comfort that you seek after a long and tiring day. So let us know which of these sideboards you have your eyes on and we’ll make sure that we offer you our best deals with some expert recommendations.


Cattelan Italia offers more than 80 remarkable chair designs that include dining chairs, office chairs, armchairs, chaise lounges, poufs and stools. The wide range of finishes and materials, underpinned by the various colours and styles create the most unique and exquisite products. Creativity, innovation, comfort and ergonomics are all key principles that are central to designing the Cattelan Italia seating collection.

The idea behind incorporating these principles is to ensure the seating is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The distinctive Italian craftsmanship is evidenced in every chair and its classic contours, the softness of the leather and the decorative details which ensure these contemporary seating stand shoulders apart from its competitors. Here are 10 Luxury Cattelan Italia Armchairs to Enhance your Home.

TV Units, Bookcases and Storage

From minimalistic glass TV units for hi-tech design to wooden TV units with leather detailing for warmer ambiences, Cattelan Italia does it all. The living room is the place where families spend the most time together. Taking this into consideration, these TV units are designed to merge optimum viewing with social appeals.

Similarly, Cattelan Italia bookcases are not just about storage instead they’re furnishing elements that can be used to showcase your lifestyle, passion and personality. Cattelan Italia’s exclusive range of bookcases includes room dividing bookcases, wall bookcases and hanging bookcases. In order to offer clients aesthetic and architectural liberty, all bookcases can be customised through a huge choice of materials and finishes.

Despite being incredibly sturdy in their structure, both the bookcases and the TV units are light in volume and modular in their depth which allows them to seamlessly integrate with residential spaces and workspaces.

Didn’t find a bookcase you liked yet? No problem, get in touch and let’s help you customise something truly spectacular.

Coffee Tables

Like all Cattelan Italia products, the coffee tables also feature the same level of meticulous detail and design. Most of these coffee tables can be complemented with light and functional side tables to complete your living space. Some of the coffee tables like the Yo-Yo and Biplane also offer extra storage which adds to its practicality.

Just like the Cattelan Italia dining tables, the bases of the coffee tables also feature stunning profiles that react with light and space to create an interesting play of reflections. These design attributes make them sculptural masterpieces for the living rooms.


Exquisite mirrors, sculptural lamps and artistic coat hangers are just a few of the many ultra-luxe accessories designed by Cattelan Italia. These small but impactful accessories allow customers to bring a personal part of Italy to their everyday lives. You can also explore a range of Cattelan Italia barstools that are sure to add a wow factor to your space. In short, Cattelan Italia accessories, more popularly known as their ‘Complements’ are the finishing touches that your rooms need once they’ve been all set and furnished.

Almost every Cattelan Italia product features clean lines as it relates to design as well as unrivalled manufacturing excellence – it’s one of the key reasons the brand always appeals to design-savvy clientele. With a love for Italian traditions and a passion for innovation, the brand has continued to master the luxury furniture industry in the last four decades, much to its clients’ delight.

When it comes to furniture, it’s always best to go with your instinct and buy what you love. So, if the Cattelan Italia’s qualities and style resonate with your distinctive taste, get in touch with us because at FCI we have the best collection of the most exclusive quality pieces by designers who are at the top of their game. This means that we can always help you find something that doesn’t just belong in your home but also tugs at your heart.

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