Top 6 Interior Design Trends to Explore in 2024

1 - Peach Fuzz

All design enthusiasts will be taking note of Panetone’s Colour of the Year 2024 reveal. And, while you may subscribe to timelessness and subdued, natural tones, the latest “Peach Fuzz” is sure to create a stir.

A gorgeous blend of pink and orange, this warm, velvety shade is intended to enhance wellness and healing, promoting a communal sense of nurturing and ease. 

Splash it on a living room wall and tone it down with a lovely burnt orange sofa, like the Saks collection by Gamma & Dandy. Or if it’s an overkill for you, simply use it as an accent in a rug or cushion.

Deep shades of purple and earthy tones are also colours to look out for.

2 - Bouclé

If you thought it was just a fad, you’re wrong. Because, with the increasing popularity of high-performance fabrics, bouclé is definitely here to stay.

Warm, inviting and hard-wearing, this season’s offerings move away from creams and shades of grey, turning your attention to brighter options and a thicker pile.

While you may not want to deck out your entire home in it, it’s a great way to add a bit of hygge to minimalistic profiles. We recommend you use it to create unexpected texture in a Scandi or Japandi-inspired room.

3 - Authentic craftsmanship 

With a leaning towards authenticity, hand-made furnishings are in, making bespoke pieces that reflect true craftsmanship must-haves.

If you are looking for luxury above all else, then we suggest you take a look at the Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo. Out-of-the-box and extreme, its exceptional team are experts in traditional arts like filigree and gold leaf, producing mind-boggling designs that top the charts.

4 - Eco-friendliness

Yes, it’s been topical for a while, but in 2024 this critical endeavour will transcend fad status and position itself as a design necessity. And we’re certainly better off for it.

If you’re serious about going green, find furniture manufacturers that make a conscious effort to embrace the movement in every aspect. Because, from construction processes to material sourcing, transportation protocols and staff working conditions, it’s set to make a difference worldwide.

Brands like Gloster, who specialise in outdoor furnishings, grow their own sustainable teak plantations, boosting the local economy and ensuring that deforestation becomes less of a threat. 

5 - Bold statements

Last year neutrals and soft textures were all the rage, but this year it’s time to be bold. Think giant chandeliers, eye-catching artwork and furnishings that make a statement like the outrageous Proust Geometrica armchair by Cappellini.

Creating that one-of-a-kind space takes a good eye and a degree of risk-taking. And that’s what we love to do best. So, if you’re in any doubt, schedule a showroom booking to consult with one of our expert designers and we’ll be intrepid together!

6 - Sinuous curves

Say goodbye to straight lines and shift your focus to furniture that’s soft and sinuous. Bringing an energy of calm, these gentler profiles resonate with an increased need for biophilic design and a deeper connection with nature.

For inspiration, take a look at items like the Sceptre coffee table by Eichholtz or go all out with Gamma & Dandy’s curvaceous Wave sofa, which will add a sense of flow to an open-concept living room.

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