Interior Designers Share Tips on How to Create a Happy Home

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” – Louisa May Alcott

Since 2020, the global population has spent more time at home than anywhere else, causing psychologists, research analysts and the average Joe to focus on what makes it a place of contentment. We know that they are spaces in which we entertain family and friends, find comfort, retreat, rest and unwind but how do we make them joyful?

What the experts say

Results from a major European survey on creating contentment in the home have revealed these fascinating facts:

• If you love your home, you’re more likely to enjoy life in general.

• Whether you own it or not, its size and your neighbourhood are irrelevant

• Being happy with your home is three times more important than being satisfied with your income

• Establishing a sense of comfort, safety, identity and pride is key, even if it’s just in one room

• Having control over decisions about where and how we live is empowering and good for both your self-esteem and the soul

Despite the statistics, home renovation projects can often feel complicated and overwhelming, commonly resulting in abandonment before they have been completed. This is usually due to a lack of finances, time, inspiration and know-how, leaving your spaces worse than when you started.

With this in mind, the FCI London design team are here to shake things up, get back to basics and find simple ways in which you can transform your home into something spectacular. So if you're looking to create something fresh, harmonious and full of joy, here are our top tips:

Tips for a Happy Home

Let's go through these in more detail below:

Commit to one improvement at a time

Pride in a home is centred around one simple fact: condition. If your roof is caving in or your tiles are falling off the walls, make repairing them a priority.

However, no matter how many things need a redo, it's a question of taking one step at a time without overextending your budget. Statistically, bathrooms are one of the prime areas that define the state of your living space, so if yours is in disrepair, it’s a great place to start.

Make room

Creating room for new things and making your interiors more adaptable to change are huge contributors to a feeling of calm. And, from clothing and kitchenware to unwanted furniture and excessive memorabilia, decluttering is one of the key ways to do this.

Begin your restyling projects by opening out your spaces, giving yourself direction, finding your purpose and allowing yourself to see the wood from the trees.

A clever way to do this is to invest in adequate  From bookshelves and beds with built-in compartments to expertly fitted wardrobes, there are plenty of ways to incorporate extra storage facilities. 

Focus on air quality and natural light

There’s no doubt about it, connecting with nature has a direct impact on our wellness, both mentally and physically.

To embrace this, it's essential to take a biophilic approach to your interiors. Enhance a beautiful view with flower-patterned drapes, add a window seat that looks out onto your garden and incorporate greenery everywhere.

There’s nothing nicer than an array of elegant planters filled with collections of palm trees or air purifiers like peace lilies. Not only will they instil some tranquillity, but you’ll find yourself breathing more easily too.

How to create a happy home FCI London
How to create a happy home FCI London


Add personality

Put your own stamp on your styling and make sure that your house is filled with things you adore. That doesn’t mean you have to spend beyond your means. Instead, find items that give you a sense of hygge and design personal nooks that transform every room into something joyful. Think framed photos of your loved ones, your favourite colour on a wall, textured rugs, a luxurious sofa to curl up on or some bespoke lighting to add ambience.

Gather your loved ones

Bonding with your family and being social with friends is a huge part of feeling connected, happy and at ease. So invite people into a space where you can relax, be together and indulge in deep conversations. It’s an easy thing to facilitate – simply invest in a lovely luxury dining table or cosy outdoor furniture set and make it your favourite entertaining spot.

Sleep easy

More than any other area, your bedroom is your sanctuary. A place where you can hide away, spend time alone, breathe deeply and unwind. So make it yours.

Find your perfect bed, set up a yoga area, build a little reading alcove or commission a fitted wardrobe that will take your breath away. Whatever your dreams are made of, this is the space to have them in.

Cook up a storm

Not only is cooking cathartic, but it's the best way to nurture your body and mind - so creating a kitchen that's both stylish and functional is essential.

For the best in state-of-the-art appliances, take a look at our outstanding Gaggenau range. From sleek steam ovens to coffee machines, tumble dryers and refined refrigeration, we have everything you need to make your culinary experiences superb.

Find your inner peace

Creating a happy home has nothing to do with money, status or keeping up with the Joneses. It’s more about the little things like finding décor you love, spending time getting things right and enjoying the space you're in.

Once that's in place, you'll have created a sanctuary where you can have fun, laugh and focus on the things that make you glow. 

In conclusion

At FCI London, we stock a huge range of beautiful furniture, lighting and accessories that will illuminate your home. Book a showroom appointment with us now and one of our top designers will give you a tour over a glass of crisp bubbly.

As specialists in fine furniture, here’s our guide to creating a positive emotional connection with where we live through thoughtful design.



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