Isaac. We all know one. What is more, there is a John in every family! Yet although they all share the same name, each of them is distinguished by some specific features. And what about the SITS product? A combination of two shapes of an armrest in one piece of furniture catches the eye. An armrest on one side is cuboid, while on the other the sofa ends with rounded armrests softening its line. From a functional point of view, an interesting solution proposed by SITS designers is a large footrest (55x120 cm). It can have many functions on its own: as an additional seat or replacing a coffee table, on which a tray with drinks can easily be set. And when it is added to the sofa, those two pieces combined form a large space, ideal for family watching of films or playing with children. For this reason JOHN is a part of the SITS home&family collection, consisting of models meeting family needs to the largest extent.

Isaac Footstool

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