Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies

Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies

While terracotta pots initially became popular in Italian gardens during the Renaissance, the use of outdoor planters can actually be traced back to ancient times. In Greece, Egypt, China and India they were originally used in a more serious context to grow medicinal herbs. And the Romans hung boxes of country flowers from their windows and rooves to jazz up their cities and towns. Fast forward to 2022 and gardens – including the potted variety – are in the spotlight in a big way. The pandemic has sharpened our need to connect with nature and incorporate as much greenery into our living spaces as possible. Because plants, we’ve realised, are good for the soul.

So whether you have a sizeable patch of lawn or a charming balcony up high, creating an ensemble made up of gorgeous jardinières is a worthwhile pursuit. But before you start plotting your potting adventure, let’s take a look at some of our top tips and favourite picks from our outdoor planter range.


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Modern planters for your outdoor space

Pots are full of possibilities. In fact, their uses are more extensive than you might imagine. In addition to creating versatility and interest in both your indoor and outdoor spaces, they come with these advantages.

  • Nurture seedlings
  • Grow plants that won’t take to your natural soil
  • Create edible gardens
  • Frame doorways, arches, paths and stairways
  • Add a pop of colour to any space
  • Fill in gaps in your garden, around your pool and in your courtyards
  • Edge your borders
  • Accessorise your garden furniture
Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies
Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies

But no matter what you need them for, choosing the right container to suit your style is important. These are 5 great options.

1. Wooden planters have a beautiful, rustic appeal, weather well and are perfect if you’re creating a Shabby Chic or Bohemian look.

2. Glazed or painted ceramic pots are great for infusing additional colour to your outdoor aesthetics.

3. Metal planters are ideal if you’re going for a contemporary, Industrial-style patio.

4. Concrete or stone planters blend beautifully into most natural surrounds and enhance any stonework in your home or garden.

5. Terracotta pots are known for their beneficial qualities. They are breathable, provide humidity and keep roots aerated and well-drained.

Why potscaping is the new buzzword

Potscaping is a new horticultural art form that involves strategically arranging different sized planters to beautify your space while creating depth, colour and volume. Including both wall-mounted and hanging planters adds height and draws the eye upwards - the perfect way to establish a vertical garden. Potscaping can be done indoors or outdoors and is quickly gaining popularity in the gardening world.

Best planters for gardens

When planning your garden, select planters that will enrich both your natural environment and your garden furniture and arrange them in eye-catching places. We love the earthy tones of the Kubik Design flowerpot range by Fesfoc. Or add some pizazz to your borders with these bright Bdlove planters by Barcelona Design. You can also use containers to separate your lawn from your veranda, giving your garden a more manicured feel – have a look at this smart Wall Space separating planter, also by Fesfoc.

Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies
Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies

Best planters for patios

Frame your entrances or turn your patio into an oasis of green with an array of corner planters. We’re besotted with these stunning Tower stainless steel pots by Fesfoc which are elegant, durable and are available in different sizes and coatings. If you entertain a lot, it’s worth thinking about using your pots as a soft ambient light source – both Skyline Design and Fesfoc have some superb options.

Best planters for balconies

If you live in the city and don’t have access to a garden, it’s easy to spruce up your balcony and celebrate the outdoors by adding some beautiful plants. Make your space charming with colourful ceramic pots in various shapes and sizes and create height with tall planters and hanging baskets. Garden Glory has a super-fun range that will get your guests talking. Wow them with these awesome Monkey Face or Lion pots in various sizes. They also have a range of cool accessories like trowels, gloves and watering cans that will inspire any garden enthusiast.

Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies
Top Outdoor Planters for Gardens, Patios & Balconies

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