8 Best Gloster Outdoor Tables for Summer Dining

It's springtime, and that means one thing - we can finally take to our gardens and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Lazing by the pool, sipping on cocktails and having convivial conversations with friends are all part of the package - and who doesn't love an alfresco meal?

In order to capitalise on entertaining in style, outdoor furniture is key.

So to help you find something fabulous, we're exploring one of our favourite brands and looking at our top 8 Gloster outdoor tables for summer dining.

Join us as we explore why they're such a good choice.

An introduction to Gloster's outdoor table range

A highly recognised and trusted name in luxury living, Gloster's gorgeous offerings have graced the decks of cruise ships, hotel chains and upmarket residences for over fifty years, making it a darling of the outdoor furniture industry.

Founded in West Africa in the 1960s by a group of passionate entrepreneurs, it began its legacy with a goal to be a pioneer in sustainable furniture production. Now known for its high standards, every collection is modern, timeless and beautifully constructed, bringing a sense of sophistication to your outdoor projects. This is what we love about them: 

      • Gloster tables are handcrafted by trained artisans with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in furniture of remarkable quality and aesthetic appeal.
      • Each piece is engineered to survive extreme outdoor conditions, retaining its integrity and allure over time.
      • It uses materials that are durable, long-lasting and weather-resistant. These include teak, aluminium ceramic and synthetic wicker.
      • The brand constantly pushes the frontiers of outdoor furniture design, bringing fresh concepts to traditional styles. 
      • Gloster has a diverse range of dining tables to suit a variety of tastes and outdoor aesthetics, from sleek and modern to timeless and elegant. 
      • With an understanding of comfort and ergonomics, its offerings are built to allow for plenty of sitting space and legroom, thereby optimising your dining experience.
      • The company also offers a range of customisation possibilities, allowing you to personalise your table in terms of material, finish and size options. 
      • Prioritising sustainable practices and sourcing materials responsibly is a non-negotiable part of its ethos, allowing us to lessen our carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle.
      • It has a flawless reputation when it comes to style, quality, client satisfaction and excellent service, making it a brand of choice for many design professionals.

With all these factors in play, we are delighted to have its noteworthy furnishings as part of our offerings and are confident that you will find a table you love.

Our Favourite Gloster Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor tables will transform your backyard into a functional, inviting space for dining, entertaining and even office work, allowing you to make the most of your garden.

The focal point for gatherings, they help to foster meaningful connections and make memorable moments as you engage with family and friends.

By including an outdoor dining table on your balcony or terrace, you essentially increase your living space, providing an open-air oasis for relaxation, meals and leisurely activities. And we all know the health benefits of spending time with nature.

With all of these advantages in mind, here are our top 8 Gloster dining table picks - we know you're going to love them:


1. The Kasha

With its ceramic vase-like base and beautiful teak top, the round Kasha dining table designed by Henrik Pedersen is a must-have. Available in seven variants that seat either four or five guests, you can choose from three fabulous colours including Earth, Iron and Sand. Perfect for intimate occasions, this stunning collection will add character to any outdoor space.


2. The Lima


Naturally finished, the teak frame and slatted top comprising Gloster's Lima design provide a versatile, practical dining solution that will complement a wide range of garden aesthetics. It comes in three sizes seating either 4, 6 or 8 people, and can be paired with a number of different dining chairs and benches to suit your style. Add a server and storage cabinet to complete the set.


3. The Raw

Gloster has made sure that there's something for everyone with their Raw dining table range. Its rustic profile ensures that each unique offering proudly showcases every knot, grain and ring formed over the 70-year development period of its plantation-grown teak trees. Alluring and expansive, this remarkable ensemble offers a choice of 12 or 16-seaters with customisation options available, meeting all your entertainment needs in style.


4. The Grid

The Grid is a simple, functional dining table that bridges the gap between stark minimalism and large-scale luxury. Perfect for 4, it features a sturdy central pod and base in powder-coated aluminium which supports a top in your choice of natural, slatted teak or marbled ceramic. Striking, no matter which finishes you choose, it's the ideal choice if you love brunching outdoors with your family.


5. The Deck

Masterfully crafted from natural, slatted plantation teak, the Deck dining table defines the appeal of Gloster's elegant designs. Inspired by traditional yacht decking, it evokes a sense of refinement that comes with old-fashioned quality. Beautifully crafted and uniform, this gorgeous offering comes in a 10- or 12-seater and is guaranteed to make your large-scale entertaining endeavours an absolute breeze.


6. The Whirl

As the name suggests, the Whirl dining table is created in the round, making it a must-have if your intention is to bring people together over a delicious meal. The base, which is cleverly crafted from slatted teak, gives the impression that its form has no beginning or end, providing a focal point for your outdoor ensemble. With ample room for 6, you can choose between a slatted or solid top to suit your personal taste. 


7. The Fresco

If you're looking for a bistro table for a small balcony or want to create a nook where you can breakfast in style, the Fresco table is sublime. Airy and lightweight, its attractive aluminium base features a woven wicker binding and supports a marbled ceramic top, adding a stunning style element to your décor. Pair it with a matching dining chair and complete your outdoor set with a sofa, side table, armchair and lounger from the same collection.


8. The Carver

Well-considered and wonderfully refined, the Carver dining table series is for those who love dining in style. Available in a 6-, 8- or 10-seater option, it can be customised to suit your exact aesthetic. These classic offerings comprise rustic slatted teak or sleek ceramic tops and you can choose from a variety of attractive finishes. Held up by a robust, powder-coated aluminium frame, it will bring you joy for years.


Factors to consider when choosing an outdoor dining table

This outstanding company has established a reputation as a provider of high-quality patio furniture, catering to customers looking for both elegance and functionality in their backyard settings.

Its finely built outdoor tables are intended to create an atmosphere of comfort and charm while embodying the principles of sustainability, durability and luxury living. And, with a reputation for its attention to detail and innovative style, it has become a hot favourite amongst décor aficionados worldwide.

To find the right one, look for a seamless balance of function and form while ticking all the boxes when it comes to personal preference. To get this right, here are some guidelines:


The size of a table is critical in establishing its compatibility with your available space. Step one is therefore to measure up and make sure that whatever you choose neither overpowers nor gets lost in its allocated environment.


As in all good design, you'll need create a sense of flow by leaving enough space for movement and seating, while also providing a welcoming setting for your guests.


Round tables encourage gathering, create a social vibe and save space if your patio area is on the small side. Rectangular tables are more formal, provide ample room for dishes and décor and allow you to seat your guests strategically.


When it comes to outdoor tables, your material selection is everything. Whatever you choose needs to be able to withstand radical climate fluctuations and be impervious to elements like UV rays, salty air and corrosion. 

Here are some top options:

      • Teak: Popular because it is both beautiful and durable, this sustainable wood ages elegantly over time, is insect-resistant and will not warp or rot.
      • Aluminium: Light and corrosion-proof, this popular metal is fully recyclable, robust and versatile.
      • Synthetic wicker: Specifically made for outdoor use, it offers a blend of durability and weather resistance, making it ideal for those looking for a modern aesthetic.
      • Ceramic: Often used for outdoor tabletops, not only is it scratch-proof and fade-resistant but it comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit your aesthetic.


While functionality is paramount, design should certainly not be disregarded. Your table of choice should complement the overall look and feel of your entire space and add to a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor furnishings. Here's how:

  • Whether you prefer a contemporary vibe or something more traditional, aim towards finding a table and chairs that will create a unified, visually interesting environment.
  • Consider aspects like your colour palette and genre. 
  • Personal preference should also play an important role in your final decision, ensuring that you end up with something you can live with for years to come.

Shop Gloster outdoor furniture at FCI London

Outdoor furniture plays a pivotal role in the aesthetic value of your home and is considered, amongst professionals, of equal importance to your interior design choices.

At FCI London we're passionate about creating beautiful spaces and, with years of hands-on experience, have the expertise and product range you need to do just that.

Sustainably produced, elegant and enduring, Gloster's bespoke collections tick all the boxes when it comes to embracing a luxurious lifestyle, making them one of our must-have choices. To find out more about them or to explore other fabulous options, make an appointment to visit our showroom and our brilliant designers will help you plan your layout. 


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