9 Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2024

In this age of invention and creativity, modern garden furniture trends are influencing the direction of design, evolving beyond its purely functional origins to encompass striking profiles, cutting-edge materials and unrivalled comfort.

Now a symbol of luxury that is as important as your interior landscapes, it encapsulates the spirit of alfresco living with sleek loungers and chic dining sets.

Join us on this exciting exploration of the astonishing confluence of form and function that is shaping the future of outdoor design and modern furniture trends.

Garden Furniture Trends 2024

A quick glance at the newest trends for 2024 shows some exciting new profiles. These include:

1 - Ergonomics:

Comfort is key, especially at the dining table, so it's important to choose chairs with extra support, higher backrests and great padding like the Journey collection by Skyline Design.

2 - Multifunctional spaces:

Combining lounge and dining areas is big on the agenda, allowing you to eat in a more leisurely fashion. This trend includes combining higher coffee tables in a sitting area or comfortable armchairs around an expansive dining table. It has also extended to outdoor cooking zones so you and your guests can continue chatting while the food is being prepared.

3 - Rope:

The combination of rope with both teak and aluminium is gaining interest, giving you sturdy, fashion-forward furniture that will last for years. Pioneering companies such as Ethimo have perfected the art with elegant inclusions like the Knit collection. With their selection of armchairs and sofas, you can create impactful outdoor landscapes that resonate with your natural surroundings. 

4 - Transparent designs:

Moving away from bulky profiles, the newest designs feature materials like lightly strung wicker, giving your patio sets a transparent feel. This creates an aesthetic that is airy and refined. The Bakari Love Seat by Skyline Desing is a perfect example of this elegant technique. 

5 - Light, neutral tones:

With the Scandi style in hot demand, 2024's colour scheme is fresh and earthy with warm creams, sand and dune tones dominating cushions and tabletops. The Smart coffee table by Atmosphera, for instance, offers a powder-coated aluminium base with a choice of natural shades and finishes for the top.

6 - Sustainable materials and eco-friendly designs:

As environmental awareness continues to rise, there is an increasing demand for sustainable materials and designs that minimise ecological footprints. This significant trend sees industry professionals seeking out woods that are mindfully forested, plastics that are recyclable and a myriad of unexpected resources that proffer both beautiful furnishings and a greener planet. Here are some standard options you can choose from when purchasing outdoor furniture:

  • Bamboo: A quick-growing plant that uses few resources and little water, bamboo has become a hot favourite in eco-friendly furniture manufacturing. With its ability to release more oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide at a higher rate than most trees, it's cited to be one of the planet's best ways to mitigate climate change. Both long-lasting and easy on the eye, it's a great option for the modern home.
  • Repurposed wood: Another green alternative for outdoor furniture is reclaimed wood. Sourced from ancient buildings, railway tracks or old décor pieces, it lessens the need for newly acquired timber, aiding the protection of our forests.
  • Aluminium: Both lightweight and immensely strong, aluminium can be recycled over and over again without losing its structural integrity. In fact, recycling it saves around 95% of the energy used to produce it from raw materials and 75% of its entire global production is still in use today. This makes it an excellent option for the dedicated environmentalist.
  • Polyethylene: Both recycled and recyclable, high-density polyethylene is a durable plastic with many eco-friendly attributes. From energy-efficient manufacturing processes to its long-lasting capabilities, furniture made from this substance is cost-effective and tough.

7 - Modular seating:

Aside from planet-friendly materials, certain designs such as modular seating solutions help to mitigate waste. Created from individual parts that allow you to arrange and change them as needed, they can be replaced sectionally rather than as a whole, saving on unnecessary landfills. The chic Mauroo Love sofa collection by Skyline Design is an excellent example and offers numerous components from single seaters to comfortable chaise longues. 



8 - Minimalism and sleek designs:

The world of outdoor furniture has seen an increase in the popularity of minimalism and streamlined designs. This movement signals a step away from elaborate, bulky profiles in favour of clean lines and simplicity. Geometric shapes like squares, rectangles and circles establish a sense of harmony and order, creating a deeper connection with nature that is visually appealing and well-balanced.

Space-saving furniture is also on the rise as large outdoor areas become more scarce. Look for items that can be easily folded or stacked away when not in use. These are perfect for apartment patios or tiny gardens, enabling you to make the most of them without feeling overcrowded. 

9 - Technological advancements:

From robotic manufacturing processes that result in more efficient production to the use of design software and advanced, weather-resistant materials, technology is playing an increasingly important role in this realm of design.

One example here is the single bed by Varachin - an outdoor lounger that maximises your rest and wellness by utilising advanced multi-sensoriality technology.

At FCI, we understand how important it is to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and represent brands that are constantly exploring new ideas. From sustainable manufacturing processes to gorgeous aesthetics, our offerings provide you with everything you need to make your alfresco spaces beautiful.

In conclusion

Keeping up with modern outdoor furniture trends is part of our ethos, enabling us to offer you a range of luxury designs that are ahead of the game. Visit our stylish 30,000 sq ft award-winning showroom today and our expert team will help you pick out the perfect match for your patio.

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