Best Manutti Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Even compact balconies can ooze comfort and style, especially if you find luxury outdoor furniture that fits your space perfectly. And, with the change of seasons bringing a new focus on alfresco living, this is the ideal time to explore your options. With decades of success in this specialised market, Manutti's refined collections are sought after by homeowners and design professionals alike, bringing an effortless sense of class to any environment.

Join us as we take a look at some of their best offerings for less expansive areas, allowing you to perfect your outdoor space and make the most of celebrating summer. 

Perfect Your Small Patio With These Manutti Outdoor Pieces


How to pick furniture pieces for small gardens

Making the most of your available space can often seem daunting if you have an outdoor area that's on the small side. However, with a little expert advice and some fabulous furniture from Manutti, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Here are some things to consider before you hit the shops:

Weigh up the dimensions

In order to understand how much room you actually have available, measure up accurately taking into account any architectural features or obstacles (like pillars or arches) that may restrict your layout.

Decide on its purpose

Think about whether you'd like to turn it into an outdoor dining area (even if it's just dinner for two), a place for relaxing with a good book or want to use it to entertain guests.

Invest in functionality

Find items that are multifunctional such as benches or ottomans with built-in storage or tables and chairs that can be folded up or minimised when not in use. This will help you to maximise on floor space. 

It's also a good idea to look out for lightweight items that can be easily rearranged to suit the occasion. 

Comfort is key

Make sure that whatever you choose is ergonomically designed to provide optimal ease. This should include every aspect from plush cushioning to how much legroom and seating depth you have available. 

Buy things to scale

Avoid bulky pieces that will overwhelm your space. There are plenty of options that have sleek profiles yet still look substantial. The art of this type of design is to create a sense of flow despite the small dimensions you're working with.

Embrace versatility

Take a look at modular options that can be customised to your specifications. The pros of this approach are numerous. For example:

  • You'll be able to create different seating arrangements whenever you need to.
  • From single-seaters to ottomans and chaise longues, you can pick specific components to suit your requirements.
  • Should you move to a bigger home, you'll be able to expand on your set without having to start from scratch.

Opt for quality 

Choosing outdoor furniture requires more than just a pretty design and a good framework. Because your pieces are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions, you also have to think about durability and water resistance. Luxury manufacturers like Manutti ensure that this is a given in all of their offerings, but always check up on special features before you invest.

You may also need to consider getting customised covers to protect them when not in use, especially if you live in an apartment where extra storage space is limited. 

Focus on visual impact

Select colours and styles that complement your existing aesthetics to create a cohesive, sophisticated feel. If you're looking for upholstery that's neutral, you can always add in fresh accents by including things like fun cushions or an eye-catching rug.

Add accessories

It's not just about your furniture. Creating a well-considered aesthetic requires a layered approach that should encompass everything from good lighting to elegant planters.

Why We Love the Manutti Range

Based in Belgium, Manutti is renowned for creating luxury pieces that exude both functionality and aesthetic excellence. Priding itself on its use of quality materials, it has perfected the art of reflecting the beauty of the natural world in all of its innovative designs and is a stickler for sustainable business practices. 

From stylish seating solutions to tables and loungers, its outstanding collections are perfect for the modern home. Invest in this brand and you'll get:

  • Durability: From natural teak to aluminium and water-resistant upholsteries, all of their offerings are built to last.
  • Fine craftsmanship: The brand's meticulous attention to detail ensures that each piece is crafted to perfection.
  • Contemporary appeal: Streamlined and chic, its designs are cutting edge yet simple, placing them firmly in the spotlight amongst discerning design aficionados. 
Perfect Your Small Patio With These Manutti Outdoor Pieces
Perfect Your Small Patio With These Manutti Outdoor Pieces


Our favourite Manutti outdoor Furniture picks for small spaces

To help you get the ball rolling on your best options for a small patio or garden, here are our favourite Manutti picks: 

The Tsuki Tables

Easily integrated into any design, the Tsuki side table adds a sense of playfulness to your aesthetics. Available in two different sizes and finishes, it can be moved around with ease, making it a useful addition to any small space. 

Sunrise Collection

Robust and stylish, the Sunrise armchair is a versatile option that can be integrated into both your lounge and dining space. With its open frame and body-hugging curves, it will keep you comfy for hours on end. 

The Radoc sofa

Providing ample space for at least two, Radoc combines an airy aesthetic with a wonderful sense of ease. With a backrest made from rope and cushions, you can sink into, it's exactly what you need for those intimate gatherings.

Twist Rug

Available in three different sizes with either a silver or bronze finish the Twist rug, made from textilene, is resistant to all weather conditions, giving you all the durability you need all year round.

The Sandua floor lamp

With its teak base and beautifully woven shade, Sandua combines soft illumination and unquestionable style to any outdoor ensemble. Both rechargeable and remote-controlled, it's a must-have accessory that will brighten your aesthetics.

Napoli Table

The ideal way to enjoy a sundowner or dinner for two, the Napoli bistro table can be ordered in a number of finishes to suit your genre. Pair it with Manutti's Solid bar stool range to create a cosy dining nook.


Transforming a small outdoor space into a beautiful, functional outdoor space can be a challenging task but with the right outdoor furniture, it's not as hard as you think. Manutti's outstanding range is available at FCI London and can be customised to suit your needs. Make a showroom appointment with one of our expert designers and let us help you create something fabulous.

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