The Best Ethimo Accessories: Outdoor Lighting and Area Rugs

If you’re planning a cohesive alfresco space that radiates both form and functionality, then you’ll know that there are certain design features that should never be left out. With that in mind, we’re spilling the beans on one of our favourite accessory combinations: Ethimo area rugs and outdoor lighting collections.

Incorporating these two components into your layout will ensure that you create the ideal environment for your garden space, allowing you to relax and entertain in style. And, with this outstanding brand as your ally, you’ll be able to find fixtures and fittings fit for a king. Read on to find out more.

The Perfect Pairing: Ethimo Outdoor Lighting & Area Rugs

Why outdoor lighting matters

External lighting is a crucial aspect of the overall design of your backyard. Not only does it provide great aesthetics but it also ensures your well-being, protecting you whenever you venture outside. Here are some of the reasons why it's so important:

Safety and Security

Its primary purpose is to improve safety and security. Adequate illumination in walkways and terraced areas, for example, will help prevent falls and other accident-based incidents. Similarly, installing floodlights or motion-sensor spots will deter burglars and make it easier for homeowners to keep a watchful eye on their property.

Aesthetic appeal

Well-considered lighting plans add enormous aesthetic value to your décor, infusing your surroundings with warmth and ambience and helping to emphasise design elements like water features or pillars. They can also be used to create focal points or highlight a specific zone like a dining or sitting space.

Furthermore, modern fixtures come in a range of gorgeous floor lamps, pendants and wall sconces that will enhance the visual appeal of your space.


The correct illumination will improve overall functionality, allowing you to see what you’re doing when reading, barbequing or just chatting with friends. This is especially effective if you opt for a layered approach using the following:

  • Ambient lighting: Usually your primary source, it infuses your space with a soft glow without causing any harsh shadows or glare.
  • Task lighting: This is more focused and is normally used to help you perform specific activities.
  • Accent lighting: A must-have if you want to highlight points of interest like an architectural feature or some bespoke artwork.

Using a balanced blend of all of the above will ensure that your outdoor space is well-considered and beautifully lit, adding to its overall sense of refinement.

The benefits of outdoor area rugs

Often a feature that is either disregarded or forgotten about, including an outdoor rug in your design plans is often not a priority. However, these fabulous accessories make a massive impact on the cohesiveness of your alfresco spaces and should be a key feature in your overall ensemble. This is what they offer:


They add to the overall purpose of your space by:

  • Pulling the different components of a room together.
  • Defining separate zones.
  • Protecting your flooring.
  • Stopping your furniture from slipping.


Nothing says luxury quite like something soft and warm underfoot, especially if you’re spending an evening under the stars. And a beautifully made rug that’s created to withstand the elements will do exactly that.


If you’re looking to add visual impact, pops of colour and different textures to your patio, this is the way to do it. Plus, they'll connect all your design components together and help you to refine your style. Contemporary offerings come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and shades, allowing you to choose exactly what you need to make your space complete. When picking one out, take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Size: Measure your space properly and find a rug big enough to fit under your key furniture items.
  • Genre: Make sure you choose something that complements the overall style of your home.


Made from robust, weather-resistant materials like polypropylene, they are able to endure harsh climate conditions, making them an excellent option for exterior living spaces.

Why we love Ethimo outdoor furniture

Founded in 2009 by the Confidati family, Ethimo builds its interpretation of outdoor living spaces on a concept that embraces harmony, simplicity and well-being. Inspired by Mediterranean lifestyles, this exceptional brand is known for its luxurious minimalist offerings and produces one-of-a-kind furnishings that are loved by professionals and homeowners alike.

Their beautiful designs, constructed from materials like aged teak and eco-friendly fabrics, encourage a fundamental sense of ease that wonderfully embodies the essence of the outdoors.

Masterfully balancing function and form and with an emphasis on calm, conscious living, each piece gently encourages you to truly appreciate the benefits of spending time in nature. And with an aesthetic that is fresh, familiar and laid-back, yet also unquestionably sophisticated, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Providing some of the most stunning designs in the world that encompass everything from dining tables and seating solutions to loungers and accessories, we consider Ethimo the cream of the crop.

The Perfect Pairing: Ethimo Outdoor Lighting & Area Rugs
The Perfect Pairing: Ethimo Outdoor Lighting & Area Rugs


Why Ethimo’s outdoor lighting and area rugs are the perfect match

The ideal way to enhance any alfresco environment, these two components look fabulous together and help to correlate comfortable, inviting spaces. In our opinion, Ethimo’s high-class offerings take the cake - here’s what you should know about them:


Using classic, earthy materials like teak, Tuscan terracotta, glass and metal, this brand's gorgeous lighting collection allows you to elegantly illuminate your surroundings, making night-time entertaining a breeze.

In keeping with its sustainability commitments, it uses LED technology in many of its products, enabling you to reduce your electricity consumption and minimise your carbon footprint. And, with an astounding range of everything from wall sconces to floor lamps, you’ll be able to set the tone for any occasion, whether you're enjoying a quiet glass of vino with a good book or are hosting a late-night summer soiree.


When it comes to underfoot comfort, Ethimo rugs are a must-have and will add that extra sense of opulence to your outdoor ensemble. Made from hand-woven polypropylene, they are durable, weather-proof and extremely long-lasting, ensuring that you’ll be able to cosy up with loved ones and friends day and night.

Available in an elegant array of textures, patterns, colour palettes and sizes to go with just about any look, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So if you fall in love with more than one, our design team recommends that you splash out - because creating a layered look will definitely never go out of style.

Whether you’re refreshing a living room or an outside oasis, lighting and rugs are considered two of the most important elements in professional design. So we recommend you always include them in order to add character, style and purpose to your space.

Pairing suggestions for Ethimo’s outdoor lighting and rug offerings

Choosing the perfect Ethimo combinations for your outdoor space might seem daunting but these great tips from our design team will help you create a beautiful setting in no time:

Measure up

Weigh up the size of your patio or balcony before making a final decision. Compact areas are better suited to a more minimalistic design, whilst larger spaces may necessitate options that are both substantial and eye-catching.

Define your style

Think about the overall style of your home and make sure you create a sense of cohesivity and flow between your interior and exterior aesthetics. Classic outdoor lighting fixtures should be paired with traditional area rugs, while a sleek, modern look will suit accessories with clean lines and simple forms.

Add your own personal touch

By this, we mean that you should absolutely love whatever you choose because you’ll have to live with it for years. If you feel most at ease in a cosy environment, pair a snug rug with a warm light colour. Conversely, if you prefer something more avant-garde, invest in a more pared-back look.

3 Ethimo outdoor light and rug pairings we’re mad about

While there are many options to explore in the Ethimo range, we thought we’d start you off with three of our favourite combinations, designed to create spaces that are seamlessly beautiful. Here they are:

The Nodi rug and Carre table lamp

Ethimo’s stunning Nodi collection of rugs captures all the best features of traditional artisanal weaving and brings a soft, luxurious feel to any discerning outdoor environment. With a choice of abstract patterns available in a variety of yarns, they'll add texture and visual interest to your space.

We suggest you pair it with the Carre table lamp - an outstanding combination of a sleek metal framework in black or warm white, inlaid with warm pickled teak. Expand on the look by adding a wall or floor light from the same range.

The Malindi rug and Ginger floor lamp

Available in either green seaweed or blue indigo, the Malindi rug collection combines a selection of expertly woven polypropylene threads that, together, create a visual masterpiece. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, they’re a seamless way to bring a sense of charm to your alfresco lifestyle.

Add some rustic appeal by including the Ginger floor lamp in your ensemble. With a choice of three different heights from small to large, this beautiful offering features an aluminium frame and teak slats - perfect for that beachy vibe.

The Coimbra rug and pharos wall sconce

For those looking for a neutral colour palette that will suit any style, Ethimo’s coconut-coloured Coimbra area rug is ideal. The perfect match for any of the brand’s luxury sofas or dining sets, this sophisticated carpet is sure to tie your furnishings together and add a touch of class to your setting.

Our designers love pairing it with the Pharos wall sconce, a classic addition to any outdoor space. Inspired by nineteenth-century Venetian lanterns, this eye-catching dark grey aluminium masterpiece casts its light downwards, bringing warmth and gentle illumination to your spaces.

Shop Ethimo outdoor rugs and lighting at FCI London

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated seating solution, a table to dine at or accessories that will enhance your garden retreat, Ethimo has it all.

To find out more, get in touch today or pop into our spectacular showroom for a chat, a glass of bubbly and a guided tour. Our experienced design team is on hand to help you seven days a week.

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