What Is The Most Comfortable Outdoor Chair Ever?

What Is The Most Comfortable Outdoor Chair Ever?

The quest for an optimal sense of well-being is an ongoing endeavour in the world of alfresco living. As we constantly crave that perfect environment where we can unwind and celebrate nature, it’s disappointing when our seating solutions aren’t quite up to scratch. 

Finding the perfect balance of style and ease in patio furniture can be a challenge, but what if we told you that your search is over? 

Join our expert design team as we take a closer look at what it takes to make an outdoor chair comfortable, and explore the different types available. 

We’ll also give you tips on how to find one that specifically suits your needs and unveil our top 5 favourites.

Read on to find out more.

5 Types of outdoor chairs that are built for comfort 

From ergonomic recliners to beautifully padded armchairs, there are endless options when it comes to enhancing perfect relaxation. These are 5 we absolutely love: 

1 - Hanging egg chairs

Stylish and trendy, these spherical seats will cocoon you in comfort, providing a cosy retreat if you’re in search of some “me time”. Typically hung from a ceiling hook or stand, they allow for gentle motion, which adds to an overall sense of ease. 

With its beachy vibe and cosy construction, we’re hooked on Skyline Design’s fabulous Heri chair.

2 - Rocking chairs 

Appreciated for their rocking abilities, these furniture icons help to soothe and calm, allowing you to shake off your stress and relax. Now widely available in both classic and contemporary formats, you’re sure to find one that will elevate your garden aesthetics. 

For a contemporary take on rustic charm, take a peek at the Ludo rocking chair by Atmosphera.  

3 - Beanbags

Fun and casual, beanbags have become a popular option for your alfresco spaces, especially if you have a household full of children and pets. Versatile and lightweight, they can be moved around as desired and are usually covered in water-resistant materials for extra durability.

The Cay East design by Villevenete is as sophisticated as they come, lending a sense of ease to your aesthetics. 

What Is The Most Comfortable Outdoor Chair Ever?
What Is The Most Comfortable Outdoor Chair Ever?


4 - Accent chairs

A wonderful way to complement a luxury sofa, these come in a myriad of sophisticated designs, enabling you to offer extra seating to all your guests. So, whether you love entertaining or just curling up with a good book, you should certainly invest in a pair.  

With its beautifully quilted cushioning and classy profile, the Fiji outdoor armchair by Smania is the ultimate choice. 

5 - Dining chairs

If you are addicted to outdoor living, then alfresco dining is par for the course. And, for that perfectly stylish table, you’ll need some equally lovely chairs. Modern, high-quality versions are usually ergonomically designed, allowing you to sit for hours without taxing your muscles. 

Curvaceous and lightweight, the Radoc dining chair by Manutti is a great choice and pairs beautifully with a wide range of their table collections. 


Things to consider when shopping for comfortable outdoor chairs

So how do you hunt down that perfect chair? Here are 8 things to keep in mind:

1 - Purpose 

Determine its primary purpose. Will you be using it for sunbathing and reading or as a stylish perch for garden party guests? Whatever you choose should have all the features you need to achieve that intention.

2 - Size 

Make sure that it is the right size taking into account the height, weight, and shape of the user. Your body should feel both well supported and relaxed while sitting in it. 

3 - Comfort

Look for something that provides adequate support and cushioning. Adjustable lumbar cushions, padded armrests and a plush seat cushion are all excellent attributes.

4 - Material 

Choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain. In order to do this optimally, think about your location and typical weather conditions. For some useful information outlining your best options, read our guide to buying contemporary outdoor furniture. 

5 - Style 

Consider the chair's appearance and how it will blend in with the overall décor of your patio space. It should complement both the style and colour palette of your existing furniture. 

6 - Mobility

If you want to be able to move it around, look for a foldable design or choose something lightweight, like aluminium. 

7 - Adjustability 

Consider versatile options with adjustable features such as reclining, rocking, or swivelling mechanisms for maximum comfort.

8 - Budget

Set a budget and spend the full amount to ensure you get the best value for your money.  

At FCI London, we offer a wide range of chairs designed with comfort in mind. Made by some of the world’s top outdoor furniture manufacturers, they are ergonomically crafted using premium materials, beautifully supporting you as you unwind and relax. 

Why you should shop for outdoor chairs at FCI London

Finding the most comfortable outdoor chair ever is a subjective matter and depends on your specific criteria.

However, at FCI London not only do we have a vast range available but we also offer customisation options to help you fulfill your specific needs.    

To explore your options, get in touch with our expert design team today or pop into our breathtaking showroom to have a look at some samples.


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