8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

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8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

As we wave winter goodbye and turn our attention towards a fresh new season, there’s a flurry of activity happening in the design world. With some exciting trends coming into play, fresh coats of paint, furniture upgrades and hip accessories are hot on the lists. But the most talked about transformations of all involve our gardens. And whether you intend to spend your days pottering around in your greenhouse or soaking up the sun, creating a summer wonderland is a top priority.

Aside from an array of greenery, checklists include beautiful sofas, plush rugs, ottomans, coffee tables and dining sets. Everything we need to make alfresco living a blast. But there’s one key component that, more often than not, seems to be left in the dark: outdoor lighting. So to set things right, we bring you our guide to 8 extraordinary exterior floor lamps that will illuminate your world.

8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

Choosing outdoor floor lamps for your garden

There is, of course, a vast range of garden lighting options available. And spotlights, string lights, wall lights and ceiling lights all add allure. But in our expert opinion floor lamps are the most versatile of them all. Not only are they easy to move around, but they can be positioned with precision and intent in order to build mood and give character to you designated spaces.

While on the prowl for an electrical installation, make sure that whatever you buy is functional, has a waterproof construct and a cord that is 100% insulated. But if all of that seems to be overcomplicated, then opt for a solar lamp instead. Most of them last a full evening and are naturally recharged as soon as a bright new day begins.

Aside from that, it’s all about the appeal. So whether you lean towards vintage, ultra-modern, industrial, rustic or just incredibly chic, find something timeless that will seamlessly suit your décor.

Our floor lamp picks

If unusual floor lamps are your obsession, then our top 8 will blow you away. But don’t stop there because our selection of contemporary outdoor lighting is to die for.

Egg by Skyline Design

Soft and welcoming, the opaque LED Egg lamp can be used as a floor lamp or to cast a gentle glow from a side or dining table. It has 6 fun remote-controlled options including a dimmer, multiple colours and a strobe function should you be in party mode. Easily charged, it runs for 8 hours and is fully weatherproof and shock-resistant, so is safe around children or pets.

Tribal by Talenti

This eye-catching Tribal collection by Talenti comes in 4 sizes, 5 colours and a variety of pretty patterns, and lends itself beautifully to the Boho genre. Made from woven synthetic rope on an aluminium frame, it makes an ideal lantern floor lamp or can be hung from its built-in handle.

8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience
8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

Vertigo by Atmosphera

Atmosphera’s Vertigo lamp is a classic floor standing lamp that brings a sense of style and elegance to any discerning terrace. Fixed to a polished, stainless steel base its gorgeous solid teak structure supports a generous lampshade in white Textilene. You can also order an impermeable cover if you’re worried about protecting the cable in inclement weather.

Meridiano by Vibia

Available in khaki, off-white or green, the Meridiano lamp is a captivating LED basket-style floor lamp that casts soothing patterns of shadow and light wherever you place it. Aside from offering luminance, it can also be used as a seat or side table, making it a versatile addition to any outdoor space.

8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience
8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

Thierry le Swinger by Fatboy

Unconventional and cool, Fatboy’s Thierry le Swinger can be hung from trees, pergola’s or patio awnings. It also comes with a screw-in beach wood stand allowing it to be stuck directly into planters, flowerbeds or even the lawn. And with an LED light that can last up to 42 hours without charging, you can make starlit picnics an all-night affair.

Wind by Vibia

If you’re looking for something more ethereal, then Wind floor lamp by Vibia will enchant you. Its sturdy glass fibre shell ensures long-lasting durability against the elements while creating a soft glow that contrasts beautifully against any backdrop. A whimsical, graceful offering that can be used on a balcony, terrace or in the garden.

8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience
8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

Male by Talenti

The Male lamp is a monolith of a lamp created by Talenti and can be ordered in dove, white or graphite to match your aesthetic. Available it two sizes, it adds a highly contemporary, sculptural element to your décor and is guaranteed to be a conversation piece when in the company of friends.

East Point by Villevenete

With a range of industrial floor lamp offerings, Villevenete creates unique masterpieces and capture the sophistication and simplicity of steel. The East Point lamp, with its solid geometric structure and filigree detailing, will have you gasping with delight. Order it in white, rust or anthracite.

8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience
8 Outdoor Floor Lamps to Create Ambience

Shop outdoor floor lamps at FCI London

Whether you’re in search of black floor lamps, spotlight floor lamps, arc floor lamps or anything in between, our showroom has what you need. Our knowledgeable designers will guide you through your choices and make sure that you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Pop in today – we’ll have a coffee waiting!

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