Minimalist Luxury: The Story of Ethimo

Minimalist Luxury: The Story of Ethimo

As enthusiastic interior designers and curators of some of the world's most exquisite furniture, we are enamoured with products that go beyond our expectations.

So, with summer almost in full bloom, we thought you’d like the low down on a brand that will change the way you think about your backyards.

Allow us to explore Ethimo’s story of minimalist luxury with you.

What Defines Minimalism?

Minimalism is a contemporary design style that has quickly gathered momentum in recent years, taking the décor industry by storm.

Defined by its simplicity, clean lines and emphasis on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, it is regarded as the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication.

With its understated yet powerful aesthetic, the genre comes with several benefits which makes it popular amongst professionals and homeowners alike. This is what our design team love about it:

  • One of the cornerstones of this movement is the reduction of clutter, allowing for a more organised, functional space.
  • Decreasing the need for an excess of furniture and accessories creates an inherent sense of flow and freedom of movement.
  • Minimalism has been known to accentuate feelings of clarity, calmness, serenity and well-being, making your environment far less stressful and enabling you to focus and relax.
  • It invites visual harmony, allowing your space to look well-considered and cohesive. From a professional standpoint, this also means you can focus on higher-quality pieces that will infuse your space with elegance and sophistication.
  • With a typically monochromatic colour palette, it is easy to change things up seasonally without having to start from scratch. This ensures a timeless aesthetic that is unlikely to ever go out of style.
  • Using less furniture reduces your overall design costs and lowers the need for constant care and maintenance.

The History of Ethimo

If you’re in the process of refurbishing your backyard or balcony and want a look that exudes minimalist luxury, Ethimo’s offerings are just the ticket. Renowned for being at the forefront of its field, the company is dedicated to producing some of the most beautiful outdoor furniture designs in the world.

Founded in 2009 by the Confidati family, this dynamic brand bases its interpretation of alfresco living spaces on a philosophy that embraces harmony, simplicity and well-being.

And, with its headquarters snuggled deep in the spectacular Moutan Botanical Centre in northern Lazio, it’s not hard to imagine where it gets its motivation from.

Surrounded by the planet’s widest variety of peonies and with a design language deeply rooted in nature, Ethimo (meaning “origin”) creates unique furnishings that reflect Mediterranean lifestyles.

Their gorgeous products, made from materials such as aged teak and sustainable fabrics, promote a fundamental sense of ease that perfectly captures the essence of the outdoors.

Through the seamless integration of man and environment and with an emphasis on conscious living, their style can be described as “fresh yet familiar”.

This, paired with a perfect balance of classic shapes, functionality and one-of-a-kind concepts, makes them, in our opinion, a cut above the rest.

Minimalist Luxury: The Story of Ethimo
Minimalist Luxury: The Story of Ethimo


Understanding Ethimo’s Design Philosophy

Ethimo is known for its collaborations with many prominent international designers who are committed to constantly evolving its offerings, keeping the brand on-trend and current year-on-year.

With a strong presence in 70 countries, big names like Antonio Rodriguez, Marc Sadler and Patrick Norguet are conspicuous contributors, elevating its reputation in the furniture industry. And, with skilled craftsmen whose expertise exceeds the norm, each product is intricate, flawless and easy on the eye.

This discerning approach has cemented Ethimo’s prowess when it comes to its perception of space and constantly demonstrates its commitment to creating beautifully engineered masterpieces.

Characterised by a style that is natural, inventive, refined and thoughtfully considered, Ethimo draws its creativity from iconic Mediterranean vistas.

Inspired by the spectacular Dolomites, sparkling sea, radiant sunlight and sandy coves, its colour palettes embrace everything that is fresh, bright and beachy.

Precision, durability, quality and an emphasis on the environment drive all of its production decisions, making it a business that is mindful of its carbon footprint.

With a focus on creating calm alfresco aesthetics that celebrate the pleasure of spending time in natural surroundings, it is a master at balancing function and form. And with laid-back collections artfully made in a variety of opulent materials, the brand has become a must-have if you appreciate true sophistication.

Ethimo's appeal is broad, with a collection that encompasses everything from modern tables and seating options to soft rugs, parasols and warm lighting. It's no surprise that the brand makes an open-air design statement wherever it goes.

Ethimo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Proudly made in Italy, every one of Ethimo’s projects emphasises the importance of protecting the environment and enhancing your mental and physical well-being.

This commitment is measurable by a plethora of initiatives, choices and practices that create the circular lifecycle synonymous with its brand image. Here are just a few of its endeavours:

  • The use of green materials is one of its primary pledges to sustainability, therefore, FSC-certified A-grade teak is a standard in many of its collections. This ensures responsible forestation methods that significantly lessen their effect on nature.
  • Aluminium, which is both recycled and recyclable, is another key element and helps to increase the durability of each offering, thus decreasing the need for constant replacement.
  • Low-impact manufacturing processes including water-based paints and coatings allow for the best quality finishes without emitting VOCs into the atmosphere.
  • Furthermore, the brand’s dedication to saving the planet extends to fair and ethical labour practices, ensuring that its employees are provided with secure working conditions.
  • Ethimo supports its local communities and contributes towards the preservation of natural habitats.

All of the above promotes product durability and a timeless aesthetic durable enough to last for years. If you’re keen to find out more about reducing your carbon footprint, read our article on sustainable trends in luxury furniture.

5 Things We Love About Ethimo Outdoor Furniture

With their breezy aesthetics, commitment to eco-friendly production and minimalist style, there’s a lot to love about Ethimo outdoor furniture. In fact, it’s one of our interior design team’s top choices.

These are the things that truly excite us:

  1. Ethimo is renowned for its exclusive theme-based collections that exude personality and grace. With every product in the range radiating its own uniqueness, you have the freedom to use it as part of a set or as a one-of-a-kind addition to your ensemble. Or mix and match different options to suit your taste.
  2. The brand offers extreme versatility in terms of its offerings so from loungers, chairs and tables to rugs, lighting and parasols, you’ll find everything you need to create a cohesive outdoor space.
  3. Comfort is high on the list of its key objectives and each piece is made to be enjoyed in style. Plump cushions, adjustable seating and ergonomics are all part of the package.
  4. Ethimo’s modular seating ensembles come in a wide variety of sizes and you can customise your fabric options, colours and finishes in accordance with your personal preferences. With choices like organic teak, mahogany, natural fibres and high-quality, colour-coated metals, there are plenty of options to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  5. Designed to fit into any setting, this brand is guaranteed to add flair and pizzazz to discerning homes, luxury resorts or outdoor office environments, worldwide.

Our Top 5 Ethimo Picks

With an array of gorgeous options to choose from, it’s not easy to narrow down our favourites but we’re getting the ball rolling for you with these 5 fabulous pieces:

The Allaperto

If you love spending the day by the pool, the Allaperto Urban Daybed is the epitome of opulence. Featuring elegant pickled teak, a coffee brown metal structure and braided Etwick fibre upholstery, it’s part of a collection that was born to make a statement.

Fully curtained to protect you from the sun when needed, you’ll no doubt find yourself hard-pushed to go indoors.

The Venexia

The epitome of luxury, the Venexia Outdoor Sofa, designed by award-winning Luca Nichetto, sports a mineral grey metal frame and plump cushioning in weather-resistant acrylic. Available in either a two-seater or modular format, you’ll be able to create an outside entertainment hub fit for a king.

To protect your investment, you can order tailor-made rain covers for those unexpected thundershowers.

The Nodi

If you think an outdoor rug is nothing more than utilitarian, you’re wrong. Ethimo’s Nodi range is stylish, and textural and has all the aesthetic flair needed to complete your outdoor ensemble. Soft and thick, they are carefully woven to produce slightly distressed, geometric patterns that capture the essence of a Mediterranean lifestyle. Available in three different colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Cronos

For those impromptu garden parties, what could be better than a graceful dining table that seats family and friends with ease? The Cronos Outdoor Extending Table, available in either pickled or natural teak, is a stunning addition to any backyard and can be extended seamlessly should you need the extra length.

Pair it with one of their stylish armchairs to complete the set.

The Woody

When planning your outdoor space, it’s essential to combine all the elements you need to make it both cohesive and functional, thus lighting should be a key factor. Ethimo has a fabulous range to choose from encompassing wall sconces, pendants and everything else necessary to set the mood and illuminate your surroundings.

One of our favourites is the Woody Outdoor Floor Lamp which, though seemingly simple in a combination of slatted teak and warm material, adds depth, warmth and visual interest to your balconies or patios.

Explore the Ethimo Range at FCI London

At FCI London, we’re hell-bent on bringing you the best in home décor as we go to the ends of the earth to find luxury furniture manufacturers that put quality first.

Ethimo is a brand that more than meets our standards and with its superior craftsmanship, fine choice of materials and stylishly minimalistic aesthetics, we’re delighted to stock their range.

So, if you’re refurbishing your garden, balcony, pool deck or patio look no further because we’re certain we have whatever you need.

To find out more, get in touch today, take a stroll through our spectacular showroom or peruse our latest projects portfolio for some fresh new ideas.

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