Rising Interior Design Trend: The Bubble Sofa

If you love to stay abreast of industry trends, then you’ll know that the bubble is currently taking the interior design world by storm. This exciting innovation provides a fresh new take on comfort and style that’s fast becoming the must-have of 2024.

Visually enticing and contemporary to the core, bubble sofas are sure to add a pop of personality to your aesthetics and now extend to bubble beds, bubble bed frames and even bubble chairs. In fact, they’re bursting onto the list of furniture imperatives amongst professional stylists and homeowners alike.

Join us as we explore what they are and why you need one.

Defining the bubble phenomenon

With their show-stopping shape and exceptional construction, bubble furniture has redefined the boundaries of tradition, creating a seamless balance between function and form.

Here are their distinguishing features:

  • Futuristic to look at, they generally comprise voluptuous pockets of soft spheres which resemble, as the name suggests, bubbles.
  • Bubble sofa and chairs typically have curved back- and armrests which merge effortlessly, creating an uninterrupted flow that is easy on the eye.
  • Striking and plush, they add a sense of organic playfulness to the modern living space, becoming the focal point of any room.

Why bubble sofas are so cosy?

This unique concept in sofa profiles is shaped to promote maximum comfort as you unwind after a busy day. 

  • Built to envelop, they provide plenty of padding that cushions you as you sit, making you feel both buoyant and at ease.
  • They are ergonomically built to ensure optimal lumbar support.
  • Their complex upholstery requires the use of materials that can be stretched in different directions, they are typically covered in fabrics that ooze luxury and softness.
Why bubble sofas are so cosy?
Why bubble sofas are so cosy?

Bubble sofa styles

Whether you are ultra-mod or veer towards the traditional, rest assured there’s a bubble sofa out there for everyone.

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These are some of the most popular options:


If you have an open-concept home and need a flexible seating solution, then we suggest you invest in something modular. Versatile and chic, the Scala bubble sofa by Naustro Fiera Collection can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing you to add a chaise section, corner piece or ottoman to suit the occasion.


Those who love traditionalism will appreciate the simple elegance of the Cloud sofa by Gallotti & Radice. Timelessly beautiful, this style is here to stay, giving you long-term value and future-proofing your home design for years to come. Customise the upholstery in fabric or leather and pick a neutral colour that will adapt to your changing needs.


We recommend that those looking for a more playful approach should consider something curved. Unconventional yet refined, this unique profile helps to create the perfect conversation area while providing plenty of comfort for a fun evening with friends. For inspiration, take a look at the Hillman Savona Midnight Blue Velvet Sofa by Eichholtz - we love the midnight blue version.


For corner spaces that need to be filled, an L-shaped bubble sofa is a fabulous choice. If you’re dealing with a space crunch, Iseo Sofa by Naustro Fiera Collection will definitely fit the bill and it’s available in a fun assortment of colours to suit any style.

Art Deco:

Combine a touch of contemporary with classic Art Deco and you get the Bubble 2 Inger Swivel Chair by Eichholtz. With its plush boucle upholstery and gold base, it will infuse your home with a sense of opulence that’s somewhat out-of-the-box. This genre is perfect if you’re a fan of embellishing your spaces with all things glamorous.


Minimalism is another style that’s here to stay, and if you subscribe to it, you’ll be keen to take a look at the Next Stop Sofa by Sancal. Inspired by a railway station bench, its understated aesthetic will fit both commercial and home-based spaces and has all the built-in softness that bubble sofas offer.


If you’re a purist, then new takes on the bubble designs may not meet your expectations. However, for the Thoroughly Modern Millie, the Dalilips Sofa by Bd Barcelona is sublime. So, if you have an adventurous spirit and are willing to do something different, we suggest you embark on a living room makeover right away.

Bubble sofa colour options

No different to a regular sofa, the bubble revolution allows for a myriad of colours in materials that include velvet, bouclé, leather, granular fleece, wool and many more. However, with their tactile, undulating surfaces, choosing something in an intricate pattern may be a bit much.

So, if you’re looking to create a personalised, cohesive space but aren’t sure where to start, our expert design team will help you make the perfect choice.

Other pros that make the bubble concept worthwhile

If what we’ve discussed isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons why you need to invest in the bubble style:

  • With a multitude of customisation options available, including contrasting piping, elaborate stitching, size variations and tufting, bubble furniture options are just as versatile as their traditional counterparts.
  • Whether you’re after a single bubble chair, a three-seater or an ottoman (we love Alcide 43X43 Pouf by Porada), there are plenty of formats to choose from.
  • You can also find options for your bedroom like this gorgeous Bubble Sycamore Frame Double Bed by Eichholtz or Bubble Trapezium Headboard Double Bed by Eichholtz.
  • Because of their sinuous profiles, they are well suited to smaller spaces, making them a trendy addition to apartment living.

In conclusion

As experts in interior design and curators of some of the world’s finest furniture, we believe that bubble sofas are here to stay. So take the plunge and do something different - your living spaces will be the talk of the town!

To find out more about available options, our unbeatable prices suited for all budgets or to get advice on how to incorporate one into your current floorplan, book a showroom visit and meet with our expert design team in a one-on-one complimentary design consultation.

Alternatively, WhatsApp our team today, we’re here to make sure that whatever the project, your interiors are luxurious, beautiful and bring you joy.

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