10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs

10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs

Nothing beats warm, balmy days in the garden and the satisfaction that comes with sharing a feast with family and friends under the open sky. So if you’re planning to upgrade your terrace, balcony or backyard, finding the right furnishings for an alfresco dining space is a key endeavour.

To help you along, we’ve put together an overview of 10 Ethimo outdoor tables to elevate your summer BBQs.

Aside from serving a set purpose, tables should be visually attractive and contribute to the overall aesthetics of your garden ensemble. They also need to be durable, weather resistant and beautifully crafted and, in our opinion, Ethimo offers exactly that.

Read on to explore more about our 10 top picks and how they can transform your summer BBQs into memorable occasions.

The Ethimo Journey

It’s always good to know a little about the history of a brand because a solid track record is what sets it up for success. And it goes without saying that Ethimo’s journey has been on an upward trajectory since its inception in 2009.

Famed for their minimalistic approach, its founders, the Confidati family, chose a name meaning “origin” - consistent with their determination to create outdoor furnishings that embrace natural living.

And, with its head office nestled deep within a magnificent reserve in northern Lazio, it’s easy to see why the brand embraces an ethos of harmony, simplicity and well-being.

Its exceptional products, reflective of a Mediterranean lifestyle and created from sustainable materials, encourage a fundamental sense of ease that has taken the world by storm.

Masters of balancing function and form, Ethimo’s appeal is universal. Its extraordinary range spans everything from tables and seating solutions to a plethora of beautiful accessories, offering everything you need for a well-thought-out space.

Known for their fantastic workmanship, refined aesthetics and unshakable commitment to quality, this world-renowned brand has everything you need for a complete outdoor refresh.

The Appeal of Ethimo Outdoor Tables

Our top designers will tell you that choosing the perfect outdoor table has a direct influence on the amount of gratification you get from your dining experience. Why? Because this all-important component is an infallible way to gather people together and provide a functional, visually appealing platform on which to enjoy a slap-up meal.

With a rich heritage and a constant quest for excellence, Ethimo consistently delivers a range of outdoor tables that are designed to personalise your space. These are the things we love about them:

  • With a reputation that places it at the forefront of its craft, the brand ensures that every one of its offerings perfectly balances quality, functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Ethimo draws its inspiration from iconic natural vistas from mountain ranges to sandy beaches, bright sunlight and seascapes, giving rise to diverse and thoughtfully considered designs.
  • Skilled craftsmen who have been with the company for decades ensure that their work is reflective of their scrutinous attention to detail and flawless construction methodologies.
  • Precision, high quality and durability are all factors that contribute to the longevity of each product. To this end, materials are carefully chosen for their ability to withstand fluctuating temperatures, UV rays, salty sea air and inclement weather.
  • Ethimo operates within rigorous sustainability protocols and is focused on protecting the environment and bringing a sense of well-being to its end users. They employ a range of green materials including aluminium, rope and FSC-certified teak and use low-impact production processes including VOC-free, water-based finishes.
  • Each table is designed to fit into a multitude of outdoor settings and whether you’re furnishing a luxury resort or a regular home, will bring refinement to your space.
10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs
10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs


How To Pick The Best Ethimo Table for Your Outdoor Ensemble

Summer BBQs are high on the list of fabulous things to do in your garden. And choosing the right table to accommodate this popular activity boils down to one thing - how you intend to entertain your guests.

If you enjoy a more relaxed vibe, then gathering around the grill and eating the spoils in an informal seating area is probably your first preference. But if you want a more structured dining experience, a good-sized table and chairs are a must-have.

However, if you have ample space, combining these two scenarios is obviously first prize.

Whichever you choose, you’re going to need to think about exploring Ethimo’s range of dining, side and coffee tables to find one that suits all your needs. And to narrow your options down, we recommend that you consider the following criteria:

Size and shape

Ethimo offers a wide range of tables in different sizes and shapes, so from expansive 12-seaters to something more modest, there’s plenty to choose from.

Measuring your patio or terrace and drawing up an accurate floor plan is the first step in helping to determine how big you can go. While doing so, remember to leave enough space between your various furniture items so that you can navigate around them with ease.

Round dining tables are great space savers and encourage free-flowing conversation between all of your guests. Rectangular tables, on the other hand, are ideal for large groups of people and for hosts who love table décor and formal seating plans.

If you’re looking for coffee and side tables, then make sure you choose a size and shape that goes with your sofa set.


Ethimo takes pride in offering a wide range of materials for their outdoor tables, each with distinct advantages in terms of durability, weather resistance, and maintenance requirements.

When making a final decision, it’s important to take your climate conditions into consideration. Here are some of their most popular options:

  • Teak: Known for its inherent beauty and strength, this durable wood is timeless, insect-resistant and doesn’t rot or warp. It is also very low maintenance and brings a sense of earthiness and elegance to any outdoor environment. A wonderful choice if you love keeping things natural and warm.
  • Aluminium: Both recycled and recyclable, this lightweight metal is corrosion-resistant, rust-proof and simple to care for. It is ideal for coastal areas or places where the humidity levels are high. It can also be moulded into various forms, allowing for aesthetic adaptability.
  • Ceramic: Used for many of their tabletops, this refined material is known for its remarkable durability, resistance to fading and ease of maintenance. Impervious to scratches and stains, it’s the perfect choice for outdoor dining. Ceramic is also available in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to personalise your ensemble with a one-of-a-kind centrepiece.

Functional features

Ethimo recognises the value of functionality in outdoor tables and offers a variety of creative elements that increase their versatility. So, if you’re going to be hosting plenty of functions like BBQs or garden parties, here are some useful features that will enhance your dining experience:

  • Extendable options: The brand offers a range of tables that can be extended to meet your needs. This is a particularly useful function if you’re having a large gathering or are surprised by unexpected guests.
  • Folding options: For those who don’t have much space, Ethimo’s Flower collection is ideal. It comes in a range of fabulous sizes, shapes and colours and can be folded up and packed away when it’s not in use.
  • Lazy Susan options: To facilitate easy entertaining, some of its round tables come with a built-in lazy Susan, allowing your guests to reach food, snacks and condiments with ease.
  • Recreational options: Yes, Ethimo has thought of everything. Their Play table, featuring an aluminium frame and ceramic stone top, is an absolute show-stopper and the perfect way to entertain guests. Why? Because not only is it ideal for dining but it can be easily converted into a ping-pong table and even comes with a custom-made net.
10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs
10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs


Design styles

Picking out the perfect style for your ensemble is key and with Ethimo, that’s easy. Offering a range of outdoor tables to suit any aesthetic, you’ll be able to choose between timeless elegance and sleek, contemporary designs.

Whether you love a farmhouse look that brings cosy, rustic charm or something with clean lines that will suit a fresh, modern home, the options are endless.

The brand is also committed to allowing you to personalise your space. And, if you’re hunting for something unique, you can mix and match different table styles to reflect your personal taste.

There are also a number of different customisation options on offer, so you can select the size, finish and material of your choice.

Integration with your existing décor

At the end of the day, choosing a table that will blend in with the existing style and colour palette of your décor is key and will help to create a cohesive outdoor environment.

Not only should your patio ensemble suit its natural surroundings, but there needs to be a smooth transition between your interior design and your garden space as well.

Ethimo recognises the importance of this, which is why their tables are created to complement a wide range of colour schemes, materials, textures and styles.

So set your budget, figure out your size, hone in on a specific genre, narrow down the look you’re after and get shopping at FCI London today!

10 Ethimo tables that will ramp up your BBQs

No outdoor feast is complete without a good table, so here are 10 that are built for entertaining:

The Flat

Elegant and airy, the Flat dining table comes in two generous sizes and can be extended to accommodate extra guests. Made from aluminium, it is lightweight and stylish, bringing a freshness to your aesthetics that embodies the freedom of coastal living. Choose between Warmwhite and Warmgrey to suit your taste.

The Knit

Designed by Patrick Norguet, the Knit rectangular outdoor coffee table is part of an expansive collection that includes dining and side tables as well as a stunning range of sofas and chairs. Made from either natural or pickled teak, it provides ample space for drinks, snacks and whatever else you need to complete your garden party.

The Venexia

If you’re looking for something more intimate, the Venexia dining table by Luca Nichetto is just the ticket. Inspired by nineteenth-century urban design, it comprises a base made from thin aluminium slats that supports an attractive ceramic stone top. Available in a range of colour choices and perfect for a party of four, it’s one of our go-to offerings if we’re working with a space crunch.

The Esedra

The Esedra range of coffee tables is the ideal way to add a sense of refinement to your outdoor ensemble and has become one of Ethimo’s most iconic designs. Made from a powder-coated aluminium base, you can choose between a slatted teak or smooth ceramic top, allowing you to define your style to suit your taste. The collection includes matching side tables, a variety of dining options, loungers, armchairs and sofas.

The Flower

The Flower dining table is part of Ethimo’s marvellous folding range. Big enough to seat six, this fabulous aluminium offering is available in twelve colourful powder coatings, allowing you to jazz up your backyard in style. Ideal for all types of feasts, you can move it next to your grill and use it as an extra surface for all your ingredients, or set it up under a tree on the lawn and enjoy your meal.

The Baia

The Baia rectangular coffee table is part of a new collection by Christophe Pillet that was originally designed specifically for luxury yachts. Taking its inspiration from oceanic life and beautifully configured, this striking piece comprises a teak and aluminium frame topped with Travertino silver ceramic. Beachy and expansive, it matches perfectly with the other offerings in the range.

The Cross

Patrick Norguet designed the fabulous Cross coffee tables to create a harmonious connection with nature. With a cross-shaped base in eco-friendly natural teak and a top in a choice of black cork or glass, it’s a tribute to enjoying a sustainable lifestyle gracefully. Available in three sizes, we suggest you invest in the full range for a versatile, cohesive garden ensemble.

The Rafael

The Rafael dining table offers a solid brushed teak base and a top made from asymmetrical slats finished in a choice of white marble or stone-glazed turquoise. Full of personality and unquestionably original, this extraordinary structure is a fabulous option if you’re looking to make a statement.

The Smart

Side tables are an important part of gracious entertaining, giving your guests a surface on which to pop their drinks while engaging in convivial conversations. And, if you’re looking for something versatile, the Smart is fantastic. Made from aluminium in a range of coloured powder coatings, it’s light enough to move around as needed. So if you’re expecting a crowd, invest in four or five of them – you won’t regret it.

The Costes

Warm and inviting, the Costes round dining table is made from solid natural or pickled teak and comes with a built-in lazy Susan for dining convenience. Timeless and familiar, it’s big enough to seat six and will infuse every summer soiree with feelings of camaraderie and connection. Pair it with chairs from the same collection.

10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs
10 Ethimo Outdoor Tables to Elevate Your Summer BBQs


Find Ethimo Outdoor Furniture at FCI London

We’ve been curating a selection of luxury outdoor and indoor furniture for over three decades and are delighted to include Ethimo as one of our offerings. This fantastic brand brings many worthwhile attributes to the table including outstanding designs, versatility and a commitment to sustainable production procedures.

To find out more, get in touch with us today or pop into our showroom to view all our latest samples.

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