10 Ethimo Outdoor Armchairs For Glorious Gardens

Whether you’re a sunset or a sunrise person, you would agree that to enjoy those moments truly, you need to be comfortably seated.

We understand that and strongly believe that no outdoor space can be complete without a relaxing armchair that you can use to take in those moments of calm and serenity in nature. 

The best thing about outdoor armchairs is that they can fit all types of spaces - so if you’re furnishing a small garden or balcony - you might not have enough space to fit in a sun lounger, dining table or a sofa, but there’s always room for armchairs. 

One of our favourite outdoor armchair brands continues to be Ethimo. This brand offers various garden armchairs that can easily add elegance and style to outdoor areas. All these outdoor lounge chairs have a modern touch and are made using exceptionally high-end materials and skilful Italian craftsmanship.


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Here are our favourite picks from their incredibly versatile collection:

1 - Swing

The Lounge Armchair by Ethimo is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, such as on patios, decks, and even by the pool. Its simple design and neutral colour make it easy to pair with other furniture and decor items.

The armchair features a simple yet elegant design that complements various outdoor decor styles. The wide, comfortable seat and the angled backrest make it perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, while the armrests provide added comfort and support.

2 - Kilt

This armchair was conceptualised by Marcello Ziliani, one of the best Italian designers, known for his collaborations with top luxury furniture brands. 

Inspired by the traditional kilt garment, the Kilt armchair uses natural rope on a distinctive teak frame for an elegant end result. 

In terms of colours, this product is heavily inspired by Mediterranean elements. Hence, it is available in four very fresh-looking options, including Olive Green, Ruby Wine, Dark Grey and Rope Sand. 

3 - Sling

Inspired by the vintage styles of the seventies and the traditional camping experiences that many of us have grown up with - the Sling armchair is an aesthetic and functional product with the ability to transform any outdoor space. 

The chair features a tubular steel structure that can be customised in different shades of bronze. Overall, it has a very laidback aesthetic and it is best suited for the more informal or fire pit seating areas. To add to your comfort, you can also pair the sling footstool and coffee table with this armchair.

4 - Knit Rocking Armchair

Knit is the most wonderful combination of teak and rope that we’ve ever come across. 

What makes this armchair even more special is that it comes not just as a standard armchair but also as a rocking armchair and who wouldn’t want one of those in their garden? 

This entire collection has been designed by Patrick Norguet, known for his attention to perfection, precision and detailing - instantly noticeable in the Knit armchair. 

Unlike the previous versions of the Knit chair and sofas, the rocking chair has a high back that adds to its comfort and makes it a timeless icon. 

5 - Allaperto 

Allaperto is one of Ethimo’s most versatile collections with a range of products, some of the most popular ones being:

Our personal favourites from this collection are the tartan and camping chic armchairs because of their very unique styles. 

The tartan chair features a sophisticated style with a very unique fabric (not usually seen in outdoor furniture) that looks incredibly aesthetic, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons. 

On the other hand, camping chic has more of a carefree style and features a brilliant Turquoise colour option - one can say that it is highly inspired by the sixties design trends but with the refined details that Ethimo is known for. 

6 - Costes

This armchair truly highlights the beauty of wood and Italian craftsmanship. The solid Teak wood structure is covered in a weather resistant acrylic fabric that is customisable in six different colours, cherry red being our favourite because of how it shines in any outdoor setting.

If you have enough space in your garden, we highly recommend pairing these armchairs with other complementing products from the Costes collection. 

7 - Phorma

The most striking feature of the Phorma armchair is the very artistically hand-woven resin that forms smooth and curvy patterns, evoking a pleasant and organic feeling of comfort. 

When furnishing any outdoor space with this armchair, you can easily create a sophisticated and inviting lounge atmosphere by skillfully playing around with volume and colour.

The chair is crafted using Ethimo's signature EtWick fiber, which has a textured, natural appearance and is both tactile and eco-friendly. This material comes in bark and white hues and offers the ideal blend of modern comfort and style.

8 - Cube

The cube armchair is quite similar to the Phorma collection as both play around with volume, but what distinguishes Cube is that it makes the best use of clean, straight lines instead of curvy ones.

Like most Ethimo products, this armchair too is part of a vast and versatile collection, so you can choose as many products as you need. 

9 - Esedra Highback Armchair

The Esedra outdoor collection, designed by Luca Nichetto, boasts eye-catching aesthetics and unique textures. The collection takes its name from the semi-circular "exedra" gathering spaces of ancient Roman architecture so you can expect this armchair to be just as dramatic and engaging. 

It cleverly blends various materials, including synthetic fibers for seat-backs, that are treated to resemble natural woven fibers. The aluminium legs and base give it more of a modern touch, making it the perfect spot for some meaningful conversations in the garden. 

10 - Grand Life

The Grand Life collection from Ethimo evokes visions of stunningly beautiful destinations, tranquil and alluring environments, and peaceful landscapes that inspire a sense of calm and serenity. This collection harmoniously blends Mediterranean style, contemporary design, and high-quality materials that are synonymous with Ethimo's distinct and unmistakable style.

The combination of teak and lightweight fiber in this armchair creates a highly comfortable and ergonomically-designed line that embodies a more relaxed and refined lifestyle.

The frames are made of teak with a metal core, while the backrests are expertly woven using acrylic rope for an elegant appearance.

Plush and generously sized pillows made from soft, all-weather-friendly fabrics enhance the feeling of comfort and well-being.

No matter which Ethimo armchair you choose, you'll easily be able to pair it with other matching products from the brand, including dining tables, coffee tables and even sun loungers to create a complete contemporary outdoor oasis. You'll also have the satisfaction of investing in durable, long-lasting products that will be a part of your life for several decades. 

If you like any of the above armchairs or are interested in learning more about our outdoor furniture collection, just book an appointment and one of our expert designers will be happy to assist you. 


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