A Short Guide to Contemporary Furniture

Transforming your home with a modern contemporary look and feel will give your rooms a minimalist, spacious look without overcrowding. Don't confuse this with a cold and sterile look - contemporary style includes warmth and an inviting atmosphere, but it does so without added clutter and excess overthought. 

The idea is that all furniture you choose will blend together nicely with no one particular piece standing out.

Contemporary furniture is based on simple lines and functionality with solid colours and simple patterns.

The range of materials that are used in this modern style is glass, steel and lighter types of wood such as pine, ash and maple. 

Contemporary Fabrics & Colours

Contemporary furniture makes us of several different types of fabrics. Wool and silk are used often because of the luxury texture. Materials are als generally free from detailed patterns and kept as simple as possible.

Curtains should not be heavy brocades but instead, light and airy with a no-frills look. Going without curtains will give the room a more spacious feel.

Contemporary shades for walls, doors and ceilings would be in earthy tones like cream, stone and shades of brown, with some pale greys thrown in for cooler tones. 

Flooring should be kept minimalistic with wood or laminates being the most popular choices.

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