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London's largest luxury furniture and interiors showroom
With over 700 brands under one roof, your furniture search ends here.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts will guide your project from discovery, to purchase, to delivery and installation.

Our designers and architects attend at least two brand training sessions per month as part of our continuous professional development programme. We've proud to be members of both the Society of British & International Interior Design and the British Institute of Interior Design

We love what we do and we know it inside out. We will find the solution, no matter how complex your request.


Value For Money

Our award-winning designer furniture showroom is the largest in London with over 700 brands under one roof. We're based in NW10 instead of central London, so our low rent and low rates translate into savings for you.


High Quality Products

For 35 years we have carefully nurtured and curated our brand list. We work with the most reliable, service-oriented designers and brands and we're proud to bring you only the best quality products on the market.


Exceptional Service

Most of our customers buy from us based on personal recommendations and our data shows that they always come back when new requirements arise.

We take great pride in our consistently excellent service and the hundreds of 5-star reviews that we receive. We have a long list of clients who would be happy to speak with you personally about their experience with FCI. But don’t take our word for it - let our customer reviews help you make your decision.


Whatever your request, we’ve got the solution.

Our award-winning designers will help you pick the perfect coffee table or create your interior from scratch.


Your project's going places,
let us take you there.

It's go time! Time to get things done.
You may be stuck inside, but you're free to connect with us, seven days a week for anything design related.

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"We love what we do"

If you spend some time surfing through our website, you'll see that statement appear many, many times. We love design, we love the creative process, we love the wonderful people we get to work with across Europe and the rest of the world and we love working with our clients. We forge great relationships with our clients and the large majority of them recommend us on, which is mainly how our contemporary furniture business has grown over the last 30 years. Whether you're simply looking for an interesting modern designer dining table or you're embarking on a complete refurbishment project, it's important to know who you are dealing with.