Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You

Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You

“When you go all over the world for work, your dream vacation is your bedroom.” - Jack Antonoff

Contemporary bedrooms are about so much more than just sleep. They are a place of privacy and relaxation – a personal retreat that brings undisturbed peace and an opportunity to recharge body and mind. You begin and end your day in them – and that makes them important contributors to your general wellbeing. Setting the right mood, making sure your space is functional and choosing the perfect décor is absolutely vital. We’re bringing you the lowdown on some ingenious tips that will help you create the perfect bedroom.

Planning a bedroom mood-board

Before you go on the hunt for elegant furniture and cool accessories, creating a bedroom mood-board will help focus your intentions. Start by finding samples of the things you love in the form of paint swatches, fabric samples and photographs. The process will inspire you. And remember that if you’re a couple, you need to find a common ground – one that suits you both.

Colour palette

Choose your colour palette first. This will include the finishes on your walls, headboards, ceilings, skirtings, joinery, door handles and carpets. Your selections will also extend to your linen and other adornments, so pick out a base colour and accent tones that really work together. The objective is to make your space warm and inviting. And dare to be different – it is, after all, the one room in your home that is entirely yours. We have a huge library of samples for colours, material and finishes to help you get started. 


Incorporating texture in your furnishings creates dimension and depth and gives you points of interest that add refinement and luxury. Indulge in a beautiful marble tabletop, a plush area rug or a panelled feature wall – and include accessories like cushions and throws.

Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You

How to make your bedroom multi-functional

One of the most important things to get right when designing the perfect bedroom is functionality. Here are 5 ways to do that.

Choose the right bed

A great bed is the most crucial element of your bedroom, so splash out – it’s worth the investment. Find one that suits your body and gives you the right support by testing as many showroom samples as possible. And speak to a specialist. You’ll need to weigh up elements like size, firmness and form. Indulge in luxury bedding and a quality headboard, they all contribute to a sterling night’s sleep. We have a sumptuous range to choose from.

Create a floor plan

Your lifestyle will determine exactly what you need to include in your bedroom space. Will you want to watch TV? Do you need task lights for reading? Are blackout shades important to you? Is there room for a fireplace? Make a list of everything you can think of and fit them in seamlessly by creating a comprehensive floor plan.

Strategise your spacing

Creating flow will make your bedroom feel more expansive. There should be plenty of space between furniture items and you should allow for clearance of 760mm around your bed as a walkway. This will give you ample room to fit in two gorgeous bedside tables with storage. Hot tip: When picking out bedside tables, their height should be in line with the top of the mattress, or they will look off-balance. Our expert designers are on-hand seven days a week to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Explore your bedroom storage options

The last thing you want in your bedroom is clutter, so explore your bedroom storage options carefully and remember to use your vertical space. From rustic baskets to elegant dressers, shelving and bookcases, we’ve got you covered. Here are some storage ideas that will fuel your imagination.

Invest in a custom wardrobe

A great wardrobe can really make all the difference to your bedroom and choosing the perfect one will be a key factor in your design. From walk-ins to fitted wardrobes, FCI London specialises in custom-making units to fit your budget and fulfil every need. For great tips on what to look out for, read this comprehensive guide.

Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You
Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You

Great bedroom ideas that will elevate your space

Here are 3 great ideas that will take your bedroom to another level.

1. Create a seating area

Whether it’s a little reading nook or a place to sit and discuss the day, creating a bedroom seating area is a great addition to your space. Find two comfortable armchairs, an elegant chaise longue or a set of fun Fatboy pouffes to fit in with your theme.

2. Design a coffee alcove

Waking up every day to a hot cup of coffee without having to amble down to the kitchen is a definite bonus. So why not build an alcove where you can include a stylish coffee machine. Gaggenau has some great options that will tickle you pink.

3. Recess your artwork

Recessing your artwork and television so that they are flush with your walls is a wonderfully elegant way to integrate them into your room flawlessly.

Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You
Creating the Best Bedroom Experience for You

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