Small Modern Bedroom Designs & Tips


Being intimate and personal, it’s important that we pay special attention to our bedrooms when it comes to furnishings. They are our sanctuaries. A much-needed retreat where, at the end of each day, we can sink into undisturbed comfort and truly rest. So whether you’re starting from scratch, redecorating or just changing things up a little, here are some tips to create a harmonious space, especially if it’s a small one.

How to design a small bedroom

Here are 4 guidelines for when planning a small bedroom.

1. Colour counts

Colour makes a huge difference to spatial perception and using the same hue throughout makes walls look continuous and bright. Add pale accents to create warmth and don’t be afraid to incorporate a horizontal stripe to help widen the perspective. Alternatively, choose dark colours for cosiness and depth.


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2. Practice minimalism

Maximising on space is often about being minimalistic. Select light, simple furniture that doesn’t take up too much room. Accent pieces in vertical designs add symmetry, like this Aya Table Lamp by FCI Custom Lighting.

3. Function above all

When it comes to very small bedroom design ideas, functionality is key. Find furniture that has a dual purpose like this Circle Bedside Table by Novamobili which doubles up as a storage space for books.


4. Rely on natural light

Natural light makes a room feel airy, so draw attention to your window space and build in a skylight if possible. Or reflect available light by using lots of mirrors, like this Infinity Wall Mirror by Reflections or the Hawaii Mirror by Cattelan Italia.

Play around with placement and don’t be shy to leave full-length mirrors on the floor. Nick Silver Free Standing Mirror by Reflections (fcilondon.co.uk) Add dimension by using furniture with glossy surfaces.

This reveal or conceal Perry Hinged Door Wardrobe by Novamobili can be recessed so it doesn’t take up wall space.

Small modern bedroom designs

When it comes to small bedroom designs, keeping things uncluttered and functional is key. There’s a lot that can be done to make them spacious and refined, it just takes imagination and some excellent styling skills.

Think about creating contrast by using scatter cushions or ornaments and add in a small chair for multifunctionality. If you can, take advantage of your ceiling. Hang lights instead of placing floor lamps. Making it striking will draw the eye upwards.


Remember to utilise every inch of the available space and optimise the area around and above your bed. Install floating bedside tables or double up by using a desk as a dressing table.

Bedroom furniture for small spaces

Finding the right bedroom furniture for small rooms can be tricky. These ideas may help you think out of the box.

Many beds for small bedrooms have hidden storage compartments, excellent for concealing unwanted clutter. Novamobili makes several including this Tape Double Bed which can be customised in fabric, leather or imitation leather.


With its minimalistic, cylindrical form, this low Allout Bedside Table by Novamobili helps to generate space. The drawer can be pulled out completely, exploiting much-needed storage options.

Buy pieces that are rounded, they take up less floor space and create balance. Use circular nightstands and beds with soft edges like this Bend Double Bed by Novamobili curved headboard.

Buy a sofa bed, especially if you’re designing a guest bedroom. They can be used for seating during the day and converted into a cosy berth at night. Modern versions are extremely comfortable and come in many forms, from single sleepers to double and even bunk beds. Check out the Castel Sofabed by Twils, the Magica Sofa Bed by Bonaldo and the Tyson Sofa Bed by Felix Collection.

Tips for adding space to your bedroom

Exploring storage ideas for small spaces is imperative when it comes to working with tight dimensions. Shelving is a great way to make additional room for anything from ornaments to clothing and you can be inventive in its placement. Novamobili’s Easy Bedroom Storage system is splendidly versatile, offering endless options from drawers and bedside tables to wall panelling, racks, shelves and desks, all built to suit your exact specifications.

The Giro-Giro System Bedroom Storage by Novamobili is another option that provides adaptable solutions for small modern bedroom designs. It offers modular, freestanding units that can be put together so that the drawers are arranged on all sides and is available in different finishes and designs.


Think about wall mounting your bedside lamps or hanging pendant lighting. It will free up the surface of your bedside tables. These custom options from our own FCI Custom Lighting collection add elegance to any bedroom – the Mara White Pendant Lamp and the Bullet Blue Pendant Lamp.

Small space wardrobe designs for small bedrooms are an important thing to consider. Pick one with a sliding door to avoid opening them outwards. Make sure it suits your needs with ample drawers, shelving and hanging space. This Dover Sliding Door Wardrobe by Novamobili is an ideal example of what to look for.

FCI London’s bedroom furniture collection

Here are our top 3 furniture picks, perfect for small bedroom interior design.

1. Combine Novamobili’s Twiggy Double Bed with these unusual, monolithic Cliff bedside tables to create a small room with a big personality.

2. If you have space for a bigger wardrobe, then this Break Walk-in Closet by Novamobili with LED shelf lighting, smoked glass drawers and hanging rails is timeless and will bring an element of light to your room.


3. Add a modular, wall-mounted Slim Bookcase by Novamobili to your bedroom for a contemporary feel that provides extra shelving without taking up space.

We have plenty of ideas that we’d love to share with you about furnishing small bedrooms. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, get in touch with our designers for a personal consultation and we’ll create something to your specs.

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