Explore Luxury Upholstered Beds by New Design at FCI London

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Explore Luxury Upholstered Beds by New Design at FCI London

FCI London presents its customers with the chance to shop for unique and trendy designs of upholstered beds and shelving from the emerging Polish brand, New Design. Their products are a combination of beauty and elegance as a result of the effort and passion that goes into the creation of these timeless furniture items.


New Design Story

New Design started as a business in Poland where they had multiple showrooms to sell furniture and eventually went on to specialise in the manufacturing of upholstered beds. The brand’s dedicated team has combined its experience in the interior design industry with their passion for creating modern furniture items.

Shortly after the brand changed its strategic direction to specialising in the design and production of upholstered beds, New Design transitioned from the mass production process and shifted its entire focus on effectively fulfilling the individual demands and expectations of its customers. It is for this reason that New Design presently only produces furniture for custom orders. This shift to custom orders has brought the brand closer to its customers by producing beds and other items according to their customers’ personalised desires and in line with the latest trends. The intelligent fusion of innovative designs with modern technology has helped New Design in modelling the composition of its furniture without any restrictions.

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Innovation In Trends

One of the primary drivers behind the exquisite and artistic designs of furniture items produced by New Design is the unyielding passion and dedication that its team puts into every piece that is masterfully created. This is true for all the teams across the production value chain – from the design team to the product development team, every employee works to his/her utmost potential, which has ensured the success of New Design as a reliable and trusted brand. If you are looking for a brand that can design and produce a good quality bed for you, New Design is the perfect choice to exceed your expectations with beauty and elegance.

The brand’s strength hedges on the concept that it understands its discerning customer. It understands that a customer choosing a bed from its collection will expect it to be of the highest quality standard. To this end, the brand leaves no stone unturned in its production process to ensure that this is a reality for every customer, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Every innovative design is the result of in-depth research and analysis of the relevant product market as well as the strategic identification of various global trends. These insights are then incorporated into the concepts to create designs that meet the modern world demands of every customer desirous of a slumberous, yet elegant bed for their bedroom.

B&B Letti beds at FCI London


New Design Upholstered Beds

As the high-end producers of upholstered beds, New Design are aware of the significance of a bed that offers comfort, which is why the brand produces beds that are tailored according to the specific needs of its customers. FCI London offers its customers the opportunity to choose from different models of upholstered beds, which can be configured according to their requirements. For most people, a bedroom is considered as the ultimate space to unwind, a place to retreat after a long day, and New Design’s mission has been to design and produce upholstered beds and furniture in response to this need. Each piece it produces is designed on three primary aspects to ensure the utmost in bedroom tranquillity: comfort, aesthetics and practicality.


New Design Bed Collections

FCI London presents various collections from this brand that will help you in deciding on the ideal bed for you, one that not only provides superior comfort but also adds to the allure of your interior.

The Nature Collection by New Design consists of beds constructed from wood and organic materials which offers a natural aesthetic to your bedroom and enhances the ambient serenity of the space.

B&B Letti beds at FCI London

The Quaddro Double bed from this collection is the ideal fusion of form and minimalism. The headboard is manufactured ergonomically, which ensures relaxation while sitting or laying on the bed. The simple geometric lines on the headboard add a hint of minimalist aesthetics to the bed highlighting its understated elegance.

New Design’s Love Collection offers tailored relaxation and comfort. The Continental Frame from this collection comes in a non-standard size, which means that it can be customised to a great extent. This product showcases the level of personalisation offered by New Design whereby it allows customers to create the product, just the way they desire.

Not sure which mattress to choose with this frame? The good news is that any mattress can be used to complement this bed frame, and it can also be customised according to the size of a particular bedroom. Instead of a standard headboard, upholstered panels can be used to create a pattern of your choice on the wall. The colour and material of the upholstery fabric can be altered as well. Another unique aspect of this product is that it can be used as a bedding container as well, which adds to its practicality.

B&B Letti beds at FCI London

If you are someone who appreciates a wide variety of options and great design, a model from the Elite Collection by New Design will bode you well. The Lazio Double Bed, comes with a quilted headboard comprising a geometrical pattern to which you can add crystals or decorative buttons, just in case you wanted to make a statement. This design will not only make your bedroom expressive but also provide you with a cosy space. This product is undeniably the definition of elegance and will provide you with a bed that is not only an elegant decoration but one that is also functional and comfortable.

B&B Letti beds at FCI London

From classic to modern interiors – the Kuseno bed from the Street Collection by New Design is capable of complementing all sorts of interiors. The high headrest of this bed has oversized, comfortable cushions attached to it which also defines itself as the centre of attention. If you want a bed with minimal design and maximum comfort, this is your go-to option. This universal model from the Street Line is a convenient choice as it allows you to change the character of your bedroom every now with accessories of your choice. You can either order a standard size Kuseno bed from FCI London or order a bed that would suit your spatial preference. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help. If you’re unsure, visit the FCI London showroom and let our expert team walk you through our showroom to give you an up-close view of these incredible designs.

New Design’s collection offers upholstered beds that are crafted to the highest possible standards and made from luxurious materials which make them last longer. If you are looking for a sumptuous bed, New Design’s collection offered by FCI London will guarantee you a good night’s sleep along with being a remarkable and stylish addition to your bedroom.

Browse the entire New Design range here or schedule a virtual design consultation – we’ll use our nifty tools to show you just how stunning this brand will look in your bedroom.

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