Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks

Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks

As a high-end furniture and interior design business with over 30 years of experience in the industry, FCI London understands the importance of creating beautiful living rooms. So if you’re looking for a brand that ticks all the boxes in terms of form, function and embracing a luxury lifestyle, Laskasas is well worth considering.

Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Celso Lascasas, this 20-year-old respected business is internationally respected for its outstanding offerings in handmade furniture, metalwork and upholstery.

With roots planted deeply in Portuguese soil, its bespoke pieces are stylish and nostalgically reflective of the country’s vibrant culture. Time-honoured practices like embroidery, gold leaf and azulejos are part of their creative arsenal, giving them the edge for aesthetic diversity.

Drawing inspiration from several genres including Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern and fresh, contemporary vibes, Laskasas is an innovator in its field.

Its in-house production facility guarantees quality craftsmanship and attention to detail from conception to final product, ensuring that each handmade offering surpasses expectations. And, with industry professionals and regular customers singing their praises, its “we decorate life” slogan is undeniably justified.

From a strong focus on colour and texture to the incorporation of both nature and geometry, the chief designer, Pedro Neto, artfully brings purpose and timelessness into perfect balance. That, coupled with sustainably-sourced materials like noble wood and fine marble, makes creating a luxury living room with Laskasas exciting.

Read on to explore our top picks and get some insight into the importance of investing in quality design.


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The characteristics of luxury interior design in a living room

If you lack experience in the field, the concept of luxury interior design can seem pretty ambiguous. For some, its connotations lie in the aesthetics of a room, while for others it conjures up images of excess and flamboyance.

However, in the world of décor, it’s about creating a sense of effortlessness that defines an elevated and very personal way of life.

To achieve this, finding furnishings that have the flexibility to match your style and tastes is imperative. And, when it comes to our living rooms, creating a balance between casual relaxation and gracious entertaining is key.

Here are some of the characteristics that make it a roaring success:

1. A well-considered aesthetic

Luxury interior design can take on any genre from traditional to contemporary. But the common denominator lies in the careful consideration of every element to ensure that it is both functional and blends in with its environment flawlessly.

2. Flow

Aside from being practical, furniture should fit into the natural course of daily life and be placed strategically leaving plenty of space for foot traffic. To achieve a sense of flow, leave enough room around each object without allowing it to feel disconnected.

Visual links in the form of colour, texture and style will unify each separate element, giving your space cohesivity.

3. Comfort

Comfort is about far more than just feeling at ease. To achieve it, seek out high-end sofas built with ergonomics in mind and upholstered in materials that are pleasing and soft to the touch. Then add high-end accessories like hand-woven rugs, plush cushions and cosy throws to create additional warmth and intrinsic value.

The fundamental aim of comfort is to create a sense of relaxation while maintaining the utility of your space.

Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks
Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks


4. Lighting

Both natural and artificial light plays a major role in the success of a living room and should set its mood and tone. Ensure you understand the difference between task, ambient and accent lighting and use it in practical ways to enhance your décor.

Find out more about it in our article on the 4 qualities of lighting design.

5. Sustainability

Eco-friendliness is a major pursuit in luxury design. Aside from selecting natural and sustainably sourced materials, you should consider the durability and longevity of each piece and practice recycling wherever possible.

Things like air quality and electricity consumption play a significant role in decreasing the carbon footprint of your home, and finding solutions while maintaining a sense of opulence is part of the challenge. Read our guide on sustainable interior design for some top tips.

6. Quality

Effective design schemes ensure that quality is found in every aspect of your décor. So whether you’re selecting luxury armchairs, bespoke lighting, a complementary colour scheme or an ample storage solution, make sure your choices are discerning.

7. Character

A luxury living room requires much more than just interior design. It’s about creating personality. And that takes ingenuity, the courage of your convictions and a good eye.

To recognise the potential of your space and bring that to fruition involves a seamless integration of every element from major furniture pieces down to your door knobs.

Planning your luxury living room layout with Laskasas

Before you pick out your favourite Laskasas offerings, planning a layout is key and will help determine the dimensions of your furnishings. To nail this process, here are some things to consider:

  • Your purpose: Defining the purpose of your living room will set the foundation for the rest of the design. So ask yourself whether it will be used for high-brow entertaining or become a place where family and friends gather to chat, relax or watch TV.
  • Create a floor plan: To fully understand how much space you have to work with, a floor plan is essential. Measure your room accurately taking its size and shape into consideration, and once you have the basics drawn up, start figuring out where everything will go.
  • Establish your focal point: Whether it’s a beautiful view, a bespoke chandelier, a Laskasas sofa or a central fireplace, creating a focal point will help you determine the orientation of your furniture.
  • Choose a style and colour palette: From Art Deco to contemporary and everything in between, make sure you pick a genre you love. Once you’ve settled on your style, find a colour palette in complementary shades that will enhance the look, feel and mood you’re creating.
  • Curate your Laskasas furniture: Once you’ve done all of the above, selecting beautiful décor from the Laskasas range will be a cinch because, in addition to excellent craftsmanship and original style, customisation is at the heart of all of their offerings.
  • You can select custom-made, one-of-a-kind furnishings using our bespoke services. And with hundreds of options in play, you’ll have them crafted in your preferred colours, materials and finishes, allowing you to design your living room like a pro.
Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks
Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks


Maximising comfort and functionality with a Laskasas sofa

Meticulously made to offer the best comfort, functionality and style, the Laskasas sofa range is sublime. Here are our top 2 must-haves:

  • If you’re looking for a traditional style with a modern twist, the Chester sofa is for you. Timeless and sophisticated, this upbeat take on a revered classic offers a versatile solution to just about any living room environment. With its buttoned back, ample cushioning and majestic arm rolls, it’s guaranteed to make your space look a million bucks.
  • For the ultimate relaxation, the Corner sofa is a contemporary masterpiece with lashings of personality. It’s the ideal way to maximise your seating space and is a practical option if you want to create different zones within your living area. Available in a range of soft fabrics, you’ll be sinking into it as often as possible.

Create cohesivity with Laskasas coffee and side tables

Aside from their functionality, coffee and side tables help to fill unused floor space and add visual interest to your room. We love these options:

  • With ample storage space for books, chess sets and ornaments, the Darc coffee table is an interior designer’s dream! Its striking appearance, enhanced by a combination of eye-catching materials, brings a sense of refinement to any ensemble.
  • For an Art Deco vibe, look at the Mercy side table. Captivatingly elegant, the asymmetrical lines of its metal base lend a glamorous, geometric aesthetic to any room. With a round top in several materials, marble, glass and wood, you can pick and choose combinations that best suit your style. It’s also available in a coffee table edition.

Define a reading nook with a Laskasas armchair

Accent chairs provide the ideal opportunity to create extra seating or design that cosy reading nook you’ve always dreamt of. Here’s what we would snuggle up in:

  • Simple and tasteful, curved lines and a comfortable seat defines the Harold armchair, giving you sufficient room to curl up with a good book. Its wooden base and legs contrast gracefully with the plush upholstery, bringing a sense of depth and dimension to your spaces.
  • Laskasas claim that the Cosy armchair is their ultimate comfort piece, offering the perfect seating solution for those lazy afternoons. Characterised by sinuous lines offset by prominent, metal-tipped legs, this piece invites feelings of deep relaxation with flawless visual appeal.

Manage the mess with TV units and shelving from Laskasas

Clutter is a design no-no and makes industry professionals somewhat hot under the collar. So put away your remotes, stack up your books and have your ornaments on full display with storage solutions from Laskasas. We’re mad about these:

  • Available in a range of sophisticated finishes and providing ample storage space, the Dean TV wall unit is a must-have. Its charming, Mid-Century design includes metal accents, a refined marble top and a wooden base that provides spacious, fully-enclosed shelving and drawers.
  • Functional, architectural and as artistically splendid as the ornaments hold, the Praga bookshelf is perfect for those who love a touch of glam. Placed up against a wall or used as an eye-catching room divider, it’s guaranteed to create a strong visual statement.
Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks
Creating a Luxury Living Room with Laskasas: Our Top Picks


5 Laskasas Accessories for your wish list

Nothing completes a room quite like accessories, and if the Laskasas range is anything to go by, your luxury living space is destined for greatness. These are five things we couldn’t do without:

  • 1. Opulent in the extreme, the Scarlet chaise longue brings impact to any aesthetic, allowing you to recline in style. Fully upholstered and enhanced by a gorgeous metallic base accent, your whole family will be fighting over it.
  • 2. Stylish and contemporary, the beautifully crafted Randolph floor lamp will add an element of height to your living room while providing you with soft, ambient lighting, ideal for setting the mood.
  • 3. Whether you need more seats or just a place to put your feet up, it's always a good idea to include an ottoman in your ensemble. Available in a range of soft-textured fabrics, the round Sebastian pouffe will infuse your space with a sense of fun.
  • 4. Mirrors are a wonderful way to add depth, luminance and style to a room. If you’re looking for one that is a little different, the Rosane range from Laskasas will tickle you pink. Circular in shape, made from a seamless blend of metal and marble that challenge conventional design norms.
  • 5. Task lighting is essential to any functional living space, allowing you to engage in focused activities like reading or sewing. The Jones table lamp offers a versatile solution comprising a minimalistic iron structure that supports a stylish glass globe.

Get all your Laskasas living room furnishings at FCI London

If you’re on the same page as our design team and Laskasas has taken your world by storm, shop till you drop at FCI London. With a full range of their bespoke offerings, we have everything you need to make your luxury living room a reality.

To find out more, get in touch today or pop into our spectacular showroom for a guided tour.

You can also peek at our latest projects portfolio to discover more about the different brands we represent and get some inspiration on how to create a myriad of beautiful spaces.

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