Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors

Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors

If you’re a style aficionado, then you’ll appreciate design trends that are inventive, unique and daring. And, for those intrepid souls looking to infuse their homes with a sense of audacious exclusivity, there’s one brand that really stands out.

Here is our introduction to Boca do Lobo furniture and how it is a match made in heaven for bold interiors. This out-of-the-box company is renowned for its superb craftsmanship and adventurous aesthetics, evoking a sense of rarity that defies convention.

So if you adore a sense of grandeur and are ready to push your boundaries, we suggest you read on. This is the low-down on this extraordinary brand and how it will transform your home.

The History of Boca do Lobo

Distinguished by its unwavering dedication to challenging the status quo, Boca do Lobo’s furniture epitomises the spirit of innovation, allowing end-users a means to fearless self-expression. With a design philosophy that merges exquisiteness with functionality, each piece is painstakingly handcrafted, ensuring an aesthetic that captivates the soul.

Founded in Portugal in 2005, the company combines cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with traditional techniques, exhibiting an unrivalled enthusiasm for bespoke skills such as filigree, marquetry and metalwork. Created by a crew of experienced artists that include jewellers, painters, cabinet makers, gilders and joiners, its magnificent furnishings are most certainly a cut above the rest.

Working seamlessly together, its intrepid team is committed to continuously pushing the boundaries, producing one-of-a-kind items that ooze originality, opulence and irreverence to industry norms.

How Boca do Lobo Embraces Unique, Avant-Garde Designs

With a passion for exploring new boundaries and redefining tradition, Boca do Lobo has become synonymous with avant-garde designs that both captivate and inspire. This is why we love them:

  • Its inventive use of materials is one of its most distinguishing qualities and contributes towards the conceptualisation of products that radiate grandeur and sophistication.
  • By integrating unexpected elements like brass, gold leaf and exotic woods, it challenges conventional assumptions of how furniture should look and, instead, revels in creating art.
  • The daring use of vibrant colours is one of its signature characteristics with furniture frequently featuring deep blues, rich emeralds, and vivacious reds. This adds to the brand’s inherent ability to convey feelings of wealth, grandeur and luxury.
  • Boca do Lobo's designs celebrate the use of unconventional shapes and forms, giving each piece dynamic energy. From asymmetric geometry to quirky curves, they make a bold aesthetic statement and lend a feeling of playfulness and visual interest to any room. For instance, the Metamorphosis limited edition dining table shows the brand’s incredible skill in its grasp of conceptual design. In a seamless blend of walnut root veneer and highly polished brass, the piece incorporates sculptured fossils that represent the last stage of the evolutionary history of life.
  • Skilled artisans infuse their knowledge and passion into each creation with meticulous attention to detail, transforming them into one-of-a-kind works of art. From hand-carved wood to intricate inlays, every element raises the bar beyond expectation.
  • Unique and distinctive, Boca do Lobo displays a knack for producing ground-breaking designs that are authentically original and stretch the boundaries of our imagination. The Pixel cabinet, for example, is made from 1088 multicoloured, gold-leafed triangles, 10 types of wood and is lined with diamond-quilted blue silk. It has 9 inner draws, each with a gold knob and rests on a polished brass base that cements a sense of sophistication.
  • The brand offers a range of exclusive customisation options (for an upcharge), allowing you to play a hand in ensuring you get a piece that is 100% unique.

So, if you’re looking for pure artistry and furnishings that are guaranteed to surprise, Boca do Lobo is one of our hot favourites.

Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors
Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors


15 Boca Do Lobo Statement Pieces That Demand Attention

Professionals will tell you that creating a statement home requires a unique approach and an eye for the unusual, and Boca do Lobo’s furnishings provide both.

Famed for its attention-grabbing designs that exude flamboyance, opulence and an unquestionable sense of style, the brand creates focal pieces that leave a lasting impression. Ideal for those obsessed with brilliant colours, rich finishes and fine craftsmanship, it ticks all the boxes if you love bold interiors.

With striking styles that draw the eye effortlessly into any room, their collections include a variety of showpiece items that bring drama and splendour to any setting.

From sumptuous dining tables to luxury sofas, here are 15 of its most jaw-dropping offerings:

The Gold Room Divider

If you need to create different zones in an expansive living area, we suggest you bejewel your home with Boca do Lobo’s Gold folding screen. Exquisitely made in three sections, this fibreglass structure is filled with expandable polyurethane and finished in a beautiful wood veneer.

The leaf-pattern marquetry is masterfully executed by specialist artisans, making it a piece that is sure to become the talk of the town.

The Heritage Bedside Table

Embracing the art of azulejo, a tradition that is synonymous with Portuguese culture, the Heritage nightstand presents a unique profile that will set your bedroom apart. The unit incorporates beautiful hand-painted tiles that reveal two secret wooden drawers opulently lined in gold leaf. Order it in blue or sepia to suit your needs or pay a little extra for a colour of your choice.

The Odette Sofa

Inspired by the famous ballet, Swan Lake, the gracious Odette sofa is defined by its sinuous lines and asymmetrical back, delicately balanced atop a polished brass frame. Timeless and elegant, you can order it with either a left or right orientation to suit the layout of your living space. Or purchase both to create a comfortable and convivial conversation area.

The Frank Chest of Drawers

Good storage solutions are sought-after items in any modern home, but none are as captivating as Boca do Lobo’s Frank chest of drawers. Each of its nine units is completely unique and created from a variety of exotic woods, glass, mirrors, lacquers and metallic leaves.

A tribute to architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home, this exquisitely constructed piece captures the enchantment of a forest, allowing form and function to unite seamlessly.

The Supernova Chandelier

No lavish living space is complete without a dazzling chandelier, and if you’re looking for something that pushes the boundaries, the Supernova is it. Comprising a central orb from which brass particles are artfully suspended amidst a series of elongated bulbs, this extraordinary piece brilliantly encapsulates the magnificence of a starburst. Guaranteed to be the focal point of your ensemble, it’s a must-have if you love a sense of drama.

The Eden Coffee Table Series

Eden is a collection of bespoke coffee tables shaped like tree stumps and created by master artisans using an ancient technique that produces polished cast brass. Ornate and awe-inspiring, this remarkable range is embellished with manually engraved tree rings that capture and immortalise the essence of the natural world.

So if you’re looking to be enticed, order it in groups of 7, 8 or 14 pieces. Available in a range of different finishes to suit any aesthetic.

Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors
Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors


The Guggenheim Display Cabinet

Cited as one of Boca do Lobo’s finest pieces, the Guggenheim cabinet, inspired by the famous museum, is guaranteed to bring a touch of class to your aesthetics. This double-doored unit features a black lacquered top and legs, an elaborate door handle, four drawers and two glass shelves. So if you have any doubts about where to store your elegant glassware, look no further - this timeless piece will do the trick.

The Filigree Cricket Wall Lamp

Symbols of luck, protection and guidance, these instantly recognisable (and often revered) insects have been immortalised in Boca do Lobo’s Cricket wall lamp. Detailed and delicate, the silver filigree work is both captivating and creative, turning a simple form of illumination into a luxurious piece of handcrafted artwork. And, if you’re sold on the idea, it offers a Lucanus beetle option too.

The Empire Dining Table

Known for its incomparable selection of elaborate dining tables, picking out your favourite is no easy task. However, we all agree that the Empire offers a sense of style that’s hard to beat. Its mahogany structure is impeccably coated in fine wood veneer, giving it a bright, flawless sheen that catches the eye.

With highly polished brass details that fill every crack, it’s easy to see how this incredible construct has become the brand’s symbol of prosperity and power.

The Sistine Rug

Accessorising your space with a beautiful rug is a brilliant way to unify your furnishings, add warmth, introduce pops of colour and protect your flooring. And, in true Boca do Lobo style, the Sistine does all of that and more.

Its intricate design is both a respectful nod to the incredible artworks of Michael Angelo and a modern tribute to the vibrancy of 21st-century life. With endless possibilities when it comes to customisation, you can switch up the colour, material and dimensions to suit your needs.

The Soleil Dining Chair

A symbol of sheer elegance, the Soleil dining chair is the perfect accompaniment to any of the Boca do Lobo tables, providing a comfortable perch for hours at a time. A beautifully padded, curvaceous seat and high back give you all the support you need as you entertain in style and the upholstery choices are endless.

Unusual embellishments in the form of a polished brass door knocker and gracefully tapered legs finish the ensemble, bringing a bold aesthetic that is sure to delight.

The Newton Side Table

If you’re looking for daring décor, then the Newton side table is just the ticket. Part of a wide collection that encompasses everything from bathtubs to consoles, this playful piece is hard to ignore.

Comprising a cascading compilation of aluminium spheres lacquered in black and varnished to a high gloss with a top that is plated in gold, it makes a striking addition to any ensemble. Futuristic and fascinating, it will undoubtedly cause a stir amongst guests.

The Versailles Armchair

Visually extravagant, the Versailles armchair captures the richness of 17th-century design. Modern and artsy, it features a fibreglass frame that incorporates classic mouldings of busts, scrolls and statuettes and is finished using restoration techniques synonymous with traditional stonework.

The deep, curvaceous seat, back and arms are upholstered in plush grey velvet, giving you the comfort you need in a stylish yet relaxing perch.

The Naples Mirror

Mirrors play an essential role in home décor, giving your rooms an extra sense of depth and dimension and infusing your space with brightness and light. But, if you’re on the hunt for something with a little extra bling, Boca do Lobo’s Naples edition is sublime.

Flower-like in design, it features 21 convex mirrors held together by a patina-coated wooden frame that gives the illusion of antiquity. This delicate offering will infuse your home with a touch of class, adding a fabulous focal point to any room.

The Lapiaz Console Table

Finished in a warm walnut root veneer and featuring a hammered polished brass chasm, the Lapiaz console table is an absolute show-stopper. An ideal addition to your hallway or passage, it brings a contemporary vibe to any aesthetic and is sure to give your home the wow factor you’re looking for. Available in a range of different materials that include azulejo tiles.

Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors
Boca do Lobo Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven for Bold Interiors


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At FCI London, we’re proud to represent a range of world-renowned furniture manufacturers, giving you all the options you need to create beautiful spaces no matter your style.

And, if you’re looking for something that’s truly unique, we believe Boca do Lobo’s collections are a must-have. Luxurious, flamboyant, artistic and out-of-the-box, they are the epitome of exclusive design. So if you’d like to find out more, get in touch today or come into our spectacular showroom and have a chat.

For those looking for some fresh ideas, we invite you to browse through our latest completed projects. Our expert design team are all about creating gorgeous spaces for our happy clients and is on hand to help you with all your décor needs.

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