FCI Favourites: Fatboy Furniture

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FCI Favourites: Fatboy Furniture

We all know that life can get a little serious sometimes. Even in the world of design. But occasionally something pops up that is so outrageously fabulous, you can’t help but smile – and for us, that’s Fatboy! Whether you’re on the hunt for a cool gift or just something fun to perk up your space, this brand will tickle you pink. From bean bags to hammocks and everything in between, FCI reveals their Fatboy faves.

Why Fatboy is one of FCI’s favourites

Born from a beanbag almost two decades ago, Fatboy has become an icon of furniture with attitude. Fresh from the Netherlands and with design teams all around the world, they strive to bring happiness to your home… or garden… or holiday… to life itself, in fact. But don’t be fooled by their self-proclaimed frivolity. Fatboy are absolute sticklers for quality and every detail of what they design has a function. Their ingenious creations are tried and tested, ensuring that they’ll last a lifetime - and to achieve that, each item is months in the making. The materials they choose are durable, water-resistant, won’t fade and most importantly are recycled where possible, making them a brand with a strong environmental conscience. What more could you ask for?

FCI’s top Fatboy picks

If you challenge our team of expert designers to come up with their top 5 Fatboy products, arguments will ensue. There’s just so much to love! But with a little scuffling and some squeals of glee, we’ve nailed it down to the following.

Original Lime Green Bean Bag

The cornerstone of Fatboy’s existence, their archetypical beanbags seem to have taken over the planet. A playful alternative to a regular sofa for your sitting room, these comfortable seats are an absolute must-have if you’re looking to relax. We adore the Original Lime Green bean bag designed by Jukka Setala.

Add the Wally

Whether you’re reading “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” or watching “Beetlejuice”, Fatboy’s Add the Wally anthracite contemporary wall lamp will light your way. Wireless and rechargeable, it doesn’t require a socket (how brilliant) and its irregular banded design will have you buzzing with enthusiasm.

fci favourites: fatboy furniture
fci favourites: fatboy furniture


Headdemock Deluxe Hammock

Not a tree in sight? Never mind! Fatboy’s amazing Headdemock hammocks will have you (plus another one or two) dozing off in no time. Its unique design and sturdy frame will hold up to 150 kgs and the fabric is water and dirt resistant too, so you can leap right in, muddy feet and all.

Lamzac L Lounger

With its convenient carry case, nylon ripstop and super-strong UV colourfast fabric, the Lamzac L red air lounger is the easiest way to stay comfy all day long. Easily inflatable with a simple swish, you can literally take it anywhere.

Doggie Lounger

It’s definitely a dog’s life with Fatboy, so don’t leave your fur family out of the picture. Their Doggie Stonewashed Large Blue Lounger is the perfect luxury pet bed. Made of gorgeously soft cotton and padded with a voluminous cushion, he (or she) will be lapping up the good times and loving you for it.

fci favourites: fatboy furniture
fci favourites: fatboy furniture


Shop Fatboy at FCI London

Fatboy products are available at FCI London, so come in-store and get exploring – our design team will have a cuppa at the ready. Or browse our website to find out more.

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