Bedroom Accessories: Masquerade Wallpaper by Arte

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One of the chic designer interior design brands we have at FCI is Arte. Arte is a brand known for wallcoverings of the utmost refinement

The Arte of Wallpaper

An experienced, quality brand with wallpaper so exquisite it’s a must in any home. This stunning piece is no exception. The exclusive moiré textile wallcovering fits well in any room of your choice. The design on non-woven backing with two very refined sophisticated patterns make it unique and flattering against any furniture.

The precious colours are flattering and provide a royal feel to all interiors. Light and dark shades offer a host of openings for fashioning different blends


Luxury Interior Design and Wallpaper

Our in-house team of experienced designers will match and pair furniture and other interiors to the wallpaper or theme of your choice. We encourage to be innovative and trendsetting, while also being of superior quality. This masquerade wallpaper to us is the definition of innovative quality.

We are very pleased with our reputation as interior designers and we feel we offer our clients a unique proposal – a world-class interior design service and thousands of quality interior brands such as Arte, all under 1 roof.

We do not just stop at stunning wallpaper. We also can help with your lighting, AV selections, floor treatments, wall treatments and curtains and blinds where necessary.


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