10 Most Stylish Luxury Console Tables by Cattelan Italia

What is a Console Table?

Console tables are tall furniture pieces, usually around thirty to thirty-three inches in height, which are designed for use as display tables or similar types of accent furniture.

In terms of height, these tables tend to be lower than kitchen counters or dining tables but higher than coffee tables and come in a range of shapes including rectangular, square and round. Some of them even feature mirrors that are built into the design.

Most console tables rely on wall support for stability, often with one or two legs attached to the wall and screws used to secure the back of the table. They have immensely grown in popularity over the years and since they are generally narrow in width, they can be placed in almost any room of the house.

Traditionally made from wood, they now come in various materials, sizes, shapes and finishes with ornate details or crisp, clean lines.

With a wide range of materials to choose from such as wood, glass, metal or synthetic varieties - you'll easily find one that beautifully complements your style and existing décor.

Atrium Keramik Console Table


Where to Place Console Tables?

The most common place we see them is the entryway or the hallway where they are usually paired with a mirror, accent chairs, lamps and other complementing accessories.

Many people choose consoles with storage for the living room and place them behind sofas.

Another great spot is in the dining room where they can be used to cover any unused wall or even as a buffet table to serve snacks.

Because of their sleek designs, they can also be used in many unconventional places such as offices, bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes.

Tee Console Table
Tee Console Table


Why Buy a Console Table?

Consoles can be decorative, functional or both - depending on the design that you choose. They’ve become an integral part of modern homes as they help fill out empty spaces while elevating the overall aesthetics of the space.

They’re also a great purchase as their narrow structure allows them to fit in any room without wasting floor space.


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Things to Consider Before Buying a Console Table

Here are some questions you should answer before making your purchase:

  • What’s the size and style of the space where you intend to place the console?
  • What material(s) do you want to go for?
  • Do you need a console table with or without storage? (If getting extra storage is your main intention, then you can consider one of these Cattelan Italia sideboards instead)
  • Do you want your console table to match any other furniture, such as the dining table?
The Benefits Of Investing In Custom-Made Luxury Wardrobe
The Benefits Of Investing In Custom-Made Luxury Wardrobe


Are Cattelan Italia Console Tables Worth Buying?

Cattelan Italia is one of the best Italian furniture brands and it’s highly recommended by interior designers because of the premium quality materials and techniques used in the manufacturing processes.

Their console tables stand out from other products available in the market because of their modern and unique designs.

Another reason we recommend this brand is that all their products can be customised in various materials and finishes to create a bespoke product for you, that is 100% made in Italy.

If you’re buying the console for your entryway, then it will be one of the first things your guests see when they enter your home. Hence, they must be stylish enough to make a statement and you can always count on Cattelan Italia for this.

Everything to Know About Cattelan Italia

So summing up, if you want a long-lasting, high-quality console that will look as good and stylish as new, even after decades of use then we recommend you choose Cattelan Italia console tables and you’ll surely find them to be a worthy investment.

However, if you’re happy with an average quality product that you can replace after a few years of use, then it would be best to go for other, more budget-friendly options.

Best Cattelan Italia Console Tables for Modern Interiors

While we can assist you in buying any Cattelan Italia console table of your choice, it’s natural for us to have some favourites in our extensive collection.

So here are our most recommended products:

1 - Terminal

Designed by: Paolo Cattelan in 2019

Dimensions: 130x45x76h, 160x45x76h, 200x45x76h and 250x45x76h (Dimensions may vary slightly based on the version that you choose)

Base materials: Steel

Top materials: Different types of solid wood and Keramik

What makes us love it: It is also available as an extending console table which offers maximum functionality with its ingenious extension mechanism. It can easily be extended up to 2 metres, transforming it into a magnificent dining table, perfect for entertaining guests.



Terminal is perfect for dining rooms or small apartments because of its extending mechanism but it must be set up next to a wall as it requires anchorage.

Some other striking features include the irregular edging of the wooden top and the X-shaped base that is enhanced by an elegant brushed finish in Bronze or Grey.

2 - Westin

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2013

Dimensions: 160x50x74h, 180x50x74h, 200x50x74h, 250x50x74h, 160X45X76h, 200X45X76h and 250X45X76h

Base materials: Different metal finishes

Top materials: Glass, wood and keramik in various colours and styles

What makes us love it: The striking and unique angular base and spacious top allow it to become a statement-making piece, especially when styled with the right accessories.



The Westin family of console tables is perfect for the entryway and serves as a stunning example of modern-day design. Its iconic base pairs with customisable table tops, allowing you room to tailor it to your own style.

Choose from a selection of finishes for the base and pick between wood, ceramic or glass table tops for a personalised look. You can also choose from various sizes to accommodate it in any room of your home.

3 - Etoile

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2020

Dimensions: 70x25x67h/80x25x72h - 80 Set and 110x25x67h/120x25x72h - 120 Set

Base materials: Brushed Brass, Bronze of Grey Metal

Top materials: Brushed Brass, Bronze of Grey Metal

What makes us love it: A choreographic effect is created by the two consoles that are nested in each other.



If you're looking for a sleek and stylish furniture piece that will be an instant statement maker, this is just what you need!

This piece captures the elegance and glamour of modern interior design with its shiny metal finish and slender legs.

Built with excellent Italian craftsmanship, this double-nested console is sure to impress and add timeless style to your home - not to mention plenty of decor opportunities. Plus, the delicate play of shadows created by the intersecting legs ensures that this classic piece will stand out no matter where it's placed.

Etoile comes as a set of two consoles which can also be placed separately if extra space is required. Since each of these consoles has four legs, it is well-balanced and does not need to be wall-mounted. This also makes it an excellent console to be placed next to the sofa’s arm in the living room.

4 - Rapa Nui

Designed by: Oriano Favaretto in 2015

Dimensions: 160x45x76h, 200x45x76h and 250x45x76h

Base materials: White or grey cement

Top materials: Solid Canaletto walnut, burned or natural oak wood

What makes us love it: The stunning silhouette of the cement base that is inspired by prehistoric elements.

Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui


This is an exquisitely crafted piece of furniture that strikes the perfect balance between nature-inspired design and precision craftsmanship.

The top, made from solid wood, is supported by two monolithic legs, each of which has irregular edges for a unique look and feel.

This modern design instantly stands out in any interior setting as an eye-catching piece.

5 - Tour

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2014

Dimensions: 130x40x74h, 160x40x74h, 160x45x75h and 200x45x75h

Base materials: Metal with the orbital ring structure in wood

Top materials: Wood or glass

Why we love it: The sculptural base that seems to be defying gravity and makes it look like a work of art.



A unique and stylish piece of furniture that can be customised in either glass or fine wood. It features a solid wood base with an oblique cut on the glass top or an irregular edge on the wooden top for a natural look.

Crafted from the highest quality materials with expert craftsmanship, this beautiful piece matches the high standards that Italian manufacturers are known for.

6 - Valentinox

Designed by: Emanuele Zenere in 2008

Dimensions: 160x50x75h, 180x50x75h, 200x50x75h and 250x50x75h

Base materials: Metal with a ceramic cylinder

Top materials: Clear of fume glass

Why we love it: The three-dimensional base makes this an instant eye-catcher



This console was originally designed in 1991 and because of the immense popularity of its unique concept, the designers have created many different versions of it over the years.

It features a sculptural base made up of different geometric elements which appear to balance each other, along with a glass top.

With three variants available - the Valentinox dining table, wooden version, and the glass top version - there's sure to be something to fit any home or style.

7 - Convivium

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2013

Dimensions: 100x50/200x75h, 100x50/300x75h, 130x50/200x75h, 130x50/300x75h, 100x50x75h, 130x50x75h

Base materials: Metal

Top materials: Laminated wood in various shades

Why we love it: It can extend into a full-sized dining table that can seat up to 14 people.

The Benefits Of Investing In Custom-Made Luxury Wardrobe
The Benefits Of Investing In Custom-Made Luxury Wardrobe


Extendable console tables are ingenious and multifunctional pieces of furniture that can be used in many different ways.

With a wide range of sizes and supports, Convivium can reach up to 3 meters in length, making it perfect for smaller spaces or to be used as an extra dining space.

8 - Butterfly

Designed by: Nucleo+ in 2022

Dimensions: 160x40x73h and 180x40x73h

Base materials: Metal

Top materials: Clear and extra clear

Why we love it: The butterfly-shaped base allows it to become the focal point of any space.



The Butterfly Line is an architecturally impressive collection that consists of a spectacular glass top table, a Keramik top version, and a striking console.

The steel base of the Butterfly collection brings a touch of modern sophistication to any room, with its sculptural feel and nature-inspired elegance.

The glass top rests gracefully on the base, creating an eye-catching contrast between its delicate form and the curved edges of the base.

9 - Trevi

Designed by: Studio Kronos in 2017

Dimensions: 130x38x72h, 160x38x72h and 220x38x72h

Base materials: Metal in different finishes

Top materials: Wood in customisable finishes

Why we love it: The delightful contrast created by natural grains of wood and the sleek lacquered steel base.



A stylish and modern piece of furniture that is perfect for adding function and character to an entrance hall.

This versatile structure is made out of a combination of high-quality wood and painted steel, giving it a luxurious yet industrial look.

10 - Skyline

Designed by: BrogliatoTraverso in 2018

Dimensions: 160x45x75,5h, 200x45x75,5h, 250x45x75,5h

Base materials: Metal in different finishes

Top materials: Wood in different finishes

Why we love it: It can be matched with skyline dining tables (available in round and rectangular designs) and coffee tables to create a harmonious and luxurious space.



The Skyline console table is a modern addition to any living space. As evident by its name, its sleek design is inspired by the shapes of metropolitan buildings.

The lacquered steel base reflects light from different angles and provides an ever-changing visual effect - perfect for adding a touch of style and creativity to any interior!

Explore All Cattelan Italia Console Tables

Summing Up

If you’re looking for a way to add modern furniture without taking up too much floor space, then look no further than console tables!

These slim and stylish pieces of furniture present the perfect opportunity to liven up any contemporary living space. Available in a variety of styles and materials, including solid oak, painted wood, chrome and glass, you won’t have any trouble finding a Cattelan Italia console table to fit your aesthetics.

As Cattelan Italia’s official UK distributor, we can offer you the best price on any of their console tables. So if you wish to purchase any of the products shown above or if you would like further guidance from one of our expert interior designers, just book an appointment and one of our team members will be in touch.

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