15 Best Cattelan Italia Sideboards for Stunning Interiors

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With millions of options to choose from, finding the perfect sideboard can be a difficult and lengthy process. To help you make the right decision in a timely manner, we share fifteen of our favourite sideboards from the finest Italian furniture brand.

Most people consider sideboards as nothing more than a boring piece of furniture to store their cutlery or stack every piece of art their kids create. Yes, indeed, they are great for storing stuff, and well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having extra storage space to hide the mess?

But what many people don’t realise is that sideboards are also unique pieces of furniture, and if chosen wisely, they can help you transform boring spaces into the most beautiful spots of your home. In fact, they can alone can make a strong statement about your style and individuality, which is why we strongly believe that every home deserves a sideboard.

Everything You Need to Know About Cattelan Italia Furniture

The best thing about Cattelan Italia sideboards is that you have the satisfaction of investing in quality craftsmanship that will not be going out of style for a long time. Moreover, their designs come in the most convenient shapes and sizes, so they can easily be adjusted in any space you want. They are also extremely practical for storage purposes and with their aesthetically luxurious feel, they can brighten up any room.

Here are our favourite picks from their vast sideboard collection:

1 - Absolut

Best feature: Quilted leather doors

Designed by: Paolo Cattelan in 2017



Absolut offers a unique combination of electrifying quilted leather doors and a metallic base, giving any room a fine and elegant touch. It is available in white, black or graphite-painted glass top and wooden frame with internal shelves in clear glass.

It offers ample storage and since it is a low sideboard with a neat and sleek look, it would be ideal for smaller spaces or hallways.

2 - Focus Crystalart

Best feature: Crystalart detailing

Designed by: Paolo Cattelan in 2020



Focus Crystalart was designed to bring out the best of the Crystalart print-on-glass decoration, which is already popular in Cattelan Italia’s dining table collection.

This particular finish adds a marble effect to the crystal, making it look luxuriously bright. The structure is compact and streamlined, enhancing the technique and craftmanship used in its manufacturing. Since this is Cattelan Italia's only CrystalArt sideboard so far, it is incredibly popular amongst interior designers. 

3 - Labyrinth

Best feature: Labyrinth-style detailing on the doors

Designed by: Andrea Lucatello in 2010



Share your unique perspective with the world through this beautifully unconventional piece of artistry.

Along with its wooden frame and stainless steel base, it features a mesmerising maze on its doors. The texture of the maze gives such a fresh and fun look, that it would even fit beautifully in the kid’s bedroom or playroom.

The Labyrinth is a must-have for anyone who is tired of the same old, boring-looking sideboards.

4 - Royalton

Best feature: Three-dimensional geometric detailing on the doors

Designed by: Philip Jackson in 2017



If you like the idea of fancy embellishments, then Royalton is what you are looking for. As its name suggests, Royalton is a regal piece of art that belongs in a castle!

It comes with lacquered polyurethane doors, featuring a bold but easy-on-the-eye diamond-cut design for which you can choose your favourite finishing in matt white, graphite or titanium.

It contains internal shelves of clear glass and there is also the option of adding an internal drawer in each door. If you wish to create a picture-perfect hallway, our designers recommend setting it up along with the Cattelan Italia Egypt mirror, which comes in a mini-pyramid patterned wooden frame that’s pretty similar to the Royalton.

5 - Tiffany

Best feature: Quilted eco-leather upholstery

Designed by: Paolo Cattelan in 2017



While all the Cattelan Italia sideboards are great, most are also pretty large, which is why we bring in the ‘Tiffany.’

With a smaller footprint, a slim and sleek design, Tiffany is perfect for smaller rooms or spaces. And trust us when we say this, it is nothing like your grandmother’s old room centerpiece!

Firstly, it is ideal because of its amazing diamond quilted pattern. Secondly, it is the perfect choice for any modern space because of its look. Furthermore, if you entertain very often, then it can easily function as a cocktail bar or a buffet area. But the best part is that you have the option of an internal LED light kit, so just imagine opening its doors and showing off your fine wine collection or glassware in the spotlight.

6 - Arizona Crossing

Best feature: Weave-like, hand-brushed finish

Designed by: Alessio Bassan in 2022



One of Cattelan Italia’s most recent designs, this is also one of the most unique sideboards at our showroom.

Arizona Crossing is adorned with two different brushed finishes that were perfected by the hands of expert Italian artisans. While the older Arizona featured a fine brushed finish resembling metallic scratches, this new version features a weave-like weft and warp pattern, which gives it third-dimensionality.

This contemporary sideboard is available in two heights and several widths and is supported by understated painted steel feet. It has an extra-clear painted glass top and internal wooden shelves with matching shades, which are ideal for maximising usefulness and capacity.

7 - Kayak

Best feature: Sculptural design

Designed by: Andrea Lucatello in 2009



Row row row your boat gently down the stream; with our luxury kayak your lounge becomes a dream!

The distinctive 3-D geometric design and tapered legs give it an art-deco feel. Whether you decide to feature this marvel in the dining room or the living room, it is the perfect contemporary twist your interiors need.

This incredibly sturdy structure is available in both two and three-door styles. With the signature Cattelan Italia attention to detail, it comes with polished stainless steel feet and in a variety of colours for the doors.

8 - Chelsea

Best feature: Minimalist design

Designed by: Alessio Bassan in 2010



Feeling displeased with the same old designs and not finding anything interesting?

Try this ultra-modern sideboard with bevelled sides and the most interesting finishing in matt white lacquered, oyster or grey wood.

Often we are searching for pieces that will not only enhance the look of a room but also play the part of a harmonising element. With this in mind, Chelsea is designed as a perfect solution to adding storage capacity to any room. Because of its minimalist design, narrow width, maximum surface space and functional storage, this sideboard could very well be your next powder room or bathroom vanity.

Our designers highly recommend pairing it with the Africa mirror (as shown in the picture) for a truly majestic look. You can also use it as a room divider to segment the different zones of an open plan space. 

9 - Horizon

Best feature: Natural wood grains

Designed by: Alessio Bassan in 2015



Keep it simple with this mid-century style modern sideboard that is all about incorporating natural elements with a design that’s nothing but eye-pleasing. Whether you like a shiny finish or a rustic feel, both are available. It is a practical piece that can enhance any urban living room.

10 - Hilton

Best feature: Crystal shelves and internal LED lighting

Designed by: Andrea Lucatello in 2014



Some of us don’t want our sideboard to hide away our stuff. Instead, we like to display some of our treasured objects to look at them daily, feel the joy and tell their stories. This two-shelved design would look perfect in the dining room, especially with a contemporary crystal dining table like the Daytona.

11 - Aston

Best feature: Presence of both types of storage units: closed ones and presentation space with glass doors

Designed by: STC Studio in 2018



This is a fascinating product because it uses a variety of materials with fine finishes to create an elegant composition that is both perfectly balanced and practical at the same time. The open-storage middle shelves offer the opportunity to further embellish the space by showcasing one's most prized possessions.

As with all Cattelan Italia products, this one too is manufactured using high-end elements, including wood, metal, leather, and synthetic leather, that are expertly combined to create a seamless, skilfully crafted sideboard.

There’s a very interesting play with geometry because of the slanted door and the overall clean lines. This is why we recommend pairing it with some curved elements for a well-balanced look - for example; you could opt for a round dining table and a round mirror from the Cattelan Italia collection, such as the Wish mirror and the Bora Bora dining table.

12 - Torino

Best feature: Combination of wood and graphite

Designed by: Andrea Lucatello in 2014



The use of different types of wood in combination with graphite gives it a very intriguing look and a strong character. This contemporary structure is available in two or three doors and in two different heights to easily adapt to any area in the house.

13 - Dynasty

Best feature: Printed glass insert in the middle

Designed by: Andrea Lucatello in 2022



Unquestionably, the decorative printed glass replicating the beautiful veins of natural marble is the focal point of the Dynasty sideboard. The top and a central vertical section below the painted wood doors are both composed of this printed glass. The rounded edges and raised upper top border are just two examples of the many thoughtfully chosen design elements.

14 - Lavander

Best feature: Three-dimensional pattern on the doors

Designed by: Paolo Cattelan in 2020



This contemporary sideboard has a prominent three-dimensional quality as the metallic lacquered surface is enhanced by the doors' ornamentation in a leaf-like pattern of distinct lights and shadows.

The fine details and finishes further enhance its opulent design. The exquisite look makes it suitable for all types of luxury interiors, including homes, hotels and restaurants.

15 - Costes

Best feature: Curved glass sides

Designed by: Tosca Design in 2022



This wooden sideboard has many intricate elements and emulates a straightforward, minimalist style.

Vertical metal inserts offer rhythm to the composition and let you see the internal glass shelves through the curved transparent glass sides.

The elegant feet are another striking feature, each made of two metal components that come together to form a Y that sits smoothly on the ground. The wooden doors' diagonal finish draws attention to the wood's lovely natural grain and naturally guides your eyes towards the base.

This contemporary design can be customised with two or four doors, making it easily adaptable to any room in the house. The family is completed with the Costes TV stand , which is lower and has open curved sides.

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Summing Up

These perfectly crafted pieces truly have the potential to make your home look and feel as luxurious as a seven-star hotel. And it can be safely said that the right Cattelan Italia sideboard can create the feeling of warmth and comfort that you seek after a long and tiring day.

So let us know which of these products you have your eyes on and we’ll make sure that we offer you our best deals along with some expert recommendations.

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