10 Cattelan Italia Seating Must-Haves for Modern Spaces

In today's fast-paced world where the lines between work and home are blurred, finding furniture that is both comfortable and functional is key. This is why interiors specialists are focused on creating well-considered, visually appealing living spaces using brands that value great ergonomics in their production procedures.  

To help you hunt down your perfect ensemble, our adept team has put together their top 10 picks from the Cattelan Italia seating range.

With a global reputation for excellence, this dynamic company opens up a world of luxury for the judicious consumer, capturing the respect of professionals and homeowners alike. Balancing expert craftsmanship with innovation and art, each piece reflects the company's cutting-edge design philosophy, setting the bar for new industry standards.

From divine dining chairs to chic chaise longues, its range epitomises opulence, ensuring that every element is picture-perfect and beautifully made. So, if you're looking to add a touch of glam to your living spaces with some of the best seating solutions available, read on to find out more.

10 Cattelan Italia Seating Must-Haves for Discerning Spaces

Cattelan Italia: A pioneer in modern furniture

Founded in the 1970s by dynamic duo, Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, this sophisticated brand continually embraces its rich Italian heritage, producing products that exude style.

Collaborating with world-class designers and skilled artisans, the company has become a master of invention, finding new ways to merge modern technologies with traditional techniques. And, when this philosophy translates into contemporary seating, the results are unparalleled.

Here are some of the things that make them stand out:

  • Using clean lines and minimalist shapes, each piece embraces modern living.
  • Form and function are expertly blended to ensure optimal comfort and visual appeal.
  • Their commitment to quality guarantees longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear.
  • With an innovative outlook, unusual shapes, luxurious textures and flawless finishes are a given.
  • Only the finest upholstery materials are used, meeting the quality requirements of fastidious style aficionados, worldwide.
  • Sound ergonomics ensure that every seating solution is made to effortlessly fit the human form, delivering comfort, lumbar support and a sense of ease.
  • Catering to every taste, Cattelan's chairs are timeless and can be integrated into a multitude of different genres.
  • Customisation options are available, allowing consumers to have the final say in their colour choices, upholstery materials and finishes.

Our Top Picks from Cattelan Italia Seating

With 5 gorgeous seating categories to choose from, turning your room into a discerning living space is easy. Keep scrolling for our top 10 favourites.

Opulent armchairs

Welcoming and comfortable, Cattelan Italia's armchairs come in a wide range of exciting styles, offering a sense of ease in terms of both how they look and the seating experience they offer.

Typically featuring high backrests, these ergonomic seating solutions are generally larger than regular dining chairs, allowing for ample space and a more relaxed profile. Whether you're looking for a standalone or a full set, these versatile collections will add elegance to your ensemble.

1 - The Bombe

Curvaceous and enveloping, the plush Bombe armchair is the ultimate in cosy modernity, making a strong design statement in any well-considered living room. With a voluminous bucket seat upholstered in a variety of exquisite materials, its eye-catching aesthetic will assert itself as the epicentre of your space.

Available with a refined wooden base for dining rooms or an X-shaped steel base for office use, you'll be spoilt for choice.

2 - The Isabel

If you're looking for something a little simpler, the slender Isabel armchair ticks all the right boxes. Sleek and refined, its comfortable cushion drapes gently over a fully upholstered steel frame, giving you both support and a wonderful sense of ease.

Choose from sophisticated fabrics or leathers in over 30 colours to suit your taste. Also available without arms for those who like a more pared-back profile.

Brilliant barstools

Flexible and convenient, barstools are a wonderful way to maximise space, whether you're using them in an office, restaurant or at home. Designed specifically for lengthy social interactions, the Cattelan range facilitate convivial conversations, making it easy for people to gather together and engage.

With their elevated height, they add visual interest to a room and are light enough to be moved around easily. They also come in a wide choice of styles and materials, often with special features like footrests, armrests or a swivel function.

3 - The Kiss

Inventive and beautifully detailed, the Kiss barstool is a nod to Cattelan Italia's design ingenuity, bringing a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to your home-based watering hole. Luxuriously padded and made to conform to your body, it features a height-adjustable rotatable seat and a stainless steel baseplate, column and footrest.

From sumptuous upholstery options to an array of smart finishes, it's an investment that will tickle you pink.

10 Cattelan Italia Seating Must-Haves for Discerning Spaces
10 Cattelan Italia Seating Must-Haves for Discerning Spaces


4 - The Pancho

Unexpected and eye-catching, the Pancho provides a different take on the modern barstool, offering a sleek aesthetic that will bring industrial charm to your living room counters. Masterfully constructed from brushed bronze or grey steel, it includes black lacquered footrests that will keep you comfy. Weighing in at a whopping 60 lb each, they'll certainly make discerning guests sit up and pay attention.


Chic chaise longues

Whether you're furnishing a study, sitting room, reading nook or boudoir, adding a chaise longue to your ensemble will infuse it with an unquestionable touch of glam.

Visually impactful, their elongated shape provides the perfect platform for true relaxation, encouraging you to take a load off and recline in style. And, whether you're having a power nap or paging through a book, this stunning range will keep you feeling nurtured and supported for hours on end.

Aside from their luxurious profiles, they're practical and adaptable, allowing you to move them around and style them as you please.

5 - The Donovan

Created by the brilliant Giuseppe Vigano, the Donovan chaise longue is a study in great ergonomics, ensuring the best in comfort and support. Created from a luxuriously padded oak shell and sturdy steel foundation, it has been cleverly crafted to appear as though each component is leaning on the next.

This ingenious design element gives the entire ensemble a casual look that belies its astounding functionality. Choose your upholstery from a plethora of exquisite colours in the best fabrics, leathers, and eco-leathers available.

6 - The Casanova

As enticing as its name suggests, the Casanova chaise is an ideal choice if cosiness is your quest. Adding elegance and visual flair to your space, its sinuous shape will cradle you, providing support in all the right places as you relax and unwind. Skilfully crafted by world-renowned designer, Yasuhiro Shito, it comes with all the trimmings including a range of plush upholstery materials and a swivel mechanism for seamless positioning.

Decadent dining chairs

Essential to a good dining room ensemble is a comfortable, durable set of chairs. And, with their unshakable sense of quality and refinement, Cattelan's masterful collections certainly take the cake.

When looking for the perfect piece, you'll need something hard-wearing and robust and, as they are subjected to dinner-time mayhem, easy-to-clean materials are another must-have.

Aside from the above, they should exude class, look gorgeous and ensure that you stay relaxed for hours on end.

7 - The Dumbo

Designed by Archirivolto, the upbeat profile of the Dumbo dining chair oozes a sense of ease that's hard to resist. Destined to be a focal point, its robust oak structure embodies Italian craftsmanship and supports an ultra-soft seat upholstered in Cattelan's range of bespoke materials. Modern and ergonomically sound, this will bring you joy for years to come.

8 - The Betty

Curved and contoured, the Betty perfectly mimicks the shape of the human form to bring you everything you need in comfort and ergonomics. Its steel frame can be upholstered in a material of your choice and you'll be able to pick from a wide range of colours to suit your style. With its gentle silhouette and unusual character, it's a collection that will undoubtedly turn heads.

Terrific task chairs

When properly designed, an office chair provides a myriad of health benefits including the alleviation of neck and back pain, improved circulation and great postural support. Whether you're hunting one down for your business or home, finding something aesthetically pleasing, functional and long-lasting is key.

With Cattelan Italia's extensive range, you'll be able to explore added features like swivel seats and casters to make light of your busy working day.

9 - The Flamingo

Paolo Cattelan's penchant for unorthodox, organic silhouettes combined with fanatical attention to detail has resulted in the Flamingo. With a four-star base, low armrests, and reclined back, its profile is refined and exotic, keeping you feeling relaxed for hours. It's also available with a cantilever base if you want to use it in your dining room.

10 - The Tyler

The Tyler office chair's generously padded seat and height-adjustable mechanism offer the best in work-day comfort. Covered in a beautiful selection of fabrics or eco- and natural leathers, it also has a swivel feature and wheels. Stylish and beautiful, you can purchase it with or without arms, depending on your preferences.

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