11 Cattelan Italia Accessories or Complements For Modern Homes

The art of beautiful home design comprises a harmonious blend of form and function, with each furniture element bringing a sense of elegance, flow and cohesion to your ensemble. Creating a perfect aesthetic requires attention to detail, a creative eye and one little extra that adds the cherry on top -  accessories.

Best Accessories by Cattelan Italia

Join us as our expert team explores the most exciting options from the world-renowned brand, Cattelan Italia - they're just what you'll need if you're looking to take your next refurbishment project from average to extraordinary. 

1 - Mumbai Rug

A key component in any living space, rugs provide a multitude of functions that will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your interiors. Adding warmth underfoot, they can delineate specific zones, unite your furnishings and infuse colour, texture and style into your rooms. They also protect your flooring from getting damaged, stop your sofas from slipping and effectively absorb sound, which is very useful if you live in an apartment.

The Mumbai rug will add warmth to any room with its neutral colour tones. Because of its interesting abstract pattern, it can easily be a statement maker in the room but it would definitely look best when placed under a coffee table or even a dining table.

The materials used in this rug include cotton and chenille, so you’ll love how soft and comfortable it feels. It comes in two different sizes, both of which are big enough to easily fill most spaces whilst making a strong impact.

2 - Yannik Coat Hanger

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, there’s nothing more discerning than a refined coat stand. So, whether you want one for your hallway, mudroom or walk-in wardrobe, they are, without a doubt, a gentleman’s best friend. Aside from keeping your jackets crease-free, they’re also a great way to help you organise your attire for the day well in advance.

If you’re looking for something exceptional, Cattelan Italia’s Yannik design provides an all-in-one valet solution that allows you to both hang your suit and sit while putting on socks and shoes. Featuring a matte black steel frame and Canaletto walnut trimmings, you can customise its chair by adding a comfortable cushion covered in a range of soft leather.

3 - Bottone Coat Hanger

Why go for the traditional coat stand when you can instead choose this unique piece of art that serves the purpose of a rack along with a wall sculpture?

‘Bottone’ is the Italian word for ‘buttons’ and of course that is exactly what they look like!

You can buy an individual hanger or group several of them together for a strong visual impact. They won’t take up any floor space (which means no more clutter in th e hallway) and they can easily be used to hang anything (hats, handbags, belts, scarves and so much more).

Because of how creative and fun they look, they can pretty much be used in any room of your house, including ones where a freestanding coat stand hardly ever looks good, like the kitchen, the office or the kid’s room.

4 - Brandy Bar Trolley

Opulent and glamorous, bar trolleys are an entertainer’s dream, allowing you to serve cocktails and tipples in style whether in your living room, dining area or during a summer night's party on your patio. Beautifully designed and visually appealing, Cattelan's collection are guaranteed to up your hosting game. 

The Brandy bar trolley (great name, don’t you think?) is a gorgeous addition to any modern home. With its graphite embossed steel frame, distinctive Canaletto walnut or burned oak shelving and eye-catching wheels, it’s a must-have if you love accommodating your guests.

5 - Jerry Magazine Rack

Remember Jerry the Mouse from everyone’s favourite cartoon series? His most admirable characteristic was his strength, as he would often impress us by overpowering his rivals despite his small size.

Well, Cattelan Italia’s Jerry will also impress you with its strength and durability, as many customers have used it not just as a magazine rack but also as a firewood holder!

Most of us don’t usually consider magazine racks as an essential accessory, but once you own one, you’ll realise that it does bring aesthetic cohesion to the place. Moreover, it’s a great way to make the room de-cluttered and organised.

This rack has a chromed frame, covered with the highest quality leather in a colour of your choice. The lightweight structure and the handles make it very easy to move around if needed. Sleek, strong and functional, Jerry would be ideal for the library, office, or living room and it can even be a great gift for any avid reader.

Jerry Magazine Rack by Cattelan Italia
Jerry Magazine Rack by Cattelan Italia


6 - Wind Display Cabinet

Shelves solve so many of our problems, the most common of which is “where do I put this?”

However, Wind is not just a simple storage shelf for your books or a display rack for your accessories collection, but it’s also the element you need for making your room décor go the extra mile. This showcase comes with an awesome structure (transparent glass with an unusual, curved shape), steel details and LED lights that add to its glory.

If you’re confused about what you should display on such a showcase, then take tips from our expert interior designer, Cristina Chirila, who recommends that you should start your shelf decorating with books, then add some artwork for personality and finally, some simple but chic décor items like table lamps, vases and bowls for a refreshing look.

Since the maximum load capacity of each shelf is 7kg, you can easily display any (or all) of your favourite items without worrying about overloading it.

Wind Display Cabinet
Wind Display Cabinet


7 - Sipario Floor Lamp

With collaborations that include renowned designers like Piero De Longhi, Oriano Favaretto and the fabulous Brogliato Traverso duo, Cattelan's lighting selection transcends the norm. From sculptural pendants to elegant table lamps, each offering brings character and depth to your living spaces.

Made from white polyethylene, the Sipario floor lamp's gracious profile brings a sense of elegance to your surroundings. Dual-purposed as both a gentle source of illumination and a clever coat stand, its sinuous form adds interest to your hallways, living rooms or study areas. 

8 - Cosmos Mirror

Mirrors are a terrific addition to any design project, creating the illusion of space and brightening your home. That aside, they’re an excellent way to make a statement, provide a focal point and, let’s face it, glancing into them as we rush out in the mornings is the best way to ensure that we’re perfectly put together and ready to impact the world.

Designed by Lorenzo Remedi, the Cosmos collection comes in two sizes and is a standout piece for anyone with an eye for the unusual. Fluid and captivating, its organic frame and centre, made from bronze mirrored glass, takes on a portal-like effect that is both whimsical and incredibly chic.

9 - Lavander Sideboard

All style aficionados will tell you that clutter is frowned upon in the world of luxury homes, so picking out great storage units will go a long way toward creating a picture-perfect space. From TV stands and sideboards to bespoke shelving and custom cabinetry, there are plenty of options to choose from. And it goes without saying that when it comes to great design, Cattelan Italia is streets ahead.

Inspired by nature, the Lavander sideboard features an organic pattern that adds multi-dimensional texture to your dining room aesthetic. Available in two- or three-door versions, its interior comprises clear glass shelves for all of your dinnerware and can be customised to include drawers in each section if required. 

10 - Radja Rug

Rugs are the best way to bring the whole room together and dark rugs, in particular, are always a bold choice.. And buying a Cattelan Italia rug means that you have the satisfaction of investing in the best quality materials that will easily be able to stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time.

The luxurious Radja rug is crafted from high-quality cotton and chenille, making it extravagant, hard-wearing and soft underfoot.  Its faded aesthetic is visually impressive and brings an old-world charm to any contemporary space.

11 - Pinko Footstool

Functional and fabulous, footstools are a versatile addition to your living room ensemble, offering a supportive place for your feet and promoting a sense of comfort and relaxation. They also contribute to visual appeal, can be moved around as needed and are often used as an extra seat or a convenient platform on which to place magazines or snacks.

Masterfully made, the Pinko pouffe ticks several style boxes. Elliptical in shape and featuring attractive diamond-tufted details, it comes in eco-friendly and genuine leather upholsteries and can be customised in several different colours to suit your taste.

Tips on how to choose the right accessories

Adding well-considered accessories to your design plan will help personalise your home, creating visual impact and a sense of welcoming. But how do you choose them? Here are nine factors that will help you do it perfectly:

  • Tell your own story – Items that bring back memories like family heirlooms and photographs will add a personal touch.
  • Mix things up – Don’t be afraid to combine the old with the new. It makes for an impressive design tactic.
  • Add texture – Soft throws, patterned cushions, and rugs will visually enhance a room, giving it points of difference that enrich your experience.
  • Group them together – Make sure nothing gets lost by putting a bunch of similar objects in the same area. It will add to the impact.
  • Mix scale and form – Avoid buying everything in the same size and shape, or it will look drab and boring.
  • Highlight your architecture – Beautiful pillars, grand fireplaces, and ceiling features should all be in the spotlight, so plan your accessories around them.
  • Create focal points – Lighting, rugs, paintings, mirrors, and other large-scale items all have the potential to draw the eye into the room, so use them.
  • Get creative – From picture galleries, sculptures and vases filled with fresh flowers to bowls of fruit and planters, there is a myriad of ways to add interest to your ensemble.
  • Make your space astonishing - Whatever you can find that will wow your family and friends while still keeping things classy is the name of the game.

Why do interior designers choose Cattelan Italia accessories?

Founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, this proudly Italian company's innovative spirit has revolutionised our perception of home design. Their original concepts perfectly balance style and functionality, adding artistry and flair to your aesthetics. From furniture to accessories, this seamless interplay extends to all of their offerings, solidifying the brand's reputation for enriching our modern lifestyles.

This is what we love about them:

  • Cattelan Italia is known for its uncompromised devotion to excellence. With rigorous attention to detail, its use of high-end materials and the guarantee of longevity, quality is a given. 
  • The brand continuously pushes the boundaries of design, producing distinctive profiles that will help you create a one-of-a-kind home.
  • With a timeless elegance that transcends shifting trends, it offers enduring appeal that's well suited to multiple different styles.  
  • Versatile by nature, the brand offers collections that can be used to enhance just about any project, from residences and commercial enterprises to luxury hotels.
  • Eye-catching designs and flawless finishes ensure that every item creates a captivating focal point, adding drama and sophistication to any room.
  • With a sound grasp of spatial dynamics, the brand has a knack for ensuring that each piece will blend into your existing interiors with refinement and ease. 
  • A brand of integrity, it has a superb reputation when it comes to product and service excellence, making it one of the darlings of the design world. 

Summing Up

While all these “Complements” are very different from each other, they do have a few things in common.

Firstly, they all have a very positive and modern effect on any room.

And secondly, like all other Cattelan Italia products, they are beautifully finished and designed to make an impression.

If you like any of these “Complements,” you can always get in touch with us to enquire about their availability, prices, technical details or even to explore the rest of the range.

In fact, we can even help suggest matching products to go with them to transform your rooms from ordinary to extraordinary.

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