Cattelan Italia Dining Tables: Prices, Best Sellers & Where to Buy


Leaders in stunning dining table designs, Cattelan Italia’s collections are in hot demand, bringing a sense of elegance to the modern eating space. From seamless functionality to stylish aesthetics, they offer the full package, giving you everything need to make your home dinner parties a noteworthy success.

Why choose Cattelan Italia dining tables? 

Capturing the essence of both contemporary living and visual artistry, Cattelan Italia dining tables are a must-have for those who appreciate fine furnishings. Founded in Zane, Italy, in the late 1970s, the brand has garnered a reputation for its state-of-the-art collections.

Here’s why they’re worth the investment:

  • Boasting profiles designed by top industry names like Alberto Danese and Andrea Lucatello, it caters for tastes that span from modern to traditional. 
  • Each product can be customised to suit your specifications. 
  • Whether you choose Canaletto walnut, glass, oak or its unique Keramik and CrystalArt tops, Cattelan uses materials of the highest quality.
  • With extendable options featuring mechanisms that seamlessly expand your eating surface, you can manage your space restrictions hassle-free.

Cattelan Italia dining table prices

As with all discerning products, prices can vary significantly, making it difficult to pinpoint your spend. However, in the Cattelan Italia range, you can expect to pay between £1,500 and £11,100 and fluctuations are dependant on the following:

5 Best selling Cattelan Italia tables in the UK

With so many gorgeous designs to choose from, picking out your perfect piece can be tricky. So to help you get the ball rolling, here are the five most popular Cattelan Italia dining tables in London:

1. The Skorpio

One of the brand’s most iconic designs, the Skorpio dining table collection has grown over time and now boasts nine different variations. Its harmonious, geometrical base set the bar in the world of interiors, bringing a sense of artistry to the modern living space. From luxurious keramik tops to new variations in wood, glass and CrystalArt, it’s a choice that will elevate your aesthetics. 


2. The Spyder

Modern, stylish and beautifully constructed, Cattelan Italia’s Spyder dining table comprises a graceful X-shaped base in a selection of light-reflecting finishes that bring brightness to your surroundings. Available in different formats including round, square, rectangular and oval, you’ll be able to find an option that will exactly fit your dimensions. 


3. The Skyline

For those who love industrial design, the Skyline dining table offers a sculptural base crafted to resemble a sleek cityscape. Using slender, three-dimensional columns that generate a myriad of chiaroscuro effects, it’s a showstopper that will make your ensemble stand out from the crowd. 



4. The Butterfly

A sinuous nod to nature, the Butterfly dining table brings a sense of graciousness to any setting. Invest in a glass top to create a stark contrast between fragility and sturdiness or find your favourite Marmi ceramic profile for striking visual impact. Add a console table in the same design for a more cohesive look. 


5. The Ray

If you’re looking to create a more sociable setting, opting for a round table is always a good idea. This inclusive format allows your guests to see each other clearly, encouraging convivial conversation and a relaxed atmosphere. With its unique, three-legged design, Cattelan Italia’s Ray dining table is an excellent choice but if you’re more of a traditionalist, you can order it in a four-legged version instead. Choose from a variety of bold colours to match your setting or stick to a refined look with their quality metal finishes. 


Material specifications

Cattelan Italia are experts at designing gorgeous, high-end table tops that have taken the industry by storm. And, with their unique customisation abilities and a choice of materials, making your dining space personal is an easy process. 

Here’s what’s available:


Specially sourced, these contemporary tops come in clear or extra clear options and are finished with stylish bevelled edges. The ultimate choice if you want to bring light and a sense of space to your ensemble.


Conceptualised by Paolo Cattelan, this unique surface comprises an elegant glass top imprinted with a swirled design that resembles marble. We recommend it for those who are looking for something visually impactful.


One of their most noteworthy innovations, this material is lighter than marble but has all the same qualities, giving your dining space high-end appeal. It’s available in a selection of colours to suit your taste.


Limited to round tables only, the brand’s elegant pairing of wood and keramik allows you to have the best of both worlds, bringing a one-of-a-kind offering to your dining space.


Ideal for those looking for a more traditional aesthetic, there are three outstanding versions to choose from:

  • Oak: Sturdy and durable, these tops will last for decades and are available in various finishes including natural, heritage and burnt.
  • Canaletto walnut: One of the most sophisticated hardwoods used in furniture design, it is identifiable by its flamed or striped veins that create contrasting striations of light and dark.
  • Masterwood: This exclusive top is crafted from hardwood planks of varying sizes to form a boat-shaped surface. Available in either Canaletto walnut or burnt oak, it’s a definitive option if you want to make a statement.

Where to buy Cattelan Italia dining tables?

As long-standing suppliers of their full range of products, you will be able to discuss all your options with our expert FCI London team.

When it comes to fine design, choosing luxury products is a must and will ensure that you benefit from your purchases for years to come.

For the best in Cattelan Italia dining tables,  book a showroom visit with us today. We’ll help guide your choices, walk you through customisation options and ensure that your final result is an absolute showstopper.  



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