Can You Put a Sideboard in Front of a Window?

Can You Put a Sideboard in Front of a Window?

When it comes to interior design and maximising space in our homes, we are frequently confronted with challenges and questions that necessitate creative solutions. One frequently asked question is whether a sideboard can be placed in front of a window.

In this blog, we'll look at the benefits and drawbacks of putting a sideboard in front of a window. We'll consider various factors, such as sunlight exposure, traffic flow, design cohesion and functional aspects.

So, if you're curious, come along with us as we explore this fascinating design challenge.

What Is a Sideboard and What Is It Used For?

A sideboard is most commonly used to store dishes and place food, but it can also be used to display decorative items. Sideboards are usually found in dining rooms, but they can also be used in other parts of the home, such as in the living room or as an entryway table.

Sideboards come in many different sizes and styles, so they can be customised to fit into any space you have available. They're also relatively easy to move around if you need to rearrange your furniture at a later stage.

The Benefits of Using a Sideboard

Sideboards are a great way to add a little extra storage space to your home. They can be used for storing dishes and serving refreshments, as well as taking care of other household items that need to be tucked away.

Here are just a few of the benefits that sideboards offer:

1. They're Functional

Sideboards are not only beautiful but they also serve an important function. They provide a place for you to store items when you're entertaining guests while providing extra counter space if you have limited space in your kitchen or dining room.

2. They're Versatile

Sideboards come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that works perfectly in any room of your home. Some people choose to use their sideboards as a buffet, while others prefer using them as storage units.

3. They Add Personality

Sideboards add personality and character to any room, which makes them great additions for living rooms or dining rooms that need some updating. They are available in a variety of styles ensuring there's something out there for everyone.

Modern sideboards such as the George Sideboard by Collection Alexandria or the Vertigo Buffet Sideboard by Reflex Angelo are the perfect contemporary storage solution.

Can You Put a Sideboard in Front of a Window?
Can You Put a Sideboard in Front of a Window?


How To Find the Right Sideboard for Your Needs

Whether you're adding a sideboard to your dining room, kitchen or living room, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. Here are three tips for finding the right sideboard for your needs:

  1. Determine the location you want to place the piece. Sideboards can be used as additional storage in any room in your home, but they're especially useful in dining rooms.
  2. Choose a style that matches the rest of your furniture. If you have a set of dining chairs that match the style of your table, look for a sideboard with similar lines and finishes so it blends seamlessly into the overall look of your dining area.
  3. In order to avoid wasting space, take into account how much room you'll need for storing dishes or other items. This allows you to determine the size of the sideboard you require.

Sideboard Placement Tips

Sideboard placement is a critical part of your home's decor. In order to make sure you're maximising your sideboard's potential, here are some tips on where to place it:

  • In the dining room, place it against the wall opposite your table as this will allow you to store additional serving pieces and plates in a convenient spot.
  • If you have an entryway or foyer, consider placing a small sideboard in this area to create visual appeal for your guests.
  • If you enjoy hosting people, consider placing the sideboard near the kitchen so that guests can serve themselves throughout the evening.

If you’re in need of more sideboard design inspiration, peruse our interior design project portfolio.

Examples of Styling a Sideboard in Your Home

We've spent over 35 years sourcing the best sideboards from the world's top designers so you don't have to search for them. If you're looking for new ways to style your sideboard, we've got you covered.

Whether you're trying to freshen up the look of your dining room or just want to make your living room feel cosier, here are some ideas for how to make the most of your sideboard:

1. Use it as a buffet

This is an easy way to add more serving pieces to your dining room without taking up too much space on the table. It's essential to avoid overloading it so you are still able to comfortably view all the items placed on it.

2. Use it as a display area for photos

Sideboards make great photo displays as they're often large enough to hold several frames at once without looking crowded or cluttered.

3. Use it as an end table

Use it as an end table next to your sofa or chair in the living room by placing some books on it or displaying some decorative items like vases or candles (just remember not to put anything hot directly on the wood).

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the decision to place a sideboard in front of a window comes down to your preferences. To aid in making this decision, determine how you want the space to look and feel. Following this, select a sideboard to fit this setup and ensure it meets your requirements.

That said, if a sideboard in front of a window is not what you are going for, there are other options that our team of experts can help you work through. If you’re in need of assistance in locating your ideal sideboard, pop into our showroom or chat with us on WhatsApp to discuss your requirements.

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