18 Best Cattelan Italia Coffee Tables to Elevate Your Space

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Are you looking for the perfect coffee table to spruce up your living room? Look no further! We have curated a list of the 18 best luxury coffee tables by Cattelan Italia, ranging from vintage inspired to modern art-deco style designs.

So whether you’re going for an old-school vibe or a modern one, we’ve got it all here!

Why Buy Cattelan Italia Coffee Tables?

As London’s largest luxury furniture showroom, we offer designer coffee tables from hundreds of the world’s best brands; however, Cattelan Italia coffee tables have continued to be the most popular amongst our interior designers and our clients.

Being one of the best Italian furniture brands, Cattelan Italia has always been known for its versatility, unmatched quality and designs, which can also be observed in their coffee table collection.

This collection includes more than 40 products, all with the ability to become the focal point of your living room.

So whether you are looking for a luxury marble top table, a contemporary glass silhouette, a modern metal structure or perhaps a mix of all - their range of designer coffee tables has something for everyone.

Crafted from precious materials like exotic but sustainably sourced woods, marble, Italian glass and metals, these bespoke tables are a true testament to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship - each providing an exceptional level of detailing - to create a bespoke coffee table for your home.

When investing in one of these tables, you have the satisfaction that you’re buying a high-quality product that will look as good as new even after decades of use. And Cattelan Italia is known for producing timeless designs instead of trendy ones, so your coffee table will always look stylish, even if you decide to change your sofas, interior style or theme.

If you need help with the placement of your coffee table, we highly recommend going through this guide on finding the best spot for your coffee table.

1 - Peyote

Designed by: Piero De Longhi in 2012

Dimensions: 55x55h and 45x45h

Top materials: Glass and Keramik

Base materials: Polyurethane


This is one of Cattelan Italia’s most unique coffee tables, featuring a sinuous shape and matt metallic finish for a modern yet timeless look. To top it off, its glass top comes in smoked mirrored or lacquered versions for a sophisticated flair.

For those seeking a more luxurious touch, the Peyote Keramik version features Marmi ceramic tops in different shades to perfectly accentuate any living room.

With its graceful shape, Peyote can blend into any interior style while making a strong statement! And if you have enough space, we highly recommend pairing this coffee table with the Peyote side tables for a harmonious look.

2 - Levante

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2014

Dimensions: 120x120x35h, 160x90x35h, 182x90x35h, 200x106x35h and 140x90x35h (for oval shaped version)

Top materials: Glass

Base materials: Metal beam with marble globe


This is one of Cattelan Italia’s best glass-top coffee tables, featuring a unique base with a steel beam that is bent at right angles and a natural travertine sphere for contrast in tone. This table stands out due to the combination of materials, skillfully worked together and the unique design, which adds to its industrial-style aesthetic. It is guaranteed to be an eye-catching addition to any living space.

3 - Albert Keramik

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2022

Dimensions: 100x28h, 100x38h, 100x48h, 118x28h, 118x38h, 118x48h, 59x34h, 59x44h and 59x54h

Top materials: Ceramic

Base materials: Metal


The living room can often become very linear once you set up your sofa and you might feel like you need to break it up by adding some organic shapes. In such instances, round coffee tables can make a great difference.

While the Albert tables can be used individually, they truly shine when placed together as a set of three, in different heights and sizes.

The tabletop is available in a range of elegant marble-effect shades and sits atop a conical metal base that has the appearance of one thick panel but cleverly hides two diagonal details that are designed to look like overlapping steel plates.

This intricate balance between simplicity and attention to detail allows these tables to be the perfect addition to any luxury living room.

If you want to opt for some other material for the top, we recommend the Amergio coffee table as it has a very similar structure but comes with a hand-brushed metal top in various finishes.

4 - Billy (Glass)

Designed by: Studio Kronos in 2006

Dimensions: 100x28h, 36x33h, 36x43h, 36x53h, 60x28h, 60x38h, 60x48h

Top materials: Glass

Base materials: Metal


This is another beautiful set of tables but with a more linear and minimalistic structure. It is available in not just glass but also with options of wood and keramik table tops – so you're sure to find something that suits your taste and home décor style.

Choose between different heights and sizes, or play around with different materials to create a unique, layered combination for a playful effect!

Another striking feature of this table is the hand-brushed bronze finish of the base, which perfectly complements the bronze glass top.

5 - Atari

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2016

Dimensions: Round tables in 80x38h, 100x38h, 120x38h. Square table in 100x100x38h. Rectangular versions in 120x120x38h and 200x106x38h

Top materials: Glass

Base materials: Wood


If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece for your living room, what could be better than a simple but stylish coffee table with a wooden base and a glass top?

The most stunning aspect of this square or round table is how the 8 legs, made of fine wood, lean against each other like a Mikado. The glass top not only completes the look but allows you to appreciate the beauty of the base from all angles. The larger version comes with two bases, making it extra stylish and unique.

6 - Dielle

Designed by: Piero De Longhi in 1984

Dimensions: 100x100x40h, 120x120x40h and 120x80x40h

Top materials: Clear glass with a metal frame

Base materials: Marble


This is one of Cattelan Italia’s oldest and most iconic designs and yet it continues to be extremely popular amongst both homeowners and interior designers.

Dielle is a low table and its main highlight is its base - sculptural marble legs that immediately catch your attention.

The table is available in both square and rectangular shapes and it has a strong personality, which is why we highly recommend it for minimalistic living rooms.

7 - Helix

Designed by: Piero De Longhi in 2015

Dimensions: Square versions in 100x100x38h, 120x120x38h, 140x140x38h, 160x160x38h. Rectangular version in 200x106x38h and 200x106x38h. Round version in 120x38h

Top materials: Glass

Base materials: Wood


Helix is a modern glass coffee table that stands out because of its bold, sculpted base. The structure of the table consists of a sculptural, solid wood base in a propeller-like shape, which is held together with an elegant steel joint at the centre.

The transparent glass top gives an unobstructed view of the spectacular wooden base and its fine craftsmanship. It comes in three variations- a round version with 3 base elements, a square version with 4 and a rectangular double-base version.

8 - Yo-Yo

Designed by: Emanuele Zenere in 2010

Dimensions: 109/150x33h

Top materials: White lacquered wood

Base materials: White lacquered wood


With its unique, playful shape that is reminiscent of the famous childhood game, Yo-Yo coffee table brings a contemporary flair to the living room.

Crafted from a distinct, glossy white lacquered wood, this beautiful table will brighten up any space. Adding to its functionality, the upper floor is rotatable for the discreet storage of objects underneath!

In 2022, Cattelan Italia also released a new version of this table which features the same wooden shape and structure but in a stunning metallic finish.

9 - Orlando

Designed by: STC Studio in 2019

Dimensions: 95/103x114x32/65h

Top materials: Wood

Base materials: Metal


Functionality and versatility come together in the Orlando coffee table. As a two-height, transformable table, it offers something for everyone!

The closed version of this table is 32 cm high, providing the perfect space for displaying centrepieces, decor, and small household items, while the lower compartment discretely stores books and other items.

For more seating and serving options, the table can also be opened to 65 cm in height - ideal when hosting guests or to be used as a workspace.

The wooden top, designed with a brushed technique that adds texture and elegance to its look, rests on a sophisticated metal structure with a smoked mirrored glass top. The end result is an adjustable-height coffee table that effortlessly goes from an elegant coffee table to an efficient workspace in an instant!

10 - Skyline

Designed by: BrogliatoTraverso in 2018

Dimensions: 100x100x40h, 120x120x40h, 140x140x40h, 140x90x40h oval, 160x160x40h, 160x90x40h, 200x106x40h, 100x40h and 120x40h

Top materials: Clear glass

Base materials: Metal


Cattelan Italia’s Skyline collection includes dining tables, console tables and coffee tables in different sizes, all of which share the same metropolitan-inspired steel base.

The frame features a lacquered steel finish that reflects light from multiple angles for an exquisite and contrasting effect. Choose from either square or round shapes, creating a one-of-a-kind modern accent for your home.

11 - Biplane

Designed by: Paolo Cattelan in 2017

Dimensions: 162x82x40h and 122x122x40h

Top materials: Glass with Metal frame on sides

Base materials: Marmi ceramic


Biplane is an elegant and sophisticated piece designed by Paolo Cattelan. It is crafted from a combination of high-quality materials, such as glass, Marmi ceramic and steel.

Its unique shape brings a sense of lightness and suspension to any living room.

12 - Idem

Designed by: Philip Jackson in 2019

Dimensions: 140x80x30h, 160x90x30h and 200x100x30h

Top materials: Wood

Base materials: Metal


Idem is a modern and stylish furnishing piece that combines the grace of a linear design with the natural textures of solid wood.

Featuring delicate, irregular edges, this beautiful tabletop has an irresistibly smooth feel to it. Manufactured to the highest quality standards in Italy, Idem wooden tables come in a range of exquisite woods for an elegant touch to any home.

13 - Benny

Designed by: Studio Kronos in 2019

Dimensions: Available in 14 different sizes

Top materials: Glass or Keramik

Base materials: Metal


The Benny and Benny Keramik family of designer coffee tables consists of numerous options that are perfect for various living spaces and colour schemes.

With their slender, X-shaped legs, these tables look best lined up in differing heights and sizes to make the whole room more dynamic.

The clean lines and minimalist design allow the high-quality materials to take centre stage. The top surface of the Benny version is covered in glass, while the Keramk version has a Marmi ceramic finish, available in several shades.

They even provide a two-height narrow model, which allows you to place the smaller one on the table as a centrepiece or tray. The higher one can be used as a sofa side table or in combination with a coffee table, creating an eye-catching bridge of different heights.

14 - Arena

Designed by: Yasuhiro Shito in 2020

Dimensions: 158/188x120x37h, 196/256x120x37h and 120x29h

Top materials: Wood or Glass

Base materials: Metal


This is one of the most spacious coffee tables from Cattelan Italia and if you often host your guests in the living room or just want extra space, you can get an additional (optional) glass top installed.

The table’s most striking feature is the hand-brushed finish of the main top which allows it to make a strong aesthetic impact. If you’re not too fond of round coffee tables, the longer version can be considered instead.

15 - Vinyl

Designed by: Oriano Favaretto in 2016

Dimensions: 50x26h, 50x36h, 50x46h, 70x26h, 70x36h and 70x46h

Top materials: Glass

Base materials: Metal


You might have some fond memories of the Vinyl records and you’ll surely be making many more precious memories with the Vinyl coffee tables.

The glass top of this table is crafted using traditional Murano vitreous paste handwork, giving it a unique elegance with shades that range from pink to gray, blue and bronze. This chic table can be found in two versions: Mother of pearl and Petrolio, both bringing sophistication and style to any home. What we love the most is how this table is a perfect mix of contemporary design and Italian craftsmanship.

16 - Rio

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2013

Dimensions: ~50X60X35h, ~50X60X42h, ~50X60X50h

Top materials: MDF Veneered in the log section of walnut wood

Base materials: Black or white metal


Rio is a truly one-of-a-kind furniture piece. The top is made of a framed section of the walnut tree trunk, naturally crafted in an irregular shape that no other table can replicate.

The sculpted base, made with attention to detail synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, is inspired by nature and features a rounded bulb shape.

Adding to its unique appeal, different heights for the tables can be used together for dynamic compositions.

17 - Sinai

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 2020

Dimensions: 80x43h, 120x36h and 120x120x36h

Top materials: Wood

Base materials: Metal


For those who want to enjoy the traditional appeal of wood but with a contemporary twist to it, we recommend the Sinai coffee table.

The wooden top detailing is unmatched as you’ll observe a textured, three-dimensional effect surrounded by a beautifully contrasting Canaletto Walnut frame. Since the detailing is freehand spatulated, no two tables are the same and yet they are all equally stunning.

18 - Globe

Designed by: Giorgio Cattelan in 1989

Dimensions: 130x70x36h and 140x120x36h

Top materials: Glass

Base materials: Metal globe


The Globe table is an exquisitely designed glass coffee table with a unique, sculptured character. The top, which has rounded corners, is made of curved glass, while the legs are composed of one piece of glass for support and a steel globe as the other. This modern design adds style and elegance to any area with its luxe look and creative combination of materials.

Summing up

Cattelan Italia is known all over the world for its luxury coffee tables, as they come in the most unique and stunning designs with exquisite detailing that you will not find anywhere else.

If you’re interested in any of these coffee tables or if you would like to learn more about them, just

book an appointment and one of our Cattelan experts will be in touch with you.

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