The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World

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The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World

With almost 40 years of experience in the interiors industry sourcing bespoke furniture from top manufacturers around the globe, we certainly know a great brand when we see one. And Laskasas is exactly that.

Powering Portugal into the future of luxury furniture manufacturing, this innovative company has placed itself firmly on the map both in Europe and far further afield and looks to be setting its standards to exciting new heights.

For modern design aficionados who appreciate the value of great craftsmanship, faultless materials and time-honoured attention to detail, this is the trailblazer to look out for.

As proud stockists of their first-class offerings, we’ve dug a little deeper to bring you the Laskasas story – from Portugal to the world.

The origins of Laskasas

Laskasas was founded on a maxim that achievement comes from focus and tells the inspiring tale of a 14-year-old craftsman who followed his calling to become the CEO of a globally-recognised brand.

Celso Lascasas began working as an artisan in the high-end furniture sector at a very young age and lived by his motto, “Never give up, always have faith,” – an integral belief that has stayed with him throughout his career.

With big dreams to create his own unique offerings, Celso founded Laskasas in Porto, Portugal in 2004 and now, almost 20 years later, employs over 400 people in more than 40 stores and showrooms around the world.


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The internationalisation of their brand identity

Renowned for its signature, handmade furniture, upholstery and metalwork, the recent internationalisation of the brand has been an inevitable step, allowing Celso to cement its “Made in Portugal” label as a strong contender in the large-scale furniture industry.

The design team, led by mastermind Pedro Neto (who is reputed to never go anywhere without his pencil), is a key focus at Laskasas.

Not only are they responsible for ensuring that originality is quickly becoming a prominent differentiator in Portuguese furniture design, but they continually strive to represent Laskasas as a brand that truly demonstrates the excellence and distinctive identity that is synonymous with its heritage.

And with customers from design professionals to everyday consumers clamouring for more, Celso’s aspirations of proudly flying the flag of Portugal high have certainly come to fruition.

The Laskasas philosophy

Laskasas sees its existence as a vital part of Portugal’s future furniture-making culture and has a strong desire to respect, build upon and honour its nation’s legacy. But beyond that, their innovative outlook has established them as current-day pioneers in clever interior design.

With a diverse skill set spanning upholstery, furniture and metalwork, they have launched themselves into the realm of customisation specialists and embrace an attitude of creating without limits.

With “We decorate life” as its manifesto, it’s not surprising that customers who are drawn to Laskasas are not just buying furniture – they’re subscribing to a bigger picture and building a lifestyle that ticks all of their individual boxes. And, as the team confidently accrues a wider and wider client base, it’s pretty clear that this philosophy is indeed their “razão de ser” (purpose).

Under the Laskasas Group umbrella thrives a network of highly reputable designers and retailers that include luxury sofa makers, Domkapa, and metal ninja, Serralux. United, they have become a force to be reckoned with and create a range of bespoke pieces for discerning patrons worldwide.

The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World
The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World


The unique Laskasas offering

Aside from quality craftsmanship and distinctive design, customisation lies at the core of all of Laskasas’ projects, making each piece an exclusive acquisition.

The brand’s designs are first conceptualised by Pedro and his team of creatives and technicians before being painstakingly built by experienced craftsmen. And each step of the journey is processed in-house, ensuring that not a single stitch goes unnoticed.

With a focus on excellence, from precision welding to by-hand upholstering, Celso has fostered an ethos that values the art of fine execution and champions quality, timelessness and attention to detail, with no exception.

But what makes them truly bespoke is that, aside from its day-to-day operations, Laskasas takes customisation to the next level.

While others might allow for select options, this brand offers a full spectrum of choices, enabling customers to dictate the precise style that suits their specific design needs.

Whether you’re an industry professional, a private client or a commercial concern, their committed team will support your decisions from upholstery materials to wood possibilities and exact dimensions, ensuring that every need is 100% met.

To top it all off, personalised assistance and customer care are par for the course.

What makes the Laskasas design team tick?

As a now prominent furniture brand that integrates and collaborates with professionals from decorators and architects to retail outlets, dealers and high-end furniture showrooms like ours at FCI London, Laskasas is all about the ever-evolving design journey. So what makes their team tick?

According to Pedro Neto, it’s a delicate balance between nature, geometry and function – aspects they value above all else.

From a natural perspective, they take care to employ beautiful, high-end materials that are also both sustainable and readily available. Marble, metal and noble wood are high on their list of desirable resources, ensuring that their manifesto is in keeping with the recent surge in eco-friendly industry protocols.

With their design wizardry, the Laskasas masterminds are then able to sculpt and organise these elements, using the time-honoured science of geometry, to produce luxury furnishings that exude functionality, usefulness and viability.

What is the brand’s defining style?

Unlike many other designers, the brand is not constrained by one particular genre and loves to dip its toe into different aesthetics from contemporary and Art Deco influences to the clean, simple lines of the “Mid-Century Modern” ‘50s style.

Timelessness is a crucial element in every one of their offerings from major items like dining tables and beds to their range of accessories that encompass mirrors, lighting and everything in between.

There is also a strong emphasis placed on the depth of texture and colour they use and age-old techniques such as gold leaf gilding, hand embroidery and their application of azulejos (which are glazed ceramic tiles) help them to produce offerings that are synonymous with the richness of Portuguese culture.

At the end of the day, Laskasas acknowledges the importance of creating décor that will endure while providing each customer with an environment that allows for an indulgent living experience.

The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World
The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World


Our 5 favourite Laskasas pieces

There’s nothing not to love about Laskasas’ furniture and, with thousands of customisation options available, every piece can be reinvented to suit your style. But, as with all things, the FCI London design team certainly have their favourites. Here are five that we’re mad about:

  1. The Sophia armchair is the ultimate in opulence if you’re looking for something to nestle into. Accompanied by a voluptuous ottoman that entices you to lounge for hours, the ensemble would take pride of place in any discerning living space. With a metal base that can rotate 360 degrees and a fully upholstered seat in plush velvet, it’s an absolute must-have.
  2. If you love rich textiles and beautifully considered finishes, the Lauren bed is a definitive choice. Inspired by mid-century design, it offers oversized dimensions that will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and comes fully upholstered in the fabric of your choice. Matte smoked eucalyptus wood accents and polished golden stainless steel trimmings add a touch of class and visual interest.
  3. Asymmetrical in design, the Havay sofa will add elegance and flair to your living room and is ideal if you want to make a lasting impression in a more expansive space. Despite its size, this fully-buttoned piece has a soft, delicate aesthetic and provides the user with unrivalled comfort and ergonomic support. Accessorise it with a range of luxurious cushions for a complete design statement.
  4. For those who adore entertaining, the Claud drinks cabinet is built to impress. An ideal storage solution for glassware and bottles, this vintage-style unit features two doors adorned with metal handles and a striking gilded frame. The spectacular geometric design that embellishes the wooden structure adds distinction and class to its overall aesthetic.
  5. Both enchanting and luxurious, Laskasas brings us their take on a modern chandelier with their Jazz suspension lamp. Made entirely by hand, it features ten descending tubes in various finishes held together discreetly by simple wiring and is the perfect addition to living spaces with high ceilings.

The Laskasas “Not Another Edition” collection

In 2022, Laskasas took the design world by storm with their “Not Another Edition” collection – a stunning debut that comprised furniture, lighting and a to-die-for range of upholsteries and accessories.

It was earmarked as their most wanderlust-inspired work to date and highlighted all seven continents by naming each piece after an iconic landmark.

This clever concept was created as a nod to their global presence and illustrated their ability to mould their designs to suit any home, no matter its location. They also released a collection of catalogues, each bearing the names of historical buildings and temples, to serve as a point of inspiration for design professionals.

Some of the installations included:

With highly acclaimed reviews, this assemblage of fine designs is yet another notch in the Laskasas belt and has ensured that they will be very much in the spotlight as they look to the future.

The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World
The Laskasas Story: From Portugal to the World


Shop Laskasas furniture at FCI London

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With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve created stunning spaces for a myriad of happy clients and, from floor plans to colour choices can offer you all the advice you need to ensure that your next refurbishment endeavour is a roaring success.

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