Discover 5 Ways Floor Lamps Enrich a Room

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Discover 5 ways floor lamps enrich a room

When it comes to interior lighting, floor lamps are the darlings of the design world bringing functionality, versatility and a striking sculptural element to any contemporary room.

Not only do they provide ambience in a multitude of valuable ways from dramatic up-lighting to gentle diffusions but, whether you’re looking for classic shades or a contemporary twist, they’re available in so many variations you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you’re jazzing up your bedroom or illuminating your lounge, Reyhaneh Amini, senior designer at FCI London, gives you her insight as to why you need them and how to make them work for your space.

Floor lamps add height and dimension to a room, making it appear larger

One of the wonders of floor lamps is that they can add height and dimension to a room, often making it appear larger and more cohesive.

“Think about it. The fundamentals of your lounge furnishings include sofas, side tables, a coffee table and a TV cabinet which are all around the same height, giving you very little depth or visual interest. But include a floor lamp and suddenly you have something that brings another element to your eyeline”, says Reyhaneh. “In fact, from a design point of view, they’re as important as a beautiful piece of artwork.”

Floor lamps add graduations to your décor and can balance out the negative spaces in your room, filling areas that are too small for a furniture piece but too big to be left empty. Take Ilfari’s Waltz of Vienna lamp, for example. It has the volume and presence to bring substance to a corner that would otherwise look unfinished, tying the room together seamlessly.


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They provide task lighting for reading or working, which is often better than harsh overhead light

Not only can floor lamps be used to instil mood and ambience but they can also provide both accent and task lighting, making them incredibly versatile.

Light up a beautiful painting or architectural feature with a torchiere which casts an upward beam like this Am2Z edition by Nemo, or position one next to a comfortable chair or desk for some downward light if you’re working.

“The beauty of floor lamps is that you can showcase key aspects of your room, illuminate a wider area or create a space in which to focus while still bringing a strong design element to your space”, enthuses Reyhaneh. “For instance, this Odissia light by Tonin Casa is an ideal choice if you’re creating a reading nook but want it to look sensational too”.

Whatever you’re using the lamp for will influence the amount of wattage you need. For ambient lighting select something in the 40-watt range, but if you’re installing a task light find a 60- to 100-watt bulb.

Colour temperature also counts and is measured in Kelvin (K). Choose a warm or orange light, around 2700 K, for mood-setting and a cooler light, between 3000- and 4000 K, for workstations. Remember to look for a lamp with a dimmer option, which will enable you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs.

Discover 5 ways floor lamps enrich a room
Discover 5 ways floor lamps enrich a room


Floor lamps can be used to create focal points in a room and add personality

Aside from being functional, floor lamps are the ideal way in which to create focal points in a room, adding a touch of glam to your aesthetics.

“Whether you love flamboyance or are going for something more formal and refined, the perfect piece is guaranteed to make an impactful statement, so it’s important to take your existing style and colour choices into account before making a final decision”, says Reyhaneh.

At FCI London, we believe that building the right balance between your furnishings, artworks and accessories is key to exquisite décor, and integrating some bespoke lighting into the mix will help set the perfect tone, adding pops of colour and drawing in the eye.

“Anything too minimalistic is inclined to get lost in an area filled with bulky furnishings while a hefty, imposing floor lamp will overshadow a sophisticated room”, Reyhaneh advises. “Play with placement, different heights and the sculptural element that each light brings in order to ensure that you end up with something that is beautifully considered and has the wow factor you’re after. A fantastic example is this Gagnon floor lamp by Eichholtz – see how it lifts the room, infusing it with visual interest and a sense of fun”.

They’re perfect for small spaces because they take up minimal floor space

Because floor lamps take up a minimal amount of space and can be placed in an underutilised corner or between two chairs, they’re ideal for small rooms.

Many contemporary versions, like the Tolomeo light by Artemide are designed with an arced or extended stem, allowing them to stretch into any area without seeming imposing. Some even come with multiple shades, as per the Sinatra Iii edition by Brabbu, allowing you to light up different areas from one central stand.

“Side tables, whether in a small lounge or bedroom, are often needed for housing remote controls, glasses or books, leaving little or no space for table lamps. But use a floor lamp instead and you’ll be able to benefit from all your storage potential and still illuminate your room”, adds Reyhaneh.

Discover 5 ways floor lamps enrich a room
Discover 5 ways floor lamps enrich a room


Floor lamps are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings

“Don’t underestimate the versatility of a floor lamp”, advises Reyhaneh. “Not only can they cast different types of light, illuminate bigger spaces or create soft diffusions that will make your bedroom look intimate and romantic, but they’re also portable and can be placed in absolutely any room, in your hallway or even on your patio”.

In fact, outdoor lighting forms a large part of FCI’s offerings making us a one-stop-shop if you’re searching for lighting for your entire home. From Skyline Design’s powerful La Paris spots to Atmosphera’s elegant Vertigo light, floor lamps will help you create bespoke spaces whether you’re sitting in your living area or having a gathering under the stars.

In Conclusion

Floor lamps are one of the most flexible ways to enhance any room, adding brightness, visual interest and a sculptural dynamic to your décor.

If you’re looking for something unique but need help selecting the right style or deciding on the perfect placement, Reyhaneh and the rest of our design team are on hand to help make it happen.

Pop into our showroom for a chat over a hot cup of Brazilian roast coffee and let’s find the best way to light up your life.

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