Choosing a Rug to Reflect You and Your Tastes

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Choosing a rug to reflect you and your tastes

You may think that rugs are simple accessories that liven up your space and provide a touch of warmth underfoot, but actually, there’s a lot more to them than that. From intricate weaving processes to durability and longevity, choosing the right one for your specific living area takes some serious consideration.

Here’s our professional guide to rugs, their unique attributes and how to pick out one that will last you for decades.

1. What to consider when choosing a rug

A rug is the centrepiece of any room and the glue that ties it all together so, like most design projects, your first step is to define your style, taking into account the look and feel of your living space. Factors like foot traffic and furnishings will also be determining influences.

Here are 4 checkpoints.


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2. The different types of rugs available

From diverse materials to weaving styles, there is a myriad of different carpeting options available, each one with its own unique value, look, feel and durability. Here’s a breakdown of what to search for. 


The decisions you make when picking out a rug are all dependent on the materials used and how they’ll hold up in your unique environment. So get to know a bit more about their characteristics before you take the plunge.

Choosing a rug to reflect you and your tastes
Choosing a rug to reflect you and your tastes



From rare, hand-made Persian rugs to modern machine-made masterpieces, it’s all about the weave. Here are your main options:

3. How to choose the right rug for your home

Picking out the right rug for your home will depend on the area, function, intention and size of your room. These guidelines will help optimise your decision.

Shapes and dimensions

The most common rugs are round, square, rectangular or runners, but you can also get natural and synthetic animal skin options that are more irregular in shape.

Find one with the dimensions that make the most sense for your space remembering that something too small will throw a room off balance. Your main aim is to anchor your furniture and unify your style, so the gap between the border of your rug and the walls should be a minimum of 16 cm wide.

How to place a rug in a living room

There are three options when it comes to properly placing a rug in a sitting room. Decide which one suits you best in order to calculate the size you need.

Design considerations

Adding rugs to your aesthetics is a far-from-boring endeavour and requires a creative flair and a sense of style. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Jazz up your space with patterns: If the rest of your living room is monochrome, an elegant motif will liven it up.

Emphasise your colour scheme: Rugs tie a room together, so find one in a hue that locks in a common thread.

Layer it up: No interior designer worth their salt will tell you that one rug is the limit, so bring in some layers starting with a solid colour and adding patterns and shades to match.

Celebrate texture: Rugs are fabulously tactile, especially if you choose one made from jute or sisal.

Fall in love: There is little difference between selecting a beautiful artwork and finding a spectacular rug, so grab the one you adore because it’s for keeps.

Go with your gut: When placing your rug, trust your intuition. But if you find yourself struggling, our professional designers will give you styling advice whenever you need it.

Choosing a rug to reflect you and your tastes
Choosing a rug to reflect you and your tastes


4. Examples of stylish and unique rugs that will reflect your personality

Christina has picked out 5 different rug options that will elevate your space. This Lucky rug by Cappellini will add an explosive pop of colour to a grey-themed living room ensemble. To anchor your décor naturally and introduce texture without going too rustic, the Soleste rug by Eichholtz is a magnificent option. \

Go all out with a plush pile to bring a sense of opulence to your aesthetic with the Mantra Grey rug from Attic. Or browse through their enormous collection to find your perfect match.

Knot & Loop offer a bespoke, hand-knotted range that allows you to select the colour, size, material and design of your choice, ensuring that you end up with something 100% unique. Take inspiration from Christina’s personal favourite, the Offering rug, and then create your own masterpiece. If you’re looking for something completely unique, think leather. Longhi has an extraordinary selection that will bring an air of sophistication to your space.

5. Tips for keeping your rug looking new for years to come

Once you’ve made an investment, maintenance is key. Here are 7 maintenance tips that will keep it ship shape.

In Conclusion

A beautiful rug is the epicentre of any room, so it’s vital to choose one that reflects your style, taste and personality. At FCI London, we offer a stand-out range of unique pieces that will transform your sitting rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and even patios from ordinary to extraordinary.

So pop into our showroom today and let our fabulous design team walk you through your options – you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice.

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