How To Create Your Dream Kitchen


You don’t have to extend to create the open-plan kitchen-dining-living space of your dreams.

How to refresh your home without renovations 

Design the best kitchen layout

Before you design the interior layout, consider how your new room relates to the exterior. Preferably, an open-plan room should be toward the rear of the house, overlooking the garden with large doors to enhance views. The locations of the doors will affect the placement inside, with the kitchen normally to one side or at the back of the room, and the living and dining rooms closest to the garden.

Secondly, think about the flow between the kitchen, dining and living areas. For example, the kitchen and dining rooms should be together, so that you shouldn’t have to cross the living room with dirty crockery. At fci we have experienced interior designers that can show you the best ways to maximise space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Fixtures and Fittings

The completed look of the room will be mainly decided by the kitchen cabinetry. Start by deciding on the room’s style: is it contemporary or old-style, vintage, or industrial? Ponder how this will suit both the architecture of the room and the style of the rest of the house. In an open-plan space, neutral fittings that are easy to revamp around, plus continuity of design, will create a synchronised feel. Our team consists of designers, interior specialists and, of course, our world-class installation team. So any advice with kitchen fixtures and fittings will always come with help.

Kitchen Lighting


The goal is to get as much natural light into the room as you can. Glazed doors and windows will give views over the garden, but you might need rooflghts or a roof latern to give light on the depths of the room

Design a plan that incorporates ambient, task and accent lighting to highlight activities, such as reading and cooking, or features, such as artwork, and don’t forget to light the garden, too. Ensure the room’s numerous zones are on different circuits and have dimmers to create a cosily lit living space at night.

Ventilation and Noise

An open-plan space must have effective – but quiet – extraction; a ducted hood or wall-mounted extractor with a power setting intended to eradicate odours quickly are the best options. Always go for appliances with a low decibel rating. Rugs over hard flooring and curtains in living spaces will also soften the room’s acoustics.

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