How much does a Gaggenau dishwasher cost?

April 23, 2021 | Gaggenau, Kitchens, Kitchen

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How much does a Gaggenau dishwasher cost?

Dishwashers have become one of the modern appliances we cannot do without. Aside from saving us time, they are also eco-friendly, conserving around 5000 gallons of water a year. When searching for the best brands available, the Gaggenau dishwasher range is guaranteed to pop up. But the most pressing question you’ll be asking is: what do they cost?

Gaggenau’s meticulous 200 series and powerful 400 series elevate dishwashers to a whole new level. With up to eight different program options, you can rest assured that even your most delicate kitchenware is beautifully cleaned. To get an exact quote on any Gaggenau appliance, use our simple Gaggenau cost calculator here.

Gaggenau FAQs

gaggenau dishwasher

Who owns Gaggenau?

Parent company Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH Hausgeräte) owns Gaggenau Hausgeräte,which is German for Gaggenau home appliances. BSH Hausgeräte also owns appliance brands Bosch and Thermador.

Are Gaggenau appliances made in the UK?

Gaggenau appliances are manufactured in Munich, Germany as well as in the Lipsheim factory in France. They are imported into the UK.

Are Gaggenau appliances reliable?

Yes. Gaggenau has been a staple in luxury appliances since the 1680s and their strength has always been in their style and quality. They are known for their reliability, product versatility and industrial aesthetic.

Do you recommend Gaggenau?

Absolutely. Gaggenau isn’t just a kitchen appliance brand, it’s a luxury brand. All their products are of extremely high quality and they look very sleek in your kitchen with their saintless steel and glass finishes and distinctive silver or anthracite choices. They only partner with kitchen companies that can create bespoke designs for their customers.

Where can you buy Gaggenau appliances?

Gaggenau dishwashers are available on the FCI London website – click here for our full range.

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