8 Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas for 2024

Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Once simply a workhorse for cooking and cleaning, our culinary spaces have in more recent times become the central hub of the home. And, as a group of professionals who love nothing better than creating gorgeous interiors, we’re always excited to bring you all the latest trends and developments. So join us as we uncover the 8 best contemporary kitchen design ideas for this year and show you how you can convert yours into something spectacular.  

With a new emphasis on open concept homes revolving around the kitchen, there’s a need for modern designs to perfectly balance functionality, aesthetics and innovation. So, if you’re planning a refurbishment, it’s critical to have a proper strategy in place in order to ensure that you end up with something you absolutely love. 

Clean lines and basic forms are currently the style du jour, combined with state-of-the-art trimmings to enhance the busy lifestyle. In keeping with these basic principals, let’s delve into 8 modern trends that will elevate your spaces to a whole new level. 

1. Smart Technology

Technology has exploded into the kitchen with fully integrated appliances being the name of the game. From keeping your fridge temperature optimal to motion-sensor lighting and turning on your oven from your office, home management has taken on a whole new sense of ease. 

Why the obsession? Because, quite simply, it’s transforming the way we cook, prepare meals and manage our culinary experiences, making the process efficient, convenient and wonderfully personalised.

Not only does smart tech allow us to operate and monitor our kitchen appliances remotely, but it also sends us safety alerts and even facilitates automatic online shopping. And, with minimal energy consumption and less waste, it helps to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, enabling us to live a greener life. 

If you’re looking for a brand where connectivity between appliances is a dream, then Gaggenau is your answer. With a range of state-of-the-art products including their extraordinary 400 series steam ovens, professional wine coolers, intelligent washing machines and sublime coffee makers, they’re the brand to beat.

2. Custom Cabinetry

Effective storage solutions are crucial for any well functioning kitchen, mitigating a potentially endless stream of restrictions and frustrations. 

With the rise of smaller living spaces and open plan layouts, well-designed cabinetry has become the name of the game, making clever use of every available inch. 

In contemporary layouts, smartly built storage that includes movable shelves, pull-out drawers and specialised sections for gadgets, cookware, utensils, crockery and food is a must-have. This enhances greater organisation, less clutter and easy access to all of your kitchen accessories. It also speeds up meal preparation, decreases stress and adds to the visual impact of your aesthetics. 

When having your new cabinetry designed, we suggest you enlist the help of a professional joinery team to discuss your specific needs. And remember to choose a colour palette, materials and finishes that perfectly complement your desired style.

At FCI London, we have hundreds of options to choose from, allowing you to select options that match both your home and your budget. 

Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

3. Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands

Now the focal point of the modern kitchen, central islands or breakfast bars bridge the gap between food prep and entertaining and are considered more than just an afterthought.

One of the emerging trends this year is the use of a single-level unit that is large enough to serve several functions. With the inclusion of storage cabinets, under- and on-counter appliances and enough space for a casual dining area, they’re set to become your kitchen’s jack-of-all-trades.

To accommodate their expansion as a prominent feature, we’re seeing a trend that extends your island into the living room - with some homes even doubling up and getting two.

Make sure that you enhance your entertaining capabilities by adding smart, ergonomically designed seating to your ensemble. This will ensure that you and your guests will be able to enjoy delicious feasts and convivial conversation comfortably for hours on end. 

As with the Rihanna X bar stool, good lumbar support, swivel mechanisms and footrests are all great features of contemporary design. For more inspiration, read our article on the best Cattelan Italia bar stools to elevate your interiors. 

4. Quartz Countertops

Quartz remains the most popular material for high-end kitchen countertops. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it lasts almost indefinitely and is chip-proof and anti-microbial, enhancing the overall functionality of your spaces. Granite, the next best choice, is expensive and slightly more high-maintenance.

Historically, quartz was known for its lack of colour and treatment options, but thanks to technological advancements, there’s now a spectacular new range of available choices. It can even be polished to include intricate details, mimicking other more natural products like stone and marble.

We've been seeing a trend towards softer, more neutral colours with grey, taupe, cream and white taking the lead over darker shades. Pattern preferences have shifted from particles to veining, adding to a cleaner, more high-end aesthetic.

It’s also interesting to note that composite sinks in the same colour and material as the countertop are growing in popularity, giving your spaces a more seamless appeal. When planning your kitchen design, we recommend that you enlist the help of seasoned professionals.

5. Stylish Exhaust Hoods

Wellness in the kitchen has become non-negotiable, so clearing harmful cooking fumes by investing in a stylish exhaust hood should be at the top of your list. 

However, current trends are steering away from the traditional stainless steel versions and focusing on more decorative options to help enhance your design aesthetic. Enquire about customisation options from reputable suppliers and play with options in wood, brick, plaster or a combination of metals. 

Make a statement by finding something expansive that can be seen from other rooms in the house or find a smart steel one that will help break up a long row of cabinetry. 

Gaggenau has a wide range of extraction options that allow you to clean the air while you cook, encompassing everything from in-counter ventilation to professional-grade hoods. 

Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas
Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas


6. Bespoke Pendant Lights

A good lighting scheme is important in any area of interior design, but most specifically in kitchens where tasks involving sharp objects and electrical appliances reign supreme. And, with visual impact at a prime, choosing the right type to balance both form and function is the order of the day. 

The most recent trends in 2023 involve fittings that are brighter, more imaginative and fashion-forward, exploring a combination of interesting materials.

Pendant choices are diverse, ranging from softer materials like wicker and fabric to more severe options like steel, ceramic and resin. However, bamboo, rattan and other organic materials are the major drawcards, allowing us to connect with nature and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Look at interesting textures like the Allegretto Vivace suspension lamp by Foscarini, made from copper rods. Or hang bold, trendy shades with brass trimmings and revisit the Art Deco vibe with something like the Connery pendant by Eichholtz. 

7. Bold Colour Palettes

While white, greige and cream are still popular, especially for countertops, statement paint or tile colours will be muscling their way in during 2023. Think navy blue, clay red, forest green and plum or, if you like a more neutral palette, opt for earthy hues like natural brown, terracotta and sand. Cherry red and deep olive green, however, are at the top of the list.

For kitchen hardware, finishes in brass, pewter, copper and matte black are on the rise, giving your spaces a smart, glowing aesthetic.

8. Connecting With Nature

A biophilic outlook remains a key element in all contemporary interior design, and linking your kitchen to the outdoors is definitely a thing. 

Access to your garden or patio has become a pressing endeavour, especially with outdoor entertaining at its peak. Consider installing glass sliding doors or a larger window, and grow edible herbs and salad greens on your windowsill.

If your kitchen leads onto your main patio area, invest in an outdoor grill or pizza oven. And install a durable countertop so that guests can chat to you as you prepare an alfresco meal. 

Remember to extend your entertainment capabilities by including a gorgeous outdoor dining table like the Horizon set by Skyline design.

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