Kitchen design is becoming increasingly important. When clients redesign their space, we’re noticing a large proportion of time is focused on the kitchen layout and flow. Traditionally the kitchen was usually "selected" by the person who did the most cooking in the household but in more recent times we see a definite shift towards a more balanced decision making process.

Often even the children of the household are involved in the discussion and the reason for this is that now more than ever, the kitchen is truly becoming the heart of the home. It is the focal point of activity and becoming more so for a number of reasons - parents are removing TVs from kids bedrooms thus drawing them downstairs

Traditional sitting rooms are being knocked out in favour of large, open planned kitchen / living spaces. Hundreds of popular cookery shows are spurring us all on to experiment with our own recipes and fitness magazines are teaching us that home cooked is the best option for a healthier lifestyle. We’re entertaining more at home and the culmination of all these things means we are thinking more about how we use our kitchens than ever before.

We know all of this and we offer our clients a kitchen design service that is specifically about understanding your current lifestyle and the lifestyle you hope to achieve. There is a place for aesthetics and colour schemes but in kitchen design, ergonomics and lifestyle objectives are the key. Our head of kitchen design has been designing quality, luxury kitchens for over 20 years. We would love for you to pop in and have a chat about your next kitchen.

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