10 Best Eichholtz Bar Stools that are Stylish & Functional

There was a time when bar stools were only limited to bars and pubs, but these days, they seem to have become an important part of contemporary interiors for both residential and commercial projects.

Many modern dining spaces use a mix of chairs and stools for visual interest and convenience. And many luxury homes have dedicated bar areas where these stools are most needed.

Even if your home does not have a bar per se, you might still want to use bar stools in different spaces such as the kitchen counters, breakfast table, game room or in the home office. 

At FCI, our interior designers feel that bar stools are incredibly underrated yet versatile pieces that can enhance greatly contemporary interiors.

Here are some reasons that we love bar stools:

  • Most bar stools are space-saving, sleek and stylish in terms of design, which means that they take up much less room, especially as compared to chairs. This makes them great for both small and crowded areas.
  • Despite their modern and sophisticated designs, bar stools help create a relaxed ambience that is perfect for casual settings like bars, cafes or kitchen tables. 
  • The height and design of bar stools are characteristic as they were created with the aim of allowing people to sit closer together and interact. So if you want a lively and engaging atmosphere in any room, bar stools are all you need. 
  • Because of their versatility, bar stools can be used in both commercial and residential projects.
  • Luxury bar stools are made from high-end materials with proper backrests and footrests - and this makes them almost as comfortable as dining chairs. So good quality bar stools are comfortable enough to be used for hours - whether as office chairs or for eating and drinking. 
  • Because of their simple design and the materials used, bar stools are very easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Luxury bar stools come in many different sizes, shapes and they're completely customisable in terms of materials - this allows our designers to find the perfect bar stool for every project. 

Eiccholtz is one of our favourite luxury furniture and home accessories brands. Founded by Theo Eichholtz in the 1990s, it is known for its high-quality, elegant, and sophisticated designs.

Eichholtz offers a wide range of products, including furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories, catering to residential and commercial markets worldwide.

When it comes to bar stools, Eichholtz is a name we can trust and recommend because of the unmatched quality of the products. Their diverse range includes a number of bar stools, both with and without backs.  You will also find most of them in two versions: bar stools and counter stools.


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Discover Eichholtz Luxury Furniture at FCI London

When choosing bar stools, deciding between stools with backs and those without backs can be a crucial decision based on your needs and preferences.

Here are some key differences between the two types:

Pros and Cons of Bar Stools with Backs

  • Bar stools with backs generally provide more comfort and support, especially when used for extended periods. The backrest allows the users to lean back and relax, reducing strain on the lower back and promoting a good posture.
  • Backrests can provide additional safety, particularly for children or elderly users - as they reduce the risk of falling backwards off the stool.
  • Bar stools with backs often have more intricate designs and can make a bolder statement in a room. They can add visual interest and contribute to the overall decor which is why they're highly recommended for formal bar areas.
  • They tend to take up more space compared to stools without backs, which can be a concerning factor if you have limited space or want to fit multiple stools in a small area.

Pros and Cons of Bar Stools without Backs

  • Bar stools without backs generally have a smaller footprint and can be easily tucked under a counter or table when not in use, saving valuable floor space.
  • They usually come in simpler, more streamlined designs that work well in modern or minimalist spaces.
  • Without a backrest, the stool is easier to move around, making it a suitable choice for social settings like game rooms or cafes where users frequently change positions or engage in conversation.
  • Backless bar stools create a less cluttered look and can help maintain an open feel in a room, particularly in small or crowded spaces. 
  • These stools do not provide support for the lower back, which can lead to discomfort or strain when sitting for extended periods. This might not be ideal for those with back issues or those who plan to use the stools for long durations.

Ultimately, the choice between bar stools with backs or without backs depends on your personal preferences, comfort requirements, and the intended use and aesthetics of the space. 

Now, moving on to a list of some of our most recommended Eichholts bar stools:

Best Eichholtz Bar Stools with Backs

1 - Cliff Counter Stool

Perfect for modern bars, Cliff Bar Stool is customisable in various finishes. The stool features black, tapered legs adorned with gold caps, and a solid frame that supports an open-bottomed, armless backrest. The black faux leather piping on the edges of the seat and backrest further enhances the shape of this stool.

2 - Cedro

If you're a fan of vintage or mid-century-inspired furniture, the Cedro bar stool will immediately catch your eye. It features an upholstered seat with buttoned back, supported by tapered and angled legs. It's the perfect choice if you want to bring a retro vibe to your space. 

3 - Dante

The stainless steel frame and stunning black velvet create the most beautiful contrast for Dante. The back is relatively low, but the footrest makes up for it by making it feel more comfortable and relaxing. Another stand-out detail is the merger of curves and straight lines at the back, turning this into a statement-making bar stool. 


4 - Colony

This one stands out from the rest because of the very unique choice of material - rattan. Our designers highly recommend it for bold bar areas as it helps create the Southern Hemisphere's cheerful and radiant vibe.  

The overall design of this stool is hugely inspired by vintage furniture, but it's much lighter and completely handmade.  

The Best Matching Bar Stools and Dining Chair Sets


5 - Scott

Moving on to more contemporary options, Scott comes in three different combinations: black seat with gold frame, black seat with stainless steel frame and black seat with bronze frame. Featured here is the glamorous black and gold version, which is our absolute favourite these days. 

6 - Avorio

This is another mid-century-inspired piece by Eichholtz - the velvet upholstered seat and tapered legs create a sleek silhouette that you immediately fall in love with. The gold caps on the base of the legs add to the stark contrast which defines this bar stool. The open panel at the back adds to the visual interest and gives it a very playful look. 

7 - Cesare

Refined details, elegant grey upholstery, curved edges, subtle button back design and embroidered stitching are only a few of the carefully planned details for this bar stool. The neutral colour scheme allows this stool to pair well with a range of interior styles and colour combinations. It works particularly well in minimalist kitchens and breakfast bars that need a luxurious look. 

8- Balmore

This combination of black faux leather and black timber frame are all you need to add comfort with some old-school charm to your space. Balmore features several antique-inspired details, such as the brass nailhead trim and curved back legs.  

Bar Stools Without Back

Here are two of our favourite backless bar stools by Eichholtz:

9- Dareau

Darreau gives a contemporary touch to cane furniture as it features a solid wood structure that supports a rattan cane webbing top that is, of course, handmade with love. 

While ordinary bar stools without backs are notorious for lacking balance, this one breaks the stereotype as the X-shaped base and solid wood structure work together to make it incredibly steady and reliable. 

10- Parisian

Industrial aesthetics get a contemporary twist with this completely upholstered bar stool by Eichholtz. The touch of gold at the base, the footrest and around the seat makes it ideal for luxury interiors. 

If you like any of these bar stools for your kitchen or bar, get in touch with our designers for a free design consultation. And if none of these seem like a good fit for your project, do have a look at our extensive bar stools collection - we offer a range of curated products from more than 700 of the world's best brands so we're pretty sure that we can help you find the perfect product for every space. 


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